Number Plate Camera - NPR-MS7 Camera

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Do you need to record car or truck number plates day or night even if that vehicle is being driven at speeds of up to 80kph with headlights or taillights on?  Lets assume it’s even worse with No power or lighting in the area, No Internet etc is just out in the bush or elsewhere.  Someone is entering this area doing damage, thieving, dumping unwanted or prohibited rubbish.  A trespasser with no rights whatsoever to even be in the area.


In some cases people think they are smart by switching vehicle headlights off so as NOT to be seen or more to the point feel they can’t be seen. Nothing could be further from the truth.  Our new technology is much smarter and right on top of it. 


If this sounds like your type of problem, you most definitely came to the right place as Hidden Camera Surveillance now has the ultimate Number Plate Recognition camera solution for any outdoor requirement.  When you see and understand exactly what this camera can do for you, there is no better option.  Read more below. 

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Number Plate Camera - NPR-MS7 Camera
Number Plate Camera - NPR-MS7 Camera

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    Once you know what this outdoor security camera can do for you, there is no better option. What makes this NPR (Number plate Recognition) camera different to any other IR camera?  First of all yes there are indeed quite a number of IR (Infra Red) type camera available.  However, an IR camera cannot see a number plate at night.  It’s fundamentally important to understand that just because the camera is IR it can see in the dark.  Yes it can to some degree but an IR type camera no matter how good will not capture a number plate. It will be a complete “white out” and the vehicle headlights or taillights will be a white line or blur across the recorded image. The recording from any standard camera will end up being absolutely useless but it can see people.   

    Most IR type cameras can record by day brilliantly in bright light but that’s not the case by night and certainly impossible when any vehicle is in motion. 

    Our new release NPR-MS7 on the other hand isn’t like any other outdoor camera you have ever seen.  This camera is designed for a “specific use” and that is to capture car or truck number plates day or night, headlights on or off and with vehicle speed up to 80kph.  This camera is purpose designed to meet those extreme requirements and best of all NO POWER or Communication Lines are required.   

    To explain how this works, the NPR-MS7 can connect to a local Wifi network (2.4ghz wireless b/g) and email photos to you without the need for a cellular plan or connection (not required for operation). You can check camera status, change programming options and receive images wirelessly from any location with WiFi service or by using our free App with your smartphone or tablet. So to setup the camera, interface the camera with your phone using the free App and from up to 20M away, alter camera functions and features or playback recordings without the need to actually touch the camera.  The free mobile App is also a good means to view what the camera can see during setup. 

    Who says that Cameras have to be square? Our revolutionary new cylindrical design greatly reduces the profile of the samera, shrinking it to approximately 5cm in diameter and only 11cm long. Gone is the telltale strap or bungee cord that could be a dead giveaway to your Camera's location. Now you can mount your NPR Camera and aim it in almost any direction with the included Universal Camera Mount.

    We have also re-imagined how the User interacts with the Camera by removing all the onboard buttons, switches and displays. All controls reside securely on your Smartphone or Tablet via a free Mobile App for Android or iOS devices (certain restrictions apply). You can check Camera status, change programming options and download images and videos wirelessly from up to 30m away.

    The MS7 Number Plate Capture Camera boasts features such as;

    • Record Number Plates on vehicles traveling as fast as 80kph
    • Loop or Recycle Recording 
    • Multi-Scheduling (armed and disarmed at time you choose)
    • Audio On/Off 
    • Logo On/Off
    • Transmit images through local WiFi network if available
    • Simply record to internal SD card memory up to 512GB (SD card optional)
    • WiFi enabled image transfer up to 30m
    • GEN2 No Glow Covert Infrared Illumination up to 15m
    • 0.1 Second Trigger Speed.
    • Universal Camera Mount included.
    • 720P HD Video with Audio.
    • External Power Connection included if power is available
    • Operating Temperature -28 to 50C
    • Mobile App (download from App stores)
    •  iOS version 9.0 and higher
    • Android version 4.4 (KitKat) and higher
    • Android devices must have Bluetooth Smart / BLE.



    Primary Application: Covert Number Plate Capture Only

    Image Resolution: 1.2 megapixel

    Video: 720P HD Video with Audio

    Illumination: GEN2 Covert Infrared

    No Glow IR Range: Up to 15m

    Product Warranty: 5 years

    Dimensions:  5 x 11cm

    Illumination On/Off Option: Included

    Mapping & Image Management Software:  Free Mobile App

    User Defined Metadata in MapView™:  Included

    Metadata Export from MapView™:  Included

    Image Detail:  Colour by Day, Monochrome Infrared by Night

    Trigger Speed: 0.1 second

    Recording Speed:  Up to 3 frames per second

    Frame Rate: 1, 3, 5, or 10 seconds between images

    Photos per Trigger:  1, 3, 5, or 10 images per trigger

    Delay After Triggering:  0, 5,15,30 seconds, 1,2,3,5,15 minute(s)

    Motion Sensor Scheduling:  Hours of Day and Days of week (Weekday & Weekend scheduling).

    Time-Lapse Surveillance: Included

    Time-Lapse Scheduling: Hours of Day and Days of week (Weekday & Weekend scheduling).

