WiFi 1080P Mini IR Clock Spy Camera

WiFi 1080P Mini IR Clock Spy Camera

720P WiFi Smoke Detector Camera & Motion Activated Spy Cam Recorder

720P WiFi Smoke Detector Camera & Motion Activated Spy Cam Recorder

WiFi Photo Frame No Glow IR Spy Camera

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WiFi Photo Frame No Glow IR Spy Camera built into a regular photo frame is a pinhole colour camera, mini WiFi module, battery operated or mains powered, mini microphone, No Glow IR for night vision and a concealed micro SD card recording slot. Using our free Iphone or Android mobile phone App, Live view this camera (or multi cameras) from from anywhere in the world. Motion activated recording, motion push alerts, mail alerts etc this list just goes on and on.

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WiFi Photo Frame No Glow IR Spy Camera
WiFi Photo Frame No Glow IR Spy Camera

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    WiFi Photo Frame No Glow IR Spy Camera

    Model No: WF-FRAME

    The very latest high tech yet easy to use WiFi Spy Camera. What could be better than a photo Frame?  Put you own picture into the frame, hang it on a wall, place it upright on a desk, aim it any direction you want, move it around from room to room, change the photo when moving the camera.  You get the picture!! 


    Built into a regular photo frame is a pinhole colour camera, mini WiFi module, battery operated or mains powered, mini microphone, No Glow IR for night vision and a concealed micro SD card recording slot. Using our free Iphone or Android mobile phone App, Live view this camera (or multi cameras) from from anywhere in the world.  Motion activated recording, motion push alerts, mail alerts etc this list just goes on and on. 

    This is a high-resolution 720P motion activated Spy Camera with built in NO GLOW IR night vision.  In other words the camera can see and record in total darkness with no tell tale IR glow. If you have any concerns about introducing something new into a home or office this is one of the best?


    How often does the battery need a recharge?

    Unlike other WiFi Spy Cameras with short-term battery capacity or a need to be permanently connected to a power point, the lithium battery in the photo frame camera is amazing to say the least.  One question commonly asked is “how long with the battery last before it needs a recharge”?  It’s difficult to say with any certainty, as it’s impossible to gauge how much activity the camera is likely to detect and record each day or how often the authorised user/s are logging in remotely, all of which plays a key role.


    However, lets assume you have WiFi at your home or office and the camera is connected to that wireless network.  It’s not really doing anything at this point and with no motion being detected, it will basically enter into a standby mode waiting for motion before recording and sending push alerts etc.  In standby mode, if the camera doesn’t detect any motion at all, the battery would still have charge a year or two later.


    Assuming the camera detects motion say 10 x per day and recording duration is set to 20 seconds at 1280 x 720P quality, its estimated at this rate a potential for about 200 days battery life before needing a recharge.  Anyway you look at it, that’s one serious battery yet so lightweight and undetectable. 


    Now its fundamentally important to understand that what YOU do with the camera and how you alter the camera recording settings, will all play a vital role to battery capacity.  If for instance you are one of those who frequently logs into the camera just for a look and see, then yes you are using battery power. If the camera is recording to internal SD card memory and you remotely playback those recordings, again you are using more battery power.  App controlled options allow the user to select how long the camera records once motion is detected.  That could be anywhere from 10 to 60 seconds duration.  The longer the camera records the faster it will use battery power. 


    Furthermore, this Photo Frame Spy camera has built in NO Glow IR for night vision.  In this regard the camera will use more battery power if it’s recording in darkness compared to daytime when the IR is inactive. Therefore, the more one uses the camera features and functions and the more often you live view, the faster it will use power. For that reason its too difficult to estimate battery longevity.  The WiFi Photo frame Spy Camera will on the other hand notify you remotely when the battery level is getting low and that alone is a massive benefit.  Can take up to 24 hours to recharge the battery. 

    What do I need to Live View this camera from another location?

    Provided you have WiFi available wherever the camera is located (you must know the WiFi router password) you then have complete remote access to the camera from anywhere in the world using either another WiFi location or 3/4G mobile phone reception.


    There are key functions that can be remotely set and switched off depending on your needs.  For instance, you may not need to record any movement surrounding the camera.  If you happened to be live viewing then yes you could record directly to your mobile phone memory. However, if not live viewing the camera and you DO need the camera to record motion, then you must conceal a Class 10 or better micro SD memory card (up to 128GB) into the camera concealed SD card slot.   If using an SD card for motion recording, by all means playback that recording directly from your mobile phone (or save it to phone memory) with no need to physically touch the camera.


    Can this WiFi Photo frame Spy Camera see and record in total darkness?

    You better believe it!  The built in NO GLOW Infra Red is amazing quality and invisible.  It can see up to 8m from the camera and in amazing quality.  The camera also has a PIR motion sensor built in so someone will need to move within 4m of the camera to enable the device to commence recording. 


    Furthermore, there is nothing you need to do. If the room lighting reaches a certain low level, the No Glow IR will auto activate and if the light is switched on, the camera will auto resume colour viewing and recording.  Please note when this Spy Camera switches to IR mode, what you see remotely and in recording is B/W mode.  IR can’t see colour but you won’t be disappointed in the quality. The recording quality both day and night is very good. 


