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Spy Camera & Bug Detector

Hidden Camera Detector

Hidden Camera Detector

Laser Wired & Wireless Camera Detector

The Laser Wired and Wireless Detector is a multifunctional pinhole camera and wireless transmitter detector.  Battery operated with various alert options including audio and vibration.  If for any reason you are suspicious that a covert or hidden camera or listening device is installed somewhere in your boardroom, meeting room, car, change room, in fact anywhere then this Camera & Transmitter Detector is just the thing.  Read more below

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In terms of privacy, the ability to secretly video record or audio record and transmit conversations has never been easier. It's true that tiny pinhole cameras, mini battery operated transmitters, covert recording devices (video and audio) can be placed and hidden anywhere.  Boardroom and company meetings are supposed to be private & confidential but who knows?  In fact many devices can be pre programmed to activate and deactivate and designated times so a transmitter office sweep before a meeting could in effect be useless if the device is turned off at the time.

Even a mobile or cell phone can be used to secretly record video and audio and as a consequence before meetings employees and Directors etc are requested to "turn off" all electronic devices but the question is...do they??

Whilst our Laser Detector is not the means to all ends, it is most certainly very handy to have available and relatively inexpensive for what it can do as it is multifunctional.  For instance, a hidden or covert camera could be simply used to record video and audio (we sell them) but its not transmitting any signal as such so how does a transmitter detector find a device such as this?  It can't!! However it can see the pinhole camera. 

The idea would be to firstly carry out a sweep for wired and wireless transmitting devices and if nothing is found carry out another visual sweep for hidden pinhole cameras.  This Detector has a built in IR type illuminator.  Remember pinhole cameras (despite being tiny) must have a glass lens no matter what.  Simply place the Detector up to your eye and activate the IR.  The illuminator will constantly flash, move slowly around the office or room and as the IR hits the pinhole camera lens, the lens of the camera reflects back to you making it somewhat easy to see.  Once the suspicious device is found and it could be anywhere, even inside a pot plant, a least YOU will know and then decide what to do about it.

The next question is "who planted the covert camera in the first place"  In this case someone needs to retrieve the recording.  You could either remove the device altogether but that could pose another problem.  Next time the culprit will be more cunning.  Perhaps it would be a good idea to "fight fire with fire" plant another covert video recording device (motion detection recording) in the same room aimed at the area in question.  The person responsible at some point will need to retrieve the recording and/or device so at least the perpetrator can be identified.  This is what we mean by a multi functional detector.  It can do both wired and wireless and at a fraction of the cost of professional room sweeps and find hidden cameras where bug sweeps will not.

Great for Hotel rooms and boardroom meetings to prevent eavesdropping and covert photography
In car counter covert surveillance
At schools to prevent examination electronic cheating
In house to protect safety and privacy.
In Government agency meeting rooms where mobile phones can be used for eavesdropping and recording
Any private room or space including companies, factories, cinemas, dressing room and more

Laser detecting distance: 10cm-10m (cam see IR flash).
Electronic wave detection distance: 5cm-10m (depending on the camera transmitting power)
50mw-200mw detecting distance will be 30-50cm
300mw-600mw detecting distance will be 100-200cm
800mw-1200mw detecting distance will be 300-800cm

Detection indication modes
If IR laser flashes it indicates the target transmission has been located
Vibration indicator detection
Audio Alarm indicator
This Detector unit will vibrate if the camera is a transmitting pinhole camera or other wiretapping device in range
4 section LED indicator. High and Low range sensitivity adjustment for detecting wide and short transmission ranges
Power supply: 1.5v or 2 x AAA batteries
Consumption current: 8mA
Detecting wave distance: 920mm
Receiving range:1MHz-6500MHz
Optic Lens: professional IR lens
Material: ABS

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