Trading Terms

In the interests of customer satisfaction and discretion, not all product images are exactly as depicted in the Hidden Camera website. The features and functions will be correct however, in some instances the manufacturers will slightly change the design or appearance or add more functions. In this regard whilst HCS will attempt to show the product as close to the original as possible, there may be changes so not all product images can be relied upon 100%. It's also in the interests of customers NOT to show an actual product photo so that those under surveillance are not suddenly alerted to the possibility of a camera being concealed in one device or other. This doesn't apply to all product images but will in some instances. Hidden cameras can be concealed in a large array of household items and appliances so often it's counter productive to web advertise the exact product concealing the camera. For that reason there may be slight alterations to product images and size as well. Please note all hidden cameras have been modified to some extent so customers need to understand that a camera lens as hidden as it may be, cannot be found or is invisible. We do our best to ensure that the product can be used for it's intended design and purpose but the camera ought to be treated first and foremost as a covert camera, not as a DC charger or Smoke Detector etc because the device is modified and often other circuits need to be removed to accommodate the concealed camera. The camera lens is often no larger then a pinhole and so too the audio microphone so in terms of video resolution or audio quality, this needs to be taken into consideration. Other camera lenses can be concealed behind reflective glass and to the untrained eye, would not be seen however, it's fundamentally important to know and understand that NO hidden camera lens will ever be found. If someone suspects that a camera may be in the house or office, then yes that person will b on a mission to search just about any new product and Hidden Camera Surveillance take no responsibility for anyone confirming a device is a covert camera. If for any reason a customer is NOT happy with the hidden camera lens, then that customer needs to order a camera module (in stock) and DIY. We do have pinhole cameras that can be easily concealed in devices you ALREADY have in the home or office rather than introducing something new. HCS doesn't offer refunds because a customer feels that the camera has or might be discovered. Often this is a customer fear only as the customer is fully aware the device in question is a camera and naturally some may have concerns that the camera is discovered. Hidden cameras in most instances are very high resolution although not designed to be broadcast quality. The camera you purchase is a hidden camera and needs to be treated as such so video quality is not a warranty issue. The same applies to night vision, where some cameras will have Infra red or No Glow IR but in night vision mode, IR will have an impact on recording quality. By night or low light in IR condition, recording distance is normally limited to no more than a few metres and the video will be B/W and no longer colour as IR cannot see colour.


We endeavour to have all stocked items dispatched same day provided your order is placed before 2pm and provided that item is in stock.  All dispatch is via Express Post or TNT.  Please note that Express Post does not carry and Insurance liability cover whatsoever.  If insurance for loss or damage in transit is required then please call our office to make other delivery arrangements.  If delivery insurance is required contact us beforehand 1300 76 32 35. Insurance or special delivery intructions can be arranged through TNT at $2.00 per $100.00 goods value. We do not post any item stating Hidden Camera Surveillance on the bag or carton. The sender name will only appear as HCS. 

All orders under 5kg are shipped in overnight Express air bags at $15.00 per order.  Responsibility for any order passes to the buyer once the goods have been collected by the carrier. Online stock level stats are not individual shop stock levels.  Insurance liability belongs the buyer. Hidden Camera Surveillance takes no responsibility for any order not delivered unless HCS.  For that reason we provide all custoemers with an express post delivery number to track and trace online.  Customers may email for a tracking number request after 4.00pm.  Orders can be tracked by calling Aust Post Express Service on 131318 or TNT 13 11 50. Hidden Camera Surveillance and it partners take no responsibility for late deliveries, orders lost in transit, intentional or accidental damage whilst in transit.  Website tracking is not usually available till after 5.00pm of the day of dispatch or once the item has been scanned although a large percentage of our dispatched items arrive next day.  Express Post delivery is normally overnight but in some cases 2 days to regional areas or WA.

Australia Post Express & TNT Air Bags
The majority of our freight is sent in Express POST air bags. To find out if you are in an overnight zone please go to www.auspost.com.au or call 131318. Our origin post code is 4214.  Express Air bags do not carry any insurance. For insurance of parcels please phone us or email us to request insurance on your behalf.  Any delivery via TNT can be tracked and traced on line at www.tnt.com.au or by calling 13 11 50.  Each consignment is given a Con Note number emailed to your office upon request.  Use that number to track and trace on line or telephone assistance is also available.  Just a reminder that insurance is optional with TNT and if required, authorisation must be made available before dispatch.

International Post
The majority of international orders are sent via EMS express or TNT international freight unless otherwise specified on the individual products page. EMS post is AU$50.00 per 5kg and AU$20 each or part of 5kg after. The online shopping cart will add up your parcel weight for you 
Money Orders:

Payable to Hidden Camera Surveillance or Forrestbridge Pty Ltd. If you have used our online order form, please send money order with relevant details and the purchase ID number from the order. Your order will proceed once we have received the money order. 

