Number Plate Camera - NPR-MS7 Camera

Number Plate Camera - NPR-MS7 Camera

4G PTZ Solar Security Camera

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Live remote viewing from anywhere.  A pre paid 3G/4G Data only SIM is also you need to live view this camera from anywhere. Remotely replay constant or motion activated recordings stored to the internal 128GB Micro SD card and NO monthly or annual ongoing Cloud storage fees.  

The pictured 3/4G Solar camera system is also available in a WiFi model and no cost difference. Call our office for pricing and camera options.  Each solar panel is fitted with an LED Light which can be set to off, dim, medium or full luminance upon motion.   The LED light allows the camera to record in colour day and night. Other cameras are available with Infra Red if preferred.  The motion activated LED Flood light is also an intrusion deterrent. 

Ideal for Building or Construction sites, Mine sites, Councils, Government and farmers etc.  This particular Solar camera system is provided with a Pan Tilt & Zoom (PTZ) camera which can be remotely rotated in any direction up to 355 degrees plus 90 degree tilt and zoom function.  If PTZ is more than you need then yes we provide similar camera system with fixed wide or telephoto lens options not to mention motion triggered zoom cameras with or without Infra Red (IR) night vision. 

If you would like to see a live camera demo, please don’t hesitate to call. 

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Deliver surveillance to any location with the VIP Vision SLR-A Series Solar CCTV Surveillance Systems.  These remote-view-enabled, standalone surveillance solutions are perfect in areas without network/power infrastructure. This may include black spot monitoring, on farms, or in temporary CCTV applications such as construction sites or events.

This model features a 4.0MP mini IP PTZ dome camera offering a versatile surveillance solution with 4 x optical zoom, 355 degree pan-tilt-zoom control, 0.05lux low light colour performance, and 128GB micro SD card for recording.  Record constantly, motion detection or scheduled. 

The solar panel unit features a 180W monocrystalline Solar Panel.  60W Microwave motion sensor 5700K area LED which can be customised to your specifications. The entire system is powered by a rechargeable and solar panel concealed 500Wh Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) battery.

This model includes a high-speed 3G/4G modem router for remote view from virtually anywhere in the world.  We provide a free mobile phone App for Android and IOS systems although we also provide free PC client software.

4G PTZ Solar Security Camera

What if I have WiFi available at the camera location?

If you do happen to have WiFi available, all the better as no SIM card is required.  Hidden Camera Surveillance can deliver the identical solar powered security camera system in a WiFi version and no cost difference.  Call our office for more information or to discuss options. 

This unit does not include a SIM, pole or base plate. We do provide mounting brackets for a 50-60mm round shaped pole mount however; flat plate mounting brackets can be made to order upon request.   We even provide optional mounting poles in various heights and sizes but customers are welcome to supply their own pole. 

• Efficient monocrystalline silicon solar panel
• 4G or Long range WiFi integration for remote view
• Options for 4K Varifocal or 4MP PTZ IP Cameras
• 1200 Ah lithium phosphate battery (LiFePo4)
• Built-in 50W microwave motion sensor LED area light
• 15m range at 10m height
• Ø50~60mm pole mount diameter (pole not included)
• 128GB micro SD card included

What size SIM card do I need?

The 4G Solar Security camera systems do NOT use SIM card data whilst recording. Use of SIM data is only required during remote access or recording playback.  Recording resolution, speed and duration can all be set from the authorised user/s mobile phone App or PC software. 

Pictured below is a wireless console used to preset the camera to desired settings.  Otherwise all settings can be conducted locally using a laptop or PC.  Recording setup and changes can also be carried our remotely using our free mobile phone App or PC client software.


In this regard how fast or slow SIM card data is used depends on how often authorised user/s remotely access the camera and for what duration.  It’s fundamemtally important to understand that the camera can record in very high resolution however, in most cases users don’t need to remotely view or replay recordings in HD resolution. 

The Client sofware and App both support high and low video streaming.  In other words view the recording in a slightly lower resolution thus conserving SIM card data and if there is a particular event that needs to be reviewed or saved at high resolution, simply alter the stream from medium to high.

The new H.265 algorithm (the latest compression advance) allows for faster streaming with less required memory capacity compared to H.264 or MPG4.   H.265 (also known as High Efficiency Video Coding, or HEVC) is the latest in a long line of video compression standards. ... H.265 essentially offers the same level of picture quality as H.264, albeit with a more efficient codec, so there's less data to manage.

