3G HD 12 MP Security Graffiti Cam

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3G HD Graffiti Security Cam is the latest advance in covert and battery operated surveillance cameras. Unlike other similar looking cameras which previously functioned on 2G/GSM/GPRS it's important to understand that should you own such a camera or contemplating ordering one, be very careful as Telstra closed this network in December 2016. Consequently, any cameras that uses those frequencies is totally superseded and no longer network supported throughout Australia.

We now use the 3G and 4G mobile networks and the 3G HD 12 MP Security Graffiti Cam is all 3G compliant. The 3G Network is also significantly faster and more reliable compared to the old and now non existent 2G/GPRS.

3G HD 12 MP Security Graffiti Cam is brand new and packed full of new features and functions. This outdoor and weatherproof 12 Megapixel security camera is Motion Activated but can record Time Lapse as well. It can record still images upon motion in bursts of up to 10 at time followed by 1080P HD Video and audio recording. However, not only will this battery or solar powered 3G camera record but it can use the 3G mobile network to send both pictures and 10 second video clips direct to your mobile phone or email address. In addition authorised users may send text commands to the camera to take and remotely send a picture regardless of motion and the same applies to video clips.

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3G HD 12 MP Security Graffiti Cam
3G HD 12 MP Security Graffiti Cam

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    Why is 3G Graffiti Cam different to any other similar looking Camera?

    Similar looking network cameras bought before 2017 were supplied with 2G/GPRS/GSM modem, which was fine at the time however, Telstra completely shut down the 2G GPRS network service in December 2016. That disconnection from 2G meant former camera owners stopped receiving camera email or MMS alerts from that point forward resulting in most other cameras becoming totally redundant. It wasn’t a camera fault but simply older technology being closed once and for all.

    3G Graffiti Cam is NOT GPRS or 2G. This is the very latest addition to our outdoor battery operated and /or solar powered security camera solutions. It’s more costly than former superseded models mainly due to the significant differences between 3G Graffiti Cam and others but that the end of the day, our outdoor camera solution is not like any other. As the 3G mobile phone network is Australia wide and will be for years to come, 3G Graffiti Cam is well poised and will function anywhere with a semi decent 3G mobile phone signal. Signal strength can be boosted using an optional high gain antenna if needed.

    In answer to the title question, 3G HD 12 Megapixel Graffiti Cam will function where others won’t and it’s as simple as that.

    3G HD 12MP Security Graffiti Cam


    The 2017 Graffiti Cam S358 is now the Top Dog FULL HD outdoor security camera solution.

    Functions include recording sound, 3G MMS or SMTP Email alerts and invisible NO GLOW IR Infra Red for night vision. This upgraded model is based on the very best in 3G Trail Cam technologies. Designed to function on the TRUE 3G network throughout Australia, it now comes with 2-way SMS camera control, which basically means that users can remotely text the camera to take a picture or video clip on command regardless of motion.

    To remote control the camera from anywhere you must have a reasonably good mobile phone signal at the camera location, this is most important. If the signal is weak then it’s a little hit and miss and you may need to seek alternatives such as higher gain antennas. This Anti-Crime Cam can guard your property from anywhere in Australia. 3G Graffiti Cam now allows users to remotely send directly from the camera, 10 seconds videos clips or still images to your mobile phone or email account.

    With 3G HD Graffiti Cam authorized users may send a text command to the camera to take a picture at any time. You can also program the 3G Graffiti Cam to record and send images to you at a designated time each day. Whilst 3G Graffiti Cam can record at up to 12MP quality, it can’t MMS or email recordings of that size (its too large) so it scales the recording down to low or medium resolution whilst the original HD recording is retained on the camera internal SD memory card.

    What are some of the new camera features?

    3G Graffiti Cam is motion activated recording although it does also support TIME LAPSE recording which is ideal for recording any type of sort to long term construction.

