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Ribbon Pinhole Spy Camera with battery & Wireless Remote

Photo Frame Spy Camera 2 Year battery (New)

Looking for a great quality spy camera which no one would ever suspect?  

Our brand new 720P High resolution motion activated Photo Frame Spy Camera could be just what you need. Put any photo you like into the frame, slot a micro SD card into the back of the concealed frame (up to 32GB) switch it on and when any person moves within 8m of the picture frame, it will silently and discreetly record to the internal albeit concealed SD card.  Photo Frame Hidden Camera records real time video and audio for 1 minute when it senses motion. If motion continues, Photo Frame Cam will continually record until motion stops.   

Need more?  The internal non removable rechargeable lithium battery is just amazing.  If you were to leave Photo Frame Camera armed in Standby mode and lock the house up for 2 years, if no motion was detected it would still be armed and ready to record when you return from holiday with just one battery charge.   Photo Frame Hidden Spy Camera has built in NO GLOW infra Red so it can also see and record audio and video in total darkness. 



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Photo Frame Spy Camera 2 Year battery (New)

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    Photo Frame Spy Camera Recorder with 2 Year Battery

    Product Number: HC-FFREC01

    A digital picture frame is a common item found in any household, office desk or wall so it's an ideal means to hide a motion activated spy camera. When the internal pinhole colour camera senses any movement within 5-8m of the camera frame, it records video and audio to a concealed but removable Class 10 micro SD card in real time and at 720P high resolution quality.

    Photo frame with 2 year battery capacity

    What makes this spy camera different to most others is the internal battery capacity.  The frame itself is 14mm slim, very light weight at just 410g and really looks part of any home or office.  Pick it up have a good look, it's just like any other photo frame.  Not the type of thing where anyone will take notice.  After just 1 PC USB or 5V USB adapter charge, if you desk or wall mount picture Frame into a room and switch it to Motion Detection (MD) mode, its basically in what we call Standby Mode.  In other words it's armed and ready to go but its not recording anything until such time as someone opens the door or moves within 8m or so of the internal motion sensor.  In fact it take 1.8 seconds after detecting motion, to commence silent and discreet recording (day or night) and for 1 full minute non stop.  If motion continues for say 5 minutes or more, the PIR motion sensor will trigger the camera to record over and over again so that all 5 minutes is recorded to internal memory.  You won't miss anything other than a few seconds in between recording activations. 

    Having such a high capacity concealed internal battery means there is no need to connect to power but if you need power for any reason, yes it can do that too.

    • Motion activated recording - stores video onto the SD card (up to 32 GB capacity Class 10 or better)
    • Records full colour video in real time including clear audio
    • Secure video play back on any PC or Mac (insert SD card directly into computer with the SD card reader supplied)
    • Playback with Windows Media player or the free VLC media player www.vlc.com for Windows or MAC.

    Photo Frame takes any picture 13-18cm

    How do I playback Recordings?

    It's actually very simple.  The micro SD card is concealed in the back of the frame where it won't be found but you know where it is.  The on/off button is also concealed inside and at the back of the photo frame.  Pop the SD card out and with the supplied USB micro SD card reader, slot it into your PC or Mac.  Your computer will tell you that a new device has been found.  When its asks OPEN WITH choose Windows Media Player or VLC whatever AVI player you choose.  Easy to read instructions are supplied.
    What if I don't want to record Audio?
    Photo Frame Spy Camera has a switch for audio on or off. 
    Photo Frame just 14mm thickness
    Can Photo Frame Hidden Camera record in total darkness? 
    The simple answer to that is yes.  Photo Frame Cam has built in NO GLOW Infra Red.  In other words the IR's can see you but you can't see the IR illumination.  At night or in low light, if the camera senses motion and lighting is poor,  the internal NO GLOW Infra Reds auto take over.  At night in darkness or in low light, the camera records in B/W rather than colour because colour can't see IR but B/W certainly can. 
    Later when lights are switched on or the room is bright again, the camera will auto switch to colour mode.  No need for you to do anything it's all automatic.  If someone is sneaking about in the dark, don't worry the camera won't miss it and any would be thief or prowler simply won't have a clue.  Who on earth would want to steal or take any notice of a photo frame?  That's another reason why Photo Frame Spy camera is such a great new Hidden Camera.  We supply a basic photo in the frame anyway but you can use your own if you like. The photo we supply may be different to that pictured. 
    Photo Frame Wall hung
    Can Photo Frame Cam Constantly Record?
    Yes you have the option to select Constant recording or Motion Detection Recording.  Personally I feel MD is the way to go.  You won't miss anything with less memory and battery power being used but of course you have the option to choose either recording mode.
    What happens when the SD card is full?
    No need to format the SD card or delete recordings.  When the SD card is full it will auto over write from the earliest recording date and this is referred to as "loop or recycle recording"
    Photo Frame Frontal View
    Does it show time and date on the Recording?
    Yes it does, but users can select to include or exclude the time and date from the recording.  If you order this camera and an SD memory card from Hidden Camera Surveillance,  before being Express Posted to you, we will preset the time and date for you and test the camera recordings.  We may even leave some video and audio setup tuition on the memory as a small helping hand.  It's all part of the service.  If you supply your own SD card then you will need to setup the camera and recording time and date.
    If constantly Recording how long would the battery last before needing a recharge?
    If the battery is fully charged before use expect about 30 hours by day or 9-10 hours by night.  IR on at night means using more battery power.
    In standby mode with no motion detected and no recording about 2 years before needing a recharge.
    If the battery is completely discharged it could take up 20 hours to fully recharge
    In MD mode of course the recording capacity is the same about 30 hours but it all depends on the motion duration
    How long would it take to fill a 32GB SD card?
    If constantly recording at 720P quality it would take about 4.5 hours to fill the card before over writing.  Approx 4.5 hours of CONSTANT recording with a 32GB Class 10 micro SD card. For that reason we feel its important to use the Motion Detection function rather than constant recording.  It will on the other hand do both just a matter of choice. 
    Photo Frame Spy Cam Dimensions
    25.5 x 19.5 x 1.4cm and just 410g in weight
    Photo Frame Side View
    720P Motion activated or Constant Video colour recording with audio
    No Glow IR Night Vision B/W recording
    Video play back with Windows Media Player, VLC or most other AVI players


    World's First 2 year rechargeable lithium battery Photo Frame Hidden Spy Camera
    Use any picture in the frame 13 x 18cm
    Super slim frame 14mm
    Concealed 10,000 mAH rechargeable USB interface battery
    Can be 5V powered and both recording and charging simultaneously
    Internal NO Glow Infra Red (IR) illuminators for night vision  recording
    Concealed mini on/off buttons, mini USB charging socket and concealed micro SD card slot
    Supports both desk or wall mounting
    Starlight Technology allows the camera to record at night up to 5-8m
    Privacy protection audio can be switched off if not required
    Movement detection angle 60 degrees
    Motion detection distance approx 5-8m
    Camera angle 72 degree wide angle ideal for room surveillance
    Daytime recording power consumption approx 220mA
    Max day time recording about 30 hours (motion detection setting recommended for long term recording duration)
    Constant Night Vision recording about 9-10 hours
    Resolution 720P
    Recording speed real time
    Motion Detection Recording is 1 minute before saving.  If additional motion is detected it will activate time and again until motion stops
    Continual recording saves files every 10 minutes
    Max SD card capacity 32GB
    Loop or SD card over write when full recording

     Photo Frame Rear View





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