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6310 HD Graffiti Cam

Digital Door Viewer & Motion Recorder

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Introducing one of the latest and greatest advances in High Tech cost effective home and office visual surveillance and security. The Digital Door Viewers (see brochures above) with large LCD screen, AA or Lithium battery powered is without doubt simply sensational. If you have a door peephole or considering one, don't do anything until you read this.

Most of us are familiar with the old peep hole viewer.  Not a bad idea in it's time but the trouble is, the person on the other side of the door will often see the peephole go dark when you look through from the inside.  So the other person on the outside is aware the house or office is occupied, regardless of whether the door is opened or not. 

Readily available Reverse Peep-hole Spy Viewers enable any person on the outside side of the door to actually see directly into your home without your knowledge. It’s frightening and it happens regularly.  If you don't know the person on the other side, it's a good idea to be very wary of opening that door as home invasion is all too common nowadays. 

Introducing the all new and amazing colour Digital Door Viewer with Motion Detection Recording. That's right, if someone presses the door chime or stands at your front door for more than 10 seconds, our HCS Digital Door Camera and Viewer will capture time and date stamped pictures or video of that person day or night and save the recording to a built in micro SD card.

Playback directly from the large colour monitor built into the camera and know who has been at your house whilst you were away or at home.  Our new range of Digital Door Viewers offer great peace of mind to be able to clearly see who is standing at your door at any time.  We have a range of models for your consideration and all are BATTERY OPERATED for easy installation.  The basic models are mainly a door viewer only whereas our more advanced 2 - Megapixel models have motion detection picture and video recording plus built in IR for night vision, touch screen setup, door chime and much more.  Read more below.

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Digital Door Viewer & Motion Recorder

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    Digital Door Cam Viewer main

    How does it work?

    Pictured above is our all new and latest advance Digital Door Viewer (Model HCS-RO2B) with built in 3.5” colour LCD monitor, 2 Megapixel still image camera and video recorder, colour pinhole camera, door chime, supplied with rechargeable lithium Ion battery for long term activation, Touch screen display (simply amazing and easy) time and date stamp, motion detection or manual push button recording, built in Infrared (IR) for night vision, up to 32GB internal micro SD memory card plus USB interface.

    When you look closely at this Digital door Viewer, you can see in an instant this remarkable device is like nothing you have seen.  The image above depicts two parts, the camera (gold colour alloy case) and the LCD screen which is mounted on the inside of the door. 

    The LCD alloy case contains a rechargeable lithium Ion battery (we supply the 12V Charger) although the LCD monitor also has a mini USB interface so users can playback recordings direct to their PC and recharge the battery within the LCD at the same time. users can also playback recordings directly from the LCS screen with no need ot remove the SD card. Very easy to use and all touch screen.  This Digital Door Viewer is tantamount to a DVR, surveillance system and security camera all in one and best of all, at a fraction of the price.  The basic Digital Door Viewer models are different in the sense that the LCD may be a little smaller, others will use 3 x AA batteries rather than a rechargeable lithium, some not have motion detection recording, do have manual recording and don't have IR.  The more advanced units do have all of the features and functions so just a matter of personal choice.

    Built into the viewer on the outside is a door chime button.  When pressed the unit sounds a selectable chime but at the same time a photo of the person is captured to the internal micro SD card and that is just one of the features that makes the Hidden Camera Surveillance Digital Door Viewer Camera so special. If you need to give that photo or video to Police, no problem.  Simply remove the micro SD card from the Viewer, download images to PC or simply hand the micro SD card to police as they can take the pictures from the card with no problem whatsoever.

    Digital Door Cam Viewer main outer door

    Need to know more??

    The mini colour pinhole camera really doesn't look like a camera at all but make no mistake, this system is very powerful and packed full of features.  The user can freely change and save the function settings at any time, even to the point of leaving a message.  The message is a pre recorded audio recording saved to the memory card.  When a person presses the chime button or stands in front of the camera for 10 seconds or so (that length of time can be adjusted to suit) the prerecorded message can be activated.  The message could be something along the lines of "If the residence is unattended, please call 0412 000 148". 

    You may on the other hand prefer a message that is automatically sounded if any person is loitering within 2m of you front door and that message could be "can I help you"? The point is even though the house may or may not be occupied, the audio message to the person at the door would certainly not know that and will leave.  So the Digital Door Viewer is nor acting as a door alert system as well.

    If you don't need the camera to record on motion, switch the feature off.  If you don't need the IR at night, again switch the function off as it only takes a moment and that's the beauty of what promises to be the very latest advance in home and office technology. Arm and disarm functions and features as you please.

    As mentioned previously, to the elderly or children, women alone at home etc, its not really a good idea to open a door when you DON'T know who is on the other side.  When a person on the outside presses the chime, the LCD will auto switch on.  That means those indoors can clearly see who is on the other side without pressing an eye up to a peep hole.  The high-resolution 3.5" colour LCD monitor is clearly visible even from a distance so without coming too close to the door, you can see who is on the outside and whether it is safe to open or even go close to the door. 

    If you choose, press a button on the LCD and instantly record the identity of the person on the other side. At night the built in IR will assist with the recording.  Choose still pictures or video, its up to you.

    Lets say you are away for the weekend, this system will record any person who approaches your door and you can check who has been around when you return home.  Even if the person approaches your door and does NOT press the chime button, if he/she stands at the door for any more than 5-10 seconds, the camera will record anyway.  Its plain to see this is no ordinary door viewer. This is a professional Digital Recorder, door viewer and chime all in one compact and impressive looking unit.  Talk about peace of mind!

    Door Cam Viewer Inside & Outside

    Digital Door Viewer Video Recorder features

    Please note the features and functions listed below mainly refer to our RO2B and RO2G models. A specifications sheet pertaining to all 7 models are listed in a separate PDF brochure on this website page.  If not sure which model best suits your needs, contact our office 1300 763235

    • People on the outside cannot see inside thus protecting privacy
    • Simple push button to see large image without darkening the peephole
    • Easy DIY installation and rechargeable battery operated.
    • 2.8 LCD Display to see clearly who is on the other side of the door
    • Wide View Angle 165 degree
    • 2.0 Megapixel surveillance anti-spy colour camera
    • Support Micro SD card up to 32GB so many thousands of pictures & video
    • Advanced energy saving technology with long standby.
    • Motion detection recording
    • CE/FCC/RoHS certificated
    • Door Thickness from 35mm to 110mm
    • Door Hole dimensions 12mm to 28mm
    • IR Night Vision
    • Strong and smart looking alloy housing
    • Manual and Auto Still Image  & Video Recording (selectable)
    • Standby battery time 1.2 months before needing a recharge
    • Door Chime as standard
    • Auto Motion Detection 2-3 meters from the camera
    • USB charging although 240V charger supplied
    • PC Sync
    • Video Messaging
    • DIY MP3 Ringtone
    • Calendar
    • Wallpaper

    Door Cam

    Door Viewer secondary

    Door Cam inside

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