About Us

Hidden Camera Surveillance Services is a Division of Forrestbridge Pty Ltd established in 1982.

Forrestbridge Pty Ltd was founded by the Managing Director in1982. The Director played an active role in major Insurance fraud investigations and to some degree private matters such as infidelity and searches. With considerable experience in all facets of liability investigations spanning more than 2 decades, practically every scenario has been covered at some point.

Over the years we have received commendations from Insurance company executives, Police and the legal profession not to mention other investigators. Some 10 years ago at the behest of large private organisations, we were requested to launch undercover operations requiring covert cameras and listening devices to gather evidence of major internal corporate theft. Our investigations were very sucessful and this resulted in forming Hidden Camera Surveillance. Whilst the name Hidden Camera Surveillance has been retained over the years, by no means do we only supply hidden or covert cameras. During the past decade or more, HCS was contracted to supply and install CCTV Security Cameras and NVR systems into a wide range of projects requiring very complex surveillance systems which had nothing to do with being covert. Infact quite the contrary the cameras required were specifically for all to see as a crime deterent.  Hidden Camera Surveillance has been contracted and commissioned to install high resolution CCTV cameras in major shopping centres throughout Australia, many high rise buildings, homes, offices, shops, warehouses and industry.   Our customers include but not limited to Centro Shopping Centres, JJ Richards, Chempro, Nextra, Secrets, Mitre 10, GC Marine, BP, Caltex, Govt, Police in all states and many more.

In recent years there have been major advances in Digital Video technology which has been widely publicised. In more recent times our 100% Solar powered 3/4G or WiFi security camera systems can be installed anywhere and by anyone, specially remote areas where power, Internet or cabling is impossible.  These security cameras are all in one devices meaning they are not just a camera but a motion activated HD digital recorder with motion alerts.  This is all cutting edge and Australian patented technology available to any business or property owner.  A great way to keep and eye on your assets without atually being onsite.  

Why am I telling you this?  Quite simply if you have a problem then we have a solution.  If you need SolarCam installed, no problem we can do that for you however it's easy to DIY. No matter what you may need, give Hidden Camera Surveillance call. It never hurts to ask.

In a nutshell, Hidden Camera Surveillance has grown significantly during the past decade.  We import high quality products direct from International manufacturues which comply with our ACA regulations and market those products to other organisations such as investigation companies, security firms, Government agencies and the general public Australia wide and internationally to some degree.  HCS is an Australian owned and registered business.  We do not have offices in other countries.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact our office Toll Free 1300 763235