    Tell me more

    Ideally suited to homes, offices, warehouses, sheds etc you name it. As a matter of interest this fantastic WiFi Photo Frame Spy Camera has a very covert pinhole lens built in. To the naked eye no one will find it. After all, this is a real photo frame with a real picture inside (not a digital picture image but a photo) so to any suspicious eye, it’s just on of those things where any concern is immediately dismissed.  Why, because it looks like and is simply a photo frame. Only you and I know the difference.


    Can more than one person share remote access to the camera?

    The mobile phone App for Android and Iphone is free so if you choose to share your camera password with other, then yes you can share complete remote access with others. 


    Can I be alerted if the camera senses motion?

    Reasonable question to ask and yes of course you can.  Using the free mobile phone App, the authorised user is able to simply switch PUSH ALERTS on/off.  When activated, each time the camera detects motion, not only will it record to the secure and concealed micro SD memory card, you will receive a chime or short beep ALERT on your mobile phone (different from a text) Once you receive the alert, you can decide whether to remotely view the motion recording and/or live view the camera. 


    In addition there is an App setting wherein the camera can email you with a picture attached if motion is detected. 


    Do I need to remove the camera memory card to playback recordings on my PC or MAC?

    There’s no need to remove the SD card from the Photo Frame.  Of course should you prefer to remove the SD card, you need to ensure the Photo frame camera is switched OFF to avoid SD card or camera corruption. Otherwise no problem yes the SD card can be removed and the recordings replayed or saved to either PC or MAC.  On the other hand it’s just as easy but slower, to remotely playback direct to your mobile phone. 


    What size memory card do I need?

    This camera supports up to 128GB SD card that must be Class 10 or better, as HD recording demands a faster speed card to keep up with recording quality. 


    To put this into perspective, the highest camera recording quality is 1280 x 720P so at this recording level, it will use about 2.25GB per hour.


    32GB   = 14.2 hours

    64GB   = 28.4 hours

    128GB = 56.8 hours


    So clearly the higher the larger the SD card memory the longer it will record.   For that reason we recommend the camera is set to MOTION DETECTION (MD) recording rather than constant recording even though the camera supports both.  When motion is detected the App allows the authorised user to decide the recording duration from 10 to 60 seconds.  By selecting MD recording there is far less memory waste, as there is no point continually recording nothing.


    What happens when the SD memory card is full?

    There are 2 camera functions from which to choose;

    •      STOP recording when the SD card is full
    •      LOOP recordings, which allow the recording to recycle when the SD card is full. That’s not to say that all previous recordings will be deleted, they won’t.  When the card is full it will look to the very first or earliest recordings and then slowly write over the top in a lopping or recycling fashion.


    If after 10-60 seconds recording duration the camera is still detecting motion it will simply keep recording until motion stops so you don’t miss anything using MD recording.


    Do I need to be LIVE viewing to record?

    NO.  If you decide to use the camera for live viewing or LIVE listening in only then an SD card isn’t required. If NOT using an SD card but you do want to record, then you need to do so from your mobile phone when live viewing. Clearly it’s not feasible to stay logged in all day, which is why it’s a good idea to use a memory card.  If you don’t need to record then no need for an SD memory card, simple as that.  

    What is scheduled recording?

    This camera App is so smart, why not set SCHEDULED recording.  This App feature basically means that you DON’T need to have the camera in permanent MD mode.  If you need to set MD recording from say 4.00pm to 1.00am, no problem it can do that too.  For all other times outside of that schedule, if the camera detects motion it won’t record and it won’t alert you but you can still remotely login at any time.  It’s all remotely set from your free mobile phone App.  No need to touch the Photo Frame camera at all. 



    Free Iphone or Android mobile phone App

    Image Sensor 1/4 progressive CMOS sensor

    Focal Length 0.6mm

    Manual/Motion-Detection Recording – Scheduled

    Recording Speed – 15fps

    1280 x 720P

    Built in WiFi module: (IEEE 8-2.11b/g/n)

    WiFi Live Streaming video

    WiFi Live Viewing

    PIR motion sensor boots the camera to record within 1 second

    H.264 Video Compression

    Standby time fully charged up to 1 year

    Audio Recording and live listening

    Lens angle: 60 degree

    Desk bracket & wall mount

    Support Micro SD card 8GB-128GB (not included –optional)

    Mobile phone operation system: iOS or Android

    Web browser:  IE7 and above, Chrome, Firefox Safari etc

    Recording memory approx. 300MB/hour

    Motion Detection

    Low battery alert

    No Glow IR Night vision up to 8M

    Audio Recording and live remote listen in

    Time and date stamp recording 

    Scheduled Recording

    Australian 5V DC USB power supply included (no extra cost)

    Supports 2.4Ghz WiFi Internet not 5.8Ghz

    Weight 0.4kg

    Dimensions: 25.5 x 19.8 x 1.7cm

    Photo dimension required: 18.2 x 13.2cm

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