    When 3G Graffiti Cam detects motion within a certain range of the sensors (up to 15M by night and more than 20m by day) it can be pre programmed to record at 2, 5 or 12 Megapixel High resolution still pictures in rapid succession. In fact it can record consecutive high-resolution time and date stamped images in a matter of seconds before saving to the internal SD card memory. However, the camera can also be pre programmed to record 1080P HD quality 10-second video clips including audio in addition to the still pictures. 3G Graffiti Cam can be programmed to take still pictures only at any desired speed and quality, or take video clips upon motion or BOTH.

    Realistically it’s actually remarkable in its features but most importantly and unlike any other “copy cat” similar camera it can be programmed to remotely auto send to one or mobile phone users the latest recorded video clip or still picture. This can be by means of MMS or email SMTP.

    Is it easy to setup and program 3G HD Graffiti Cam?

    The MMS feature and text commands are easy to do. Users only need to supply a pre paid 3G text and data SIM card (no voice) with no Passwords or PUK codes attached. A pre paid SIM is fine but makes sure there is always adequate SIM data and text credit.

    SMTP is another 3G Graffiti Cam feature but what is it? It’s important to understand that MMS and Text are actually a SIM card cost which will differ between mobile phone providers (Telstra, Optus or Vodafone) In most instances a text is just a few cents but that fee could be more using cheap pre paid SIM’s as opposed to a SIM connected to a larger mobile plan where perhaps Text and Data is all inclusive.

    The same applies to MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) where the camera is manually or auto sending pictures and/or video direct to your mobile phone. An MMS image cost could be quite low but can be up to 50c each so users ought to be aware if using this service frequently that SIM costs could escalate.

    Another cheap but effective data transfer service is called SMTP and this is pretty much identical to MMS in the sense that yes you can still receive picture and/or video alerts but this is SIM DATA only. Data is cheap and the cost to add more data to a Pre paid or mobile phone plan is significantly less than MMS.

    Are there any SMTP or MMS Setup Options?

    To setup 3G Graffiti Cam SMTP service, the SD card needs to be connected to PC and a file uploaded to the card. For those with reasonable IT knowledge it’s probably a breeze however at Hidden Camera Surveillance we offer another SMTP setup solution.

    This service offer is only available HCS customers but for a small once off single setup fee, when ordering our camera, if you express post us your 3G enabled SiM card we will test and preset the camera for you ready to go. HCS will provide you with a form to complete with questions about your email provider, email address etc in order to setup SMTP. We will also pre test the camera so when you receive it, other than switching the camera on it’s ready to go.

    I prefer to receive mobile phone MMS alerts rather than SMTP email?

    Again it’s not a big deal. For many in business one can easily check email directly from their mobile phone just as easily as they would from PC. In this regard if you were to setup your email so that any picture of video clip received from your camera SIM, would result in a chime similar to a text alert. That means you instantly know that the camera is communicating with you and not just ANY email.

    In other words using the SMTP feature is very effective if used correctly but we can assist. If on the other hand you prefer an MMS camera picture, no problem it can do that too but perhaps use this service sparingly to avoid costs.

    Unique Features

    • Selectable recording quality up to an amazing 12 Megapixel
    • Sends images or Videos to your mobile immediately (previous model only sends images)
    • Works on the 3G network (not 4G)
    • Video quality: 1080P Full HD videos with sound
    • Trigger time: 0.6s
    • Photo burst: 1-10 pictures in rapid succession depending on recording quality set
    • Sound Recording: ON/OFF option
    • The high end 2-way communication
    • Black No Glow IR Invisible at night up to 10-15 metres
    • Active real time "on-the-spot" picture retrieval
    • Active real time "on-the-spot" video retrieval
    • MMS / Email to your mobile phone or email account
    • Supports up to 32GB SDHC Card (Class 10 or better recommended)
    • Built-in 2" colour LCD to view photos and videos
    • FREE mobile phone App
    • Weatherproof
    • Timer – Yes (2 timer modes – start time and stop time)
    • Memory Loop over write – Yes (for continuous recording)
    • Batteries – 12 AA or 6 Volt Ext battery or solar
    • Dimensions – 15x12x9Cm
    • Operates ANYWHERE in Australia via 3G network. Supports Dual-Band: UMTS/HSDPA 850(800)Mhz / 2100Mhz (most area in Australia support 3G, if you are not sure please contact us)
    • 2 Way communications - on demand photos
    • Duel MMS email Quality mode: medium or high quality mode.
    • UV protection of Camo Casing (camo casing will not fade for up to 3 years)

    Can I live View 3G Graffiti Cam via PC or Mobile phone?