We recommend a Telstra or Optus SIM card with a minimum of 2GB of data per month.  For those with multi camera systems, data can be shared.  Within the first few months, users will be more clear on exactly how fast or slow data in being used.  That being the case you decide whether to increase or decrease the data limit but always ensure that your data and SIM can be remotely “topped up” and accessed.

The camera system will still record regardless of whether the SIM card is active or not but the SIM must be enabled and have data credit available for remote access.  

The PTZ Camera

No larger than a standard fixed lens dome, this miniature network PTZ dome offers incredible functionality for its size. Delivering a compact PTZ solution with 4x optical zoom and true WDR in a vandal resistant dome, at a compact 122mm zoom lens for easy installs.

Camera features:
• Stream up to 4.0MP (2592 x 1520) at 25fps
• 2.7 ~ 11mm 4x optical zoom lens (112.5° ~ 30° viewing angles)
• WDR (120dB) & back/highlight compensation
• Micro SD slot for edge recording up to 128GB
• 355° panning and 0° ~ 90° tilt adjustable
• Face detection & intelligent video analytic functions
• 3D digital noise reduction & auto white balance
• IP66/IK10 weather/vandal rated housing

 How does this camera know the difference between a car headlight and a person?

It’s an important issue and a reasonable question to ask. Our solar security cameras support analytics or AI (Artificial Intelligence), which is far superior to any any cameras even similar. Other security camera systems are easily tricked or deceived into recording for no apparent reason. In other words a car headlight may suddenly appear in view of the camera lens sensor. The camera senses the headlight beam as being motion, which in turn causes the camera to record.  If mobile phone push alerts or email alerts are active at the time, receiving false alerts will soon become an annoyance.

Without efficient and ground tested AI or poor analytics, many other camera systems simply can’t determine the difference between what is a real person or car and what isn’t. Other cameras that detect even and hint of movement may cause the camera to record absolutely nothing not to mention motion alerts. 

Our VIP Solar Camera systems are quite different. The AI analytics are so smart, it can tell the difference between a car and a car headlight by night, a cat or dog or an actual person. In other words, it can determine what is an actual person and what isn’t.  So what does this all mean for you?  It means far less if any false triggers, it will only record when it’s supposed to record and if motion email or push alerts are enabled, rest assured it’s genuine.  

Are there any ongoing monthly or annual server costs?

There are NO monthly or annual server costs with our 3G/4G solar security Camera systems.  The only cost from the customer’s point of view will be the 3/4G data SIM card that you own and maintain.  We don’t supply SIM cards it’s the owners responsibility.

Apart from the SIM card, other Solar Camera providers will insist their camera is rental only or if purchased outright, there will be a monthly or annual Cloud server fee.  Other camera systems are server driven meaning when you access the camera live or access camera recordings, you do so through a Cloud server, which drives the camera.  Recordings are also remotely stored on a Cloud server but that incurs an upfront and ongoing additional cost.  Over a period of months or years, this can really add up. 

Remotely storing a recording from a security point of view is fundamentally a good idea but in our view Cloud recording ought to be “optional” rather than mandatory.  Should the camera be damaged or stolen, other than email or push alerts, camera recordings can be potentially lost but the camera also needs to be switched off otherwise it’s still recording the event.

Rest assured if you prefer the concept of Cloud recording, our VIP Solar camera systems support it nonetheless.   Anyone can purchase Cloud storage and if needed, we can assist.  Our customers won’t incur any Cloud access fees.  If you do prefer to use a remote Cloud server for recording storage, you pay the Cloud server fee. 

What happens when the 128GB SD memory card is full?

It’s another valid question.  How fast or slow an SD card memory is used totally depends on recording settings.  However, with a little pre programming and some recording changes, most customers have 2-4 weeks of recording before the SD card is full. 

Please note it’s quite possible to extend SD card recording to several months but again it all depends on how much motion it’s detecting and how often. Is constant recording enabled or Motion Detection only, recording resolution, recording speed and motion recording duration?  In other words, when motion is detected, how long would you like the camera to record i.e. how many seconds or minutes?  All of the above will play a role in SD card duration.

When the SD card is full, users have the choice to enable either STOP recording when full or RECYCLE recording.  Most prefer the recycle recording option but totally your choice and easily altered.    

Recycle recording essentially means when the SD card is full (as mentioned this could be weeks or months) the camera will then begin to over write from the earliest recording date. In other words it won’t delete or format the SD memory card recordings but it will overwrite older recordings with new recordings.  The remote camera login will display exactly how much SD card memory has been used to date so there is always ample time to download and save any important event that needs to be retained or archived.