Payable to Hidden Camera Surveillance or Forrestbridge Pty Ltd. If you have used our online order form, please send cheque with relevant details on the back to match order form details. Your order will proceed once the funds have been cleared

EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)

Payable at any St George Bank or Online Banking
Account name- Hidden Camera Surveillance 
Account number-106056969

*Your order will proceed once the funds have been cleared.  If you prefer to use EFT for payment, please copy your bank receipt and email to our office for faster dispatch service.

Or if you prefer a more DISCREET EFT transaction.  Your bank statement will only depict the company name below with no reference to Hidden Cameras as such.

Direct Transfer details for Australian Customers
Payable at any St George or Online Banking
Account name - Forrestbridge Pty Ltd 
BSB - 112879 
Account number - 043578515

If using our EFT payment services option, we can speed up delivery by providing us with a copy of your EFT receipt.  We recommend calling our office before doing any EFT transaction just to confirm the required item is in stock and if not when it will be in stock.
If the items required is NOT in stock and you prefer to wait, we may ask for a 50% deposit fully refundable if we do not deliver within a certain time frame or if the ordered item is no longer available. 

Credit Card: 
Our shopping cart uses PayPal to process payments. Call our office 1300 76 32 35 should you wish to pay in person using your credit card.  We do NOT at this stage accept online credit card for payment.  We prefer that you call our office instead and read out Credit Card number and expiry date etc by phone which is safer for all concerned. 
Please note Credit Card payment is not accepted for any International order.  International orders are EFT or PayPal only

All prices in this online catalogue are inclusive of GST

Legal responsibilities:
Hidden Camera Surveillance sells some items that may be illegal to use in your area, e.g. telephone conversation recordings are illegal on Telstra lines, and many other networks. We offer these products for sale on the basis that the customer abides by his/her local regulations. Hidden Camera Surveillance does not accept any liability whatsoever for any injury, loss or damage sustained by the buyer however arising. Hidden Camera Surveillance makes no representations concerning the legality of certain product applications such as the making, transmission or recording of video and/or audio signals of others without their knowledge and/or consent. We encourage everyone to check with and comply with all applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations before engaging in any form of surveillance or any transmission of radio frequencies. 

Refunds and Cancellations:
Hidden Camera Surveillance like any other company trades in accordance with ACCC terms. Please be aware that we do not offer refunds so please choose your equipment carefully. Kindly also note HCS does not offer refunds because a customer has changed their mind for whatever reason.  If any item is faulty then we reserve the right to refund, exchange or credit the customer.  Only Credit Notes can be issued where a product is un-used. Neither refunds  nor credit notes are given for purchases of software, listening devices, bug detectors or wireless transmitters and receivers, batteries or power suppies. In some cases where wireless devices are ordered, we cannot guarantee that any wireless device will function to expectations.  All wireless devices can be affected by other wireless transmissions in some form or other and HCS cannot be held responsible.  In this regard interference or lack of transmission cannot be considered a device fault or failure and therefore a warranty issue. 

Wireless broadband as an example can affect other wireless devices and must be taken into consideration when ordering any product and particualrly wireless products.  In the event that any wireless device purchased is being affected and there are no means to resolve the issue, Hidden Camera Surveillance may at its discretion offer a refund less a 20% restocking fee or exchange or offer credit to the amount of the item initially purchased less any freight and/or handling fee.  

In the event of a warranty item claim being tested, a $30.00 per item will charged for NO FAULT FOUND on warranty goods. All returning units to us for any reason must be accompanied with an RA Form. Please refer to this link for answers to any questions on warranty and refund requests.  Please be aware that any returned products for credit notes can attract a 20% restocking fee. 

We offer a 12 month warranty with every product from date of purchase. Depending on the product fault (if there is a fault) we reserve the right repair or replace the item/s at our discretion.  In cases where the product needs to be returned for repair or replacement to the factory and the fault is due to the user's mishandling and/or accidental damage, we forward any freight costs and repair costs to the customer, regardless of warranty status. In this same situation where the product is found to be faulty and under warranty, we will pay all costs involved to return the product to you ASAP. Please be aware there can be up to a several weeks warranty wait in some cases to honour a warranty.  We do not simply issue refunds without good cause so please choose your products carefully.   In some cases where batteries have leaked lead acid into a device thus causing damage, we do not accept responsibility. A leaking battery causing damage to any product is not considered a warranty issue. In circumstances where it is quite evident that a battery of any description has leaked thus causing product damage, it then becomes the customer's responsibility to take up the matter with the battery manufacturer or the customer's insurer.  Hidden Camera Surveillance takes no responsibility whatsoever for any damage caused by leaking batteries. We are happy to provide batteries with products however, if the customer has any concerns, we recommend the customer replaces or purchases batteries from their own supplier.  Therefore if any damage should be caused to the product, the battery supplier will need to address the issue and not Hidden Camera Surveillance.

All warranty claims must accompany an RA Form.