Solar Outdoor Cameras

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Hidden Camera Surveillance supplies a range of Solar & Battery powered Security Cameras designed for indoor & outdoor surveillance including Night Vision. Our Portable battery operated CCTV Cameras featured below are supplied with a 4-8GB SD memory card and AA or rechargeable batteries. Each camera has an inbuilt motion sensor so any person moving within range will be recorded and saved to the internal memory card. Most Wireless Security Cameras function on a similar principal although our recently introduced Solar Security Camera has an inbuilt GPRS modem. When motion is detected even up to 50m or more, the Solar Cam will capture time and date stamped pictures in rapid succession, save those pictures to internal memory but also send pictures to our remote server. Users may access secure password protected recordings direct from their PC without being on-site. Our Intruder Cam looks exactly like an Alarm Motion Sensor. It can be interfaced with any alarm but can just as easily be hidden inside a weatherproof housing, letter box, steel bollard, wheelie bin, junction & power box & so much more. The recording quality is very high & Digital Watermarking ensures authenticity.

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