I want to change recording functions

With our free computer software or free mobile phone App, authorised users can easily alter camera features and functions.  Many cameras for example are provided with Infra Red (IR) although IR can be remotely switched off if needed to conserve battery power.  Remember each camera is provided with a constant or motion activated LED Flood light so in most cases IR isn’t necessary anyway but nice I know it’s available just the same.

What size SIM card do I need?

There’s a huge range of SIM cards available with different costs and whilst our 3/4G Solar Camera will accommodate most brands, it’s fundamentally important to have the widest coverage and best signal.  Throughout Australia, Telstra will have the widest coverage and therefore recommended although is some regions; perhaps Optus has the better signal strength.

The 3/4G SIM card only needs to be data and text as voice isn’t required.  We recommend a 2-4GB data plan per month per camera although that may vary depending on how often the camera is remotely accessed.  Solar Cam is not using any mobile phone data when recording, only when remotely viewing or remotely accessing recordings.  Some will remotely access frequently whereas others won’t so it’s a matter of perhaps choosing a small data plan to begin with and increase or decrease data requirements as needed.  For testing purposes why not try a pre paid SIM and see how you go after a 1-month trial and then decide whether to opt for a data plan or stick with a pre paid with top up.

Pictured below are two camera options, fixed wide-angle dome or Pan Tilt & Zoom (PTZ) both of which can be angled in any direction.  Please note this is just an example as we have a huge range of camera options from 4-8 Megapixel, fixed wide or telephoto lens, manually set Varifocal lens, Wide Dynamic and zoom lens CCTV cameras.  In this regard there is a camera selection to suit any particular need. 

A PTZ type camera will ultimately suit any need but if not required it’s nice to know you have options.



SIM card not included. Coverage dependent on carrier capabilities.

Area Light



41.6Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFiPo 4) with Low Voltage Cutoff

Beam Angle

150° x 70° (batwing distribution)

Camera Type

4.0MP 4x Optical Zoom Mini PTZ Dome


Metal with polycarbonate dome

Conversion Rate


Dimensions (Camera)

Ø122mm x 89mm

Dimensions (Panel)

1063 x 259 x 526mm

Field of View

Horizontal: 112.5° ~ 30° (4x Optical Zoom)

Image Sensor

1/3" 4.0MP Progressive Scan CMOS

Included Accessories

Camera adapter, right angle bracket, mounting box, pole mount bracket, 128GB microSD

Ingress Protection (Camera)


Ingress Protection (Panel)



2.7 ~ 11mm F1.6 ~ F2.8 Motorised Lens

Light Output

6947lm (160lm/W)

Lighting Compensation

BLC / HLC / WDR (120dB)

Max. Record Resolution

4.0MP (2592 x 1520) up to 25fps

Min. Illumination

0.05 Lux/F1.6 (Color), 0.005 Lux/F1.6 (B/W)

Motion Detection

Microwave (65°, 10m range @ 8m install height)

Optional Accessories

3G/4G modem external antenna

Pan / Tilt Range

Pan: 0° ~ 355° / Tilt: 0° ~ 90° / Auto-flip 180°

Pan / Tilt Speed

Preset: Pan: 100°/s; Tilt: 60°/s Manual: Pan: 100°/s; Tilt: 60°/s

Panel Tilt Adjust

-60° ~ 60°

Panel Type

75W monocrystalline silicon panel

Pole Diameter


Vandal Resistance


Video Compression

H.265/H.264: 448 ~ 8192Kbps

Wind Resistance

Up to 65m/s

Warranty (Years)



Also pictured below is our PTZ camera fixed to a 60mm round pole and a 180W monocrystalline solar panel.  The high-grade solar rechargeable lithium batteries are built into the solar panel and you have 4-year product warranty. 

Beneath the solar panel you will see the LED lighting and round motion sensor.  The LED Flood light can be motion activated for several minutes however, other illumination options include 20 to 50% scheduled or night lighting and if motion is detected, that light will brighten to 100% for a designated set time before resuming DIM lighting.  Of course the light doesn’t need to be on at all.  It can be set to 100% illumination upon detecting motion only and then switch off. 

The LED light not only serves as an intrusion warning but also allows the device to record in HD colour by night.  Camera Infrared is optional and can be armed or disarmed as you choose.

4G PTZ Solar Security Camera

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