Laser Wired & Wireless Camera Detector

Laser Wired & Wireless Camera Detector

Hidden Camera Detector

Are being watched but not sure?  A pinhole camera could be anywhere as we all know but how do we find it?  This Pinhole Camera Detector is amazing and not costly for what it can do.  This is a small battery operated flashing LED with an eye viewer.  Aim the detector at any object.  Activate the fast strobe like LED's built in. 

When the flashing LED bounces off the pinhole camera lens, the lens will illuminate a bright red colour and stand out like a sore thumb. So there you have it, your pinhole camera finder.  What you do after that is your business but at least you know where it is. 

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Various effective measures for counter investigation:
intense red laser lights to expose all kinds of hidden cameras both wired and wireless.
Suspected pinhole cameras can be traced by aiming the detector at any suspected object.
Built-in rechargeable battery
Small as a matchbox.



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