    No you cannot live view this camera by any means. Live viewing is not supported but it does retain recordings to an internal memory card and as mentioned will MMS or Email recordings to you as requested.

    If you need a 3G Solar Security camera that does have LIVE VIEWING enabled, please see our website www.solarcam.com.au for more information or contact our office to arrange for a live 3G Solar Camera demonstration. No software is required just a user name and password.

    How long can 3G Graffiti Cam Record to internal memory?

    It’s a good question and one that needs to be understood. 3G Graffiti Cam records to an internal memory card anywhere from 8-32GB capacity with an optional ordering choice. The larger the SD cards the more recording it can store. When the SD card is recording FULL, the camera is designed to engage a feature called LOOP Recording.

    Loop Recording basically means recycle recording. When the SD card is FULL we don’t want the camera to stop recording. When then the SD card is full, the first saved recording would be over written by the latest recording and it will continue to do that until the card is again full at which time the process is repeated over and over. In other words the card may always be full with weeks or months of recording. If there is a recorded event you need to retain, it might be wise to save that recording to PC BEFORE it too is over written by new events.

    In terms of recordings capacity, taking into account a 32GB SD memory card, if the camera is set to 2 Megapixel recording (we find this is great anyway) the camera would actually need to record some 52,000 images at that quality before the card is full. Now 52,000 images is a significant number. Higher the recording quality set the faster it will use memory. If video is added into the recording schedule then is uses memory even faster.

    1080P video also uses SD card much faster then still pictures but do take into account that 3G Graffiti Cam does have selectable video recording qualities as well. Selecting a slightly lower video recording resolution could effectively mean using memory 4 x less than HD quality. See the following link for more information on this subject http://www.photoreview.com.au/guides/pocket-guides/digital-photography/how-much-memory-do-you-require

    Solar Panel Option?

    3G Graffiti Cam can function for several weeks with just 12 x AA batteries but that may not be enough for some. Higher quality batteries last longer than cheaper batteries. Lithium Ion rechargeable AA batteries are now available so in some cases its just matter or replacing or exchanging recharged AA batteries when needed. The camera can text alert you when battery power is getting low.

    If the camera is frequently recording upon motion and using the 3G modem to send recordings to your mobile phone etc and if the camera is being frequently night activated thus using the internal NO GLOR IR illuminators then yes it will use battery faster there is no doubt about that.

    To assist users we have an option to add a small solar panel to the camera. The Solar panel pictured below has a rechargeable internal lithium battery built in. The solar panel keeps the internal battery charged which in turn powers the camera day and night. However, if for any reason the solar battery becomes low then the camera’s AA batteries automatically take over until such time as the solar panel has charged the lithium battery.

    The end result means that the solar panel and standard AA batteries work in conjunction with one another. Where one fails the other takes over. In some circumstances the AA batteries can last up to 12 months before they need replacing.

    Optional Mini solar panel

    What is the Steel lockbox used for?

    Again this is simply an option to consider. The camera casing itself does NOT have a mounting bracket as such. If mounting it to a tree or post etc we provide a belt or strap which threads through the back of the camera then around the tree trunk or post. It may be that you don’t need to use either so totally up to you.

    By way of an option we offer a steel lockbox as pictured below. This steel box totally encloses the camera other than the camera lens and IR;s but most importantly the box protects the camera against willful or accidental damage. The box can be padlocked for added protection but its also supplied with a pivoting and tilting bracket. If the bracket is fixed to a pole, post or external building wall at an elevated position, the steel camera box or housing can be rotated left or right or tilted up and down so the internal camera can see and record what it needs to see.

    Optional Steel lockbox

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