    Loop or Recycle Recording: Included

    Memory Card Type: Micro SD

    Memory Card Capacity:  Up to 512GB Class 10 or better recommended

    Image Data:  Date, Time, Temperature and Moon Phase

    Battery Life:  Up to 20,000 images

    Battery Requirements:  Energizer Lithium or NiMH

    Battery Quantity / Size:  6 AA

    External Power Connection:  Included

    Camera Settings:  All setting programmable through Mobile App

    Customization:  Camouflage housing available. Other special modifications available upon request.

    Security Feature Set Upgrade: Included (Loop Recording, Motion Sensor Scheduling, Time Lapse Scheduling, Logo On/Off, Audio On/Off, Status Lights On/Off)

    SD Memory card


    It’s important to understand that standard SD cards are not suitable for a high-resolution camera such as this.  720P Video and Megapixel still image recording capture requires a higher quality Class 10 or better SD memory card.  We stock up to 128GB otherwise standard online 32GB, which in most instances is more than adequate.   If need be our NPR-MS7 will accommodate SD memory up to 512GB. 

    How Does It Work?  

    Most modern vehicles nowadays will have WiFi/Bluetooth built in.  For that reason when you enter the car any phone call you receive is picked up and voice relayed through car speakers etc.  The same would apply to music stored on your smartphone.  When setup music can be played using the vehicle audio system. In other words the vehicle smarts communicate with your mobile phone and other devices.

    The NPR Camera works by the same method.  Within a certain distance of the camera, the authorized user can live view, change features and functions and playback recordings etc.  In fact the camera setup must be done through your smart phone using our free App as there are NO camera buttons or monitor built in.

    This camera is colour by day and B/W or monochrome by night.   So by day if the camera is armed it can record in high-resolution colour (video or still pictures) whenever motion is detected. 

    With the camera carefully aimed at the road (perhaps concealed if required) its wise to NOT have the camera mounted too high. Ideally the camera should be mounted at about waist height or lower to be inline with the vehicle number plate. The camera can be up to 15M away from the vehicle but the closer the better.  The camera uses No Glow IR to see and record vehicle number plate (day or night) but it’s also important to understand that this camera doesn’t see people at night.  With headlights or taillights on, the camera smarts reduce the vehicle light glare and illuminate or enhance the number plate. 

    The end result is an illuminated number plate albeit an inability to determine the make or colour of the vehicle.  It’s not designed to see people or other objects at night and this is the major difference between our Number Plate Camera and that of any other IR or similar camera.

    The cameras require 6 x AA Energizer Lithium or NiMH batteries (not standard batteries) and that allows the camera to record up to 20,000 high-resolution images over a period of time before the batteries need changing.    If power happens to be available, great it can be connected to power as well although power in most instances won’t be an option in bush land.  Each image is time and date stamped for authenticity.

    The moment motion is detected (0.1 of a second) the camera is armed and can record as fast as 3 images per second as the vehicle approaches or moves away from the camera.  You program how fast or slow you want the camera to record and over how many seconds. There is also the option for “delay after triggering” which means once motion is detected and recorded, how many seconds should the camera delay recording if further motion is detected?  All such functions are completed from your mobile phone or IPad etc.

    If the camera only needs to be armed between say 6.00pm and 7.00am Monday to Saturday, again set the camera for scheduled recording mode.  This mode reduces the number of images or video the camera will record and conserves battery power.



    Time Lapse Mode

    In time lapse mode the camera takes an image and stores to internal memory at scheduled recording times (eg; every 30 min, every hour or every day) This function is commonly used for monitoring water troughs or building construction although it could be used for any purpose. 

    Optional Security Lockbox


    The first thought most customers have is how do I protect the camera from being stolen or damaged?  If the camera is in bushland, often an old tree log can be hollowed out and the camera concealed inside the log so mostly hidden and camouflaged but remember the camera casing is a camo colour as well so it blends into the natural environment thus unlikely to be seen whilst hidden.


    The camera is weatherproof but there are plenty of options for hiding the camera if need be.  Another option to consider is a steel outdoor housing or Roadside Lockable Housing as pictured below.  This housing is optional but resembles a typical outdoor utility.  Paint the housing whatever colour suits the area.


    This special housing will hide your camera and help protect it from theft and Includes a keyed lock.   If the style of housing is not suited to the area, perhaps another type of external housing (Telstra outdoor Box for example) may be better suited or a secondary covert camera solution. HCS can’t offer solutions for every application so the customer needs to think about hiding options as well.    Call for pricing. 



    Lockable Steel Housing


    Pictured below is optional lockable steel housing specially designed for pole or post mounting.  As you can see the NPR camera fits snuggly inside the steel housing where only the camera lens is exposed.  Its not hidden by any means but the bracket does allow for the camera to be manually rotated or tilted yet securing the camera at the same time.  Call for pricing.

    AA Batteries

    Lithium or NiMH batteries recommended for this camera. 




    The following pictures depict by way of an example only what you could reasonable expect to record by night with each vehicle in motion.  When a vehicle is stationary near the camera location, even better.   

    NPR Camera V Standard IR Camera


    All recordings are time and date stamped to the second.  Date has been removed from the following recordings for discretion purposes.   


     The NPR-MS7 is also auto colour camera by day and at 1.3 Megapixel resolution the recording quality is crystal clear with the ability to zoom for a closer look.     











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