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Do you have a problem with unwanted trespassers or suspect a neighbour is vandalizing your property?  We have range of outdoor CCTV security cameras for the DIY person.  No professional installation required, only need a power point.  This outdoor High resolution outdoor colour and IR camera is supplied with a ceiling or wall mount bracket.  Also hidden inside the camera where it is dry and protected is a HD SD card.

With the Security Camera & Recorder wall mounted at the front of your home or office, should anyone move within 15m from the IR Security Camera DVR, the internal motion sensor will trigger the camera to record high quality video and audio.  The CCTV Security Camera will save the recording to the internal SD card.

Please note we have a wide range of indoor and outdoor security cameras in various shapes and sizes to suit all applications.  We even stock a range of motion activated WiFi Cameras hidden inside Light bulbs, Clock Radio, Smoke Detectors, Alarm PIR's, PC Speakers and much more.  Call us if you have any questions or want to learn more.



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How does it work?
CCTV cameras are basically designed to see not necessarily record unless it's cabled to a costly DVR or Digital Video Recorder> Often this beyond the skills of most and too difficult to install, not to mention cost.  Our SD Card DVR CAMERA looks exactly like a modern outdoor colour IR camera but with a big difference, it can also record on motion without the need for a DVR system. The SD DVR CAMERA has built in IR (Infra Red) so it can see and record even in the dark from 15-30m depending on the focal length. DVR CAM has a vary focal lens built in so the user may select a wide angle or if preferred, simply adjust the lens for a more narrow and closer view.

Also built into the camera is a slot for the SD Memory card.  Memory cards are available anywhere from 4-32GB so the larger the SD card capacity, the more video recording it can save to memory.  The DVR CAMERA works on the same principal as a DVR system.  In other words, the camera can be set to constantly record no matter what or better still, set to motion detection mode.  With motion detection activated, there is no wasted memory space. When any person or vehicle moves within camera range, that real time movement will be saved to the internal memory card.  if motion continues the IR security camera will continueo to record.  DIY, very simple and very cost effective. 

What do I need?
Actually you don't need much at all other than perhaps a TV monitor and/or a PC.  This camera is supplied with a wireless remote control and by connecting the camera direct a TV monitor (AV In) you will see exactly what the camera can see. By pressing the MENU key on the wireless remote control, users can program the camera to carry out any range of tasks with a simple check box setup.

Features include

Motion Detection Recording and how long you would like the camera to record when motion is detected
How fast do you need to record ie Real Time 25fps or 12fps or 6fps, its all selectable
Scheduled recording allows the user to program the camera to start & stop recording at any time you nominate
View live on any TV whatever the camera can see
Motion Detection zones can be set
Recording quality such as low, medium or high

All of the above have an effect on how fast the memory is used so when the SD card is full, pre program the SD DVR CAM to either STOP RECORDING WHEN FULL or RECYCLE.  The recycle mode is most popular and basically means that when the card is full, keep recording until you say stop.  The earliest recordings are slowly over-written by the latest recording but it's all a matter of user preference. 

When mounting the weatherproof camera on a wall or beneath an eave etc please note you will need to connect the camera to power source somewhere.  We provide a 12V power supply with the camera as it does not run on batteries unlike our Portable Cams so you will need to have power handy one way or the other, even an extension cord.  The DVR CAM could potentially function on a 12V battery but you would need plenty of them so 240V power is the best option.

How Do I Play Back Recordings?
Again it's very simple!!  Remember the camera has a memory card slot which is protected from the weather.  There are several options and just to briefly explain.  If you have the means, by running a lead (any length) from the camera to a TV monitor, without actually touching the camera, just aim the remote control at it.  Your TV monitor will then depict what we call an OSD or On Screen Display. Just like a DVD player, use the remote control to select a calendar date and time.  Once selected press PLAY and bingo, you can instanlty playback all recordings or any motion detection event that you choose to see.  Fast Forward, rewind, freeze frame, enhance, you name it, the DVR CAM can do it all.

If you don't have a TV handy or it's too difficult to run an RCA lead from the camera to a TV, no problem.  In this case you will need to reach up to the camera and remove the memory card.  Perhaps at the same time replace the used memory card with a fresh SD card.  Whenever you feel inclined, and lets assume that you have a Windows PC or a MAC, slot the memory card into your PC or we can supply and optional USB memory card reader ($10.00) and instantly playback recordings with any AVI program such as Windows Media Player or VLC.  Most PC's have the program anyway otherwise download VLC free from

How Much Recording Can I Expect from my Memory Card?
It gets back to that old expression "how long is a piece of string?"  There are many factors to take into consideration starting with the memory card capacity but lets assume you will be using an 8GB SD card in the camera.  The smaller SD cards are of course much less costly compared to 16 and 32GB but at 1/4 to 1/2 the memory capacity.  If we take a scenario where the camera is set to CONSTANT RECORDING, it's highest recording quality and fastest recording speed of 25FPS (Frames per Second) then it would use memory at approximately 1GB per hour. 

If on the other hand you select a slightly lower quality recording and slower recording speed (12FPS is about cartoon speed) then the recording capacity is doubled or tripled to say 2-3 hours per gig.  This is where I need to stress the point that we are talking about constant recording and not MOTION DETECTION recording.  Depending on how much activity is presented before the camera, this will have a major impact on recording capacity.  Someone walking past the camera has only triggered motion for 10-20 seconds in which case only a small amount of memory was used.  Consequently the potential for days or weeks of recording is quite possible "depending" on the motion duration.  Please call our office if you need more information.

IR & Colour camera with built in SD card DVR recorder
Built-in motion detection recording or constant recording
Supports 4GB to 32GB SD HD memory card
High definition H.264 recording and play back
Video Recording Resolution: 720x576 PAL or 720x480 NTSC
Allows for mutli mode recording
Easy to operate OSD menu for set-up and adjustment.
Wireless remote controller for "One Touch" video recording and setup

Video System: PAL/NTSC CCD image: 1/3 inch SONY CCD
Number of pixels: PAL 512(H)X582(V) NTSC 512(H)X492(V)
Horizontal resolution: 480TVL
Lens: Vary focal 4-9MM/F1.4
Minimum illumination: 0 Lux/F1.2 (IR LED ON)
S/N ratio: 48dB
IR viewing  distance: 15-30m
White balance: AUTO
Waterproof rate: IP 65
Video output: 1.0Vp p 75ohm
Video record format: JPEG/MPEG
Record resolution: 720x576 PAL 720x480 NTSC
Storage media: SD card 2GB-32G
Working temperature: 20 to 50c
Power: DC 12V 1000mA
Dimension: 80(D)X140(L)
Weight: 500g

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