Table Clock Battery or power motion activated

Spy Clock Cam including IR Night Vision

Motion Activated Megapixel Spy Clock Camera with No Glow IR

Motion Activated Megapixel Spy Clock Camera with No Glow IR

Clock Radio Spy Camera & Motion Activated Digital Video Recorder

Clock Radio Spy Cam DVR is one of the latest advances in covert surveillance security cameras.  What may look like an ordinary everyday fully functional clock radio is in fact a very covert or hidden colour pinhole CCD digital camera with high quality audio plus Digital Video Recorder.  We challenge anyone to find the cleverly concealed pinhole colour camera and mini high gain microphone!

We program everything for you before it even leaves our shop so time and date is set, Motion Detection recording is on and all ready to go simply by connecting the clock to a power point.  The menu allows the internal Digital Recorder (DVR) to start recording at a certain time and stop recording at another pre defined time.  Clock Radio Spy Camera DVR doesn't have to be recording every time someone walks past the clock.  A built in covert switch arms and disarms the recording side of the camera making it easy to use or not use.

Customers may simply enter the camera menu (see what the pinhole camera can see live on any TV monitor) and select scheduled recording which basically means to auto enable motion detection or constant recording at a time of your choosing.  Motion detection can even be set to certain zones so the system is not recording everything.  At the same time the Spy Clock Cam can be set to turn off recording at any time you select.  It's simply a matter of selecting your preferred recording schedule. As mentioned, just plug the clock into a power point and its fully functional.  What could be easier and more covert?

Please note we now offer the Clock radio DVR Camera with a new Higher resolution and lower lux 520 TVL CCD camera meaning better quality recording by day and night. We have also discounted by $100.00.  Its worth noting that this same clock radio hidden camera is now available with built in WiFi.   That's right, if you have WiFi at your home or office, the clock radio cam can sit on the network for remote access via LAN, Internet and Mobile phone.

See the attached PDF for more information. 

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Clock Radio Spy Camera & Motion Activated Digital Video Recorder
Clock Radio Spy Camera & Motion Activated Digital Video Recorder

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    Clock Radio Camera DVR is supplied with a wireless remote control and an RCA - AV video and audio lead.  Many customers ask "how do I playback recordings"?  Well it's very easy and there are several methods.  Assuming you have a TV, the RCA inputs (yellow & white) on the rear or side of the TV are called VIDEO IN & AUDIO IN.  Using the supplied colour coded lead, connect yellow to AV TV In and Red to AV Audio In.  The other end of the lead connects directly to the clock and heh presto, see on your TV exactly what the pinhole camera can see and hear.  Use the supplied remote control to advance through the menu, change the digital recorder and camera settings and playback recordings direct to you TV.

    Other methods of viewing recordings is by simply removing the internal SD memory card (same as used with most digital cameras) and with an optional USB SD memory card reader, playback recordings direct to your PC either Windows or MAC. Save AVI files (video files) to your PC Hard Drive if you need to retain important motion detection video clips. It's easy!!

    Using the supplied remote control press the Menu button and from there you will be able to set the time and date, playback recordings including fast forward & rewind, set-up scheduled recording if you choose to and much more. In fact it is all very easy and we can assist you by phone if not sure but a user manual is supplied.  At the time of purchase ask for the Clock DVR to be ready to go.  It's no problem we will do it all for you plus offer free telephone or email support if required.  No PC required.

    Windows Media Player is standard with most PC's nowadays however, there are many other player programs which are equally as good if not better.  Mac users normally have AVI media player programs including Windows media Player (WMP) or VLC player for Mac and Windows at

    Brief Introduction
    Totally self contained hidden camera alarm clock radio with a built in motion activated Digital Video Recorder
    Super High resolution now 520 TV Lines
    0.001 LUX low light colour camera for better performance in low light conditions.  In other words it can see in about 1/10th of a candle light
    Removable SD Card stores up to 32GB of video, for days or weeks of recording
    Full memory overwrite features
    Completely Covert Hidden Camera Design Capture hidden camera footage with audio
    Fully functional radio and clock radio Motion-activated recording captures all the action High resolution 540TVL 0.001lux low light color camera for clear video
    No additional software needed to view videos on your PC
    Full Function Overwrite RCA Cable Lets You Connect To Any TV Or Monitor To View Footage
    Removable SD Card Stores Up To 32 GB Of Video, For Days Of Recording
    4 Adjustable mini feet to compensate for uneven surfaces
    2 Band AM/FM Radio Dual Alarm Clock.
    Time Projection Display projects the clock TIME onto the ceiling in a dark room (The projector lens pictured IS NOT THE CAMERA) It is a design of the clock.
    Remote Control Function
    Mirror Projection Display Extra Large 9 LED Display

    Video: System NTSC or PAL Video System
    Video Loss Auto Detection Codec MPEG4-SP ASF File Format
    Record Frame Rate : 1 to 25 Frames per Second (FPS)
    Maximum FPS selectable Maximum: 25 fps @ 320x240 or 12 fps @ 640x480
    Record Quality: Low, Medium, High

    Recording Date/Time

    Overlay with Video Images in ASF File
    1 CH Composite Video Line In Video Output:
    1 CH Composite Video Line Out
    Audio: Sampling Rate: 44.1 KHz Codec: G.726/ 32 kbps Input:
    1 CH Audio Line In Output:
    1 CH Audio Line Out
    Audio Device: Microphone, Speaker, Earphone
    Storage Media: SD Card (FAT16 or 32), MAX FILES: 16384 FILES Serial Port: USB 1.1 (Read-Only)
    Recording Mode: Manual, Schedule ( Alarm ,Motion Detection , Continue)
    Motion Detection Setting: Multiple Blocks and adjustable sensitivity

    Event Search Function:

    Property and first image of selected file is displayed
    Playback Function: Play/Fast Forward/Fast Rewind/Pause/Step Forward/Step Backward
    Playback Speed: x1/ x2/ x4/ x8/ x16/ x32
    Power Supply: DC 12V/1A
    Dimensions: 38 mm (W) x 17.5 mm (H) x 38 mm (D)
    Operating Environment: 30%~80% Storage
    Environment: 30%~90%

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