Wireless 3G Alarm System

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Security Guard is a totally Portable and battery or mains powered WIRELESS ALARM SYSTEM.

Perfectly suited to rental or owner occupied apartments where cabling could be a problem.  The motion sensors supplied with this system are all battery operated so no cabling required.  It has all of the feature typically found in most alarm systems including siren and screamer etc but the Security Guard stands out above the others as it also has a BUILT IN 3G modem. 

Apart from activating an audible alarm if motion is detected when armed, it will also call your mobile phone or any number of other pre programmed numbers (including back to base monitoring centre) until such time as the alarm is answered.   The internal rechargeable battery with keep the alarm functioning WITHOUT POWER for up to 4 months.  Now that is some sort of alarm system.

Other uses include
Mobile Homes
Temporary alarms
Building Sites
Display Homes
Trucks in transit
Any situation where mains power in not available or unreliable

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Security Guard 3 is a massive advance in portable Alarm security and one of the World's smartest Wireless Alarm system.

In most instances a regular burglar alarm needs to be professionally installed along with cabling between the motion sensors and the alarm panel.  Back to base monitoring is optional and usually requires a separate telephone line to be made available with ongoing monthly and call out fees.  Most alarm systems DO NOT have a GSM/3G modem built in.  With most other alarm systems this feature is optional and can be quite costly.  Most other alarm systems require a constant power source with battery back up in case of power failure.

The Security Guard 3 is quite different. The entire system is wireless and can be installed within minutes.  No cabling is required as all PIR sensors are battery operated.  This has to be major saving alone in terms of installation, materials and labour fees. With a built in 3G modem, if an alarm is activated yes the siren will scream but at the same time, it is important that you or at least someone is in a position to know that the alarm has been activated. In other words, you can monitor the alarm system yourself. All you need to provide is an active 3G SIM card.  If you are not confident enough to DIY, we can install for you

One could of couse have any alarm monitoring company monitor the alarm system but if you prefer to DIY, security Guard can call your mobile phone to alert you.  Assuming that you do not answer the call for any reason, a large series of other numbers can be pre programmed into the system so if you don't respond the next in line will receive an alert and so on until someone responds to the alarm which can be disarmed remotely. 

See the attached PDF brochure for more information

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