AC/DC Adapter 1080P Spy Camera Recorder Australian plug

AC Australian Power Adapter 1080P Spy Camera Recorder

WiFi AC 1080P Australian Power Adapter Spy Camera

Can you believe it !! An Australian 240V typical AC charger power adapter with built in WiFi and motion activated 1080P HD video recorder with audio all in one and so easy to use.

That's right, plug this amazing spy camera into an Australian power point (international plugs also available) download the free App to your Iphone or Android and if WiFi is enabled in your home or office, watch the camera live from anywhere in the world. Playback motion activated recordings.  It will even alert you if the camera is detecting motion.

This AC WiFi Power Adapter Spy Camera is packed full of features including internal SD motion detection recording or if preferred record to your mobile phone memory if live viewing.  Talk about advances in technology.  Please note we stock a huge range of WiFi & DVR Hidden Cameras.  See more WiFi Spy Cameras here.

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WiFi 1080P AC Australian Power Adapter & motion activated HD Spy Camera with audio

Product Reference: WIFI-ADAPTER-1080P

1080P HD WiFi AC Adapter Hidden Camera looks like an ordinary charger although concealed within is a high resolution pinhole spy camera with audio that allows you to stream live HD video directly to your iPhone or Android smartphone. Phone charging devices are quite common so this hidden security camera will no look out of place anywhere.  In fact who takes any notice of a wall or phone charger? 

Setting up this live streaming WiFi camera is easy and takes just a few minutes and is done directly from your Iphone or Android smartphone.  Simply download the free App to your iPhone or Android and then scan the QR code on the camera. Otherwise wait a few minutes for your phone to locate the WiFi device sitting on the wireless network, select the device, select your home or business WiFi network and password and you will be live viewing the camera.  Once you see the camera live, the options from this point are huge. 

As an authorised user, change the password, select your preferred recording speed and quality, select motion detection sensitivity otherwise constant recording is available, playback recordings remotely, select various lighting options, receive a push alert if motion is detected even if it needs to be between certain times.  In other words the number of features and functions this camera has is tantamount to having a security Network Video Recorder. 

Because the camera is 240V powered, it will stream live 24/7. Check in on your babysitter, your pets, or keep an eye on your office any time you want from anywhere in the world. View and listen in to this AC Adapter WiFi Spy Camera from just down the street or the other side of the world.  

In the event you can't live watch the camera, activate motion detection recording and the camera will record to an optional micro SD card up to 128GB very well concealed within the AC Adapter Hidden Camera.  Set App motion alerts to be instantly phone notified if motion is detected. So the AC adapter Spy camera will record all motion events, store those recording to the micro SD memory card however, the authorised user may remotely playback those recordings without the need to actualy touch the camera.  When the SD card is full it will auto over write otherwise tell the camera to STOP recording when full. It's totally up to you.  Please note the micro SD memory card can also be removed from the camera and replayed on PC or MAC.  Save any recording that needs to be retained.

If shopping around for something similar, be very careful as you may well end up with a non compliant power connection. That will require the need to 'piggy back" the AC adapter camera to another entirely different adapter otherwise it won't work. It would also look out of place, appear larger than normal, the two connections could be loose and difficult to obtain the desired camera angle and ends up being a mess.  Don't muck about, our WiFi AC adapter 1080P Spy Cam fits flush and secure into any Australian power point.  No internal battery needed its 240V powered.

Features and Benefits
AC Powered - Plugs into any Australian wall outlet for 24/7 streaming
No Monthly Fees - Never any monthly fees to view or record your video stream
Expandable - Add up to 20 cameras to view multiple rooms of your home or office
Easy Installation - No complicated setup or network configuration needed
Smartphone Viewing - Free app for iPhone/Android phones allow you to monitor on your mobile phone anywhere
Password Protected - Your video is encrypted so no one but you will see it

How does it work?
Unlike other spy cameras, this device is provided with an Australian power connection (other International connector plugs are supplied as well).  Its small, slimline and extremely covert thus ideal for any discreet security surveillance need.

Connect the WiFi 1080P Power Adapter to a power point somewhere within wireless range your WiFi router.  Switch power on at the power point and connect the Adapter camera. From your mobile phone, press settings and enable WiFi. Wait a few minutes for your router to see the new device online.  After that time you should see a long series of numbers appear on your phone WiFi settings thus indicating that a new WiFi device has been found. 

Download the free Pro Icam App from your App store.  Once you see a series of numbers appear on your mobile phone, click to connect and watch the camera live.  When you see the camera live on your mobile phone this is where it get really interesting. Users have the option to change the password, enter into motion detection recording mode, record motion at 1080P or 720P quality (selectable) to an internal memory card, record to your mobile phone memory if preferred, listen into conversations surrounding the camera, receive alerts if motion is detected, locally or remotely playback recordings and so much more.

AC Adapter Hidden Spy Camera will power itself on 110-240V household power point so no need to worry about a battery going flat.  A covert spy camera such as this is ideal for short to longer term surveillance but please understand it's not a substitute for CCTV security.  First and foremost its a spy camera and should be treated as such.

AC power supply adapters are very common and often used for charging various devices so leaving a power supply connected to a power point or a 4 way power board, double adapter etc certainly won't look out of place anywhere.  This is what makes for a perfectly discreet covert surveillance device as generally even the most suspicious of partners might see it but not give it a second thought.  After all this is real a power adapter not just a spy camera

The AC power supply adapter is brilliant for a number of reasons.  It supports a rather discreet cover concealing the internal micro SD card slot so the micro memory card (supports 16-128GB) is totally hidden even from the most prying of eyes.  Don't be concerned about someone finding it because for all intents and purposes its looks and is quite real. Memory cards are optional and only needed for recording but if you just want to live view via WiFi or Internet, perhaps the memory card isn't needed.  We normally supply Class 10 or better SD card from 8-128GB and available online at the time of purchase.  If you supply your own micro SD card it’s important the card is Kingston or Sandisk brand Class 10 or better. We don't take responsibility for non compliant memory cards as we have no way of knowing whether all SD cards are actually compatible.  The idea is to stick with what you know.  Memory cards must be above a certain class because the camera itself is recording at HD 1080P resolution. 

This AC Adapter WiFi spy camera will record to internal memory (or FTP) it detects motion and if that motion continues the camera will keep recording even if set to motion detection mode.


Video Resolution: 5 Megapixel CMOS
Video size  1920 x 1080P
Photo Resolution 4032 x 3024
Record Speed selectable including real time
Wide Dynamic  Yes
Viewing angle approx 90 degrees
Motion detection distance approx 6m line of sight
Compression H.264
Video Format MOV
WiFi Remote Control and View
Memory Card supported up to 64GB Class 10 or better
USB Interface USB1/2.0 and functional even whilst recording >500mA
O/S Windows 2000/Vista/XP/Mac
Media Player WMP or VLC etc
Recording memory: Selectable quality and speed. 1080P or 720P between 1.2 to 6GB per hour
Web browser IE7 and above,Chrome, Firefox & Safari
Mobile Phone supports Iphone and Android
Microphone: Yes
Build in Speaker: No
Size: 48x48x18



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