Ribbon Spy Camera with wireless remote control and lithium Ion battery

Ribbon Pinhole Spy Camera with battery & Wireless Remote

Voice Activated Hidden Camera Recorder

Voice Activated Hidden Camera Recorder

Cap Spy Camera & Recorder

The Cap Spy Camera is an easy to use hidden Video Recorder (DVR) and an extremely well hidden mini colour spy camera built into a normal everyday cap. Apart from being a high quality video camera and audio recorder, when the camera is set to record (using our supplied mini wireless remote control) the wearer "feels" a silent vibration alert (more or less like a mobile phone) thus indicating "recording on" and the same when recording is switched off. No more fumbling about wondering if the camera is on or not. It's clever and very discreet. Easy playback to PC via our supplied USB interface.


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Cap Spy Camera & Recorder
Cap Spy Camera & Recorder

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    The Spy Cap Camera is ideal for any hidden or covert surveillance operation.  All battery operated for hours of recording, the great feature about this device is the ability to arm and disarm recording with a pocket or hand held mini wireless remote control.   Other similar devices can be "hit and miss" as users cannot be 100% certain whether the hidden camera is actually recording at any given time. Get it wrong and it's all for nothing. 

    In any covert or undercover surveillance operation, the ability to be super discreet is paramount but at the same time, there is no point in suddenly finding yourself in a position where there is uncertainty.  As our Cap Cam is supplied with a wireless remote control which can be carried in your pocket, without touching the cap simply press one button on the wireless remote control and the wearer will feel a slight vibration and you know recording is on.  The same wireless remote control button turns the built DVR (Digital Video Recorder) off but the vibration alerts feels different with two vibrations instead of one.

    Spy cameras such as this are not just for undercover agents or investigators, it can apply to anyone with a hidden video surveillance requirement. What you do with the recording is your business but always check local laws in your state or confer with a solicitor if the evidence is to be used for any legal purpose.  

    Cap Spy Camera Specifications
    Colour CMOS camera sensor
    One Touch RF Remote for Record/Stop
    Silent Vibration Command Confirmation
    AVI Recording
    Windows Media Player or VLC
    Video Resolution: 720 x 576 @25 fps PAL (Real Time)
    Memory 4-8G internal flash memory (Optional)
    PC Interface: Mini USB 2.0
    Date/Time Table: YYYY/MM/DD, HH, MM, SS
    Consumption Current: Stand By: 100 mA / Recording: 150mA
    Battery Recharge2~3 Hours
    Operation time: 1.5-2hrs per single charge
    Operating system compatible with 2000/XP/VISTA32
    Battery Type: DC 3.7V/280 mA Lithium Ion Battery

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