6310 HD Graffiti Cam

6310 HD Graffiti Cam

3/4G Pro Outdoor Security Camera

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This is the most advanced and most reliable outdoor motion activated Security Camera designed so far.   AA battery powered but also available with an optional mini Solar Panel for long term use.  As it uses both the 3G or 4G mobile phone network, the remote access speed is far superior to any other.  The 4G network is much faster than 3G but this camera supports both depending on location and mobile network service available in that area. Even with NO mobile phone signal in the camera location, it can still record to internal SD card memory.    

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3/4G Pro Outdoor Security Camera
3/4G Pro Outdoor Security Camera

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    Once motion is detected (can be up to 30m from camera) it uses the 3/4G mobile phone network to instantly send pictures to your mobile device or short videos clips (less than 10Megabytes) to your e-mail.  This is a high-end 2-way communications security camera delivering super high-resolution still pictures and/or HD 1080P video day or night including audio.   

    PLEASE NOTE: This 2018 model has been tested by our Aussie Technicians and the camera is upgraded with latest mobile G-Module.  The G-Module cameras are far superior in performance to previous models with an e-Module.   This camera is the ultimate when it comes to two-way SMS messaging communication (MMS/SMS/GPRS). Multifaceted in its build, the 4G Pro boasts a remote SMS controlled camera, 1080P Full HD video resolution, Black No-Glow infrared technology, audio broadcast, built in 3” inch colour LCD monitor display, real time sound transmission and so much more.

    The authorised user can even switch ON/OFF the 4G Pro Anti-Graffiti Cam remotely using your mobile phone, send text commands to take "on the spot pictures" and tell the camera to send you photos on the spot.  Your mobile phone from anywhere can easily complete any of these commands.  All it takes is a simple Text command or you can download (free) our iPhone or Android App to achieve the same outcome.

    Please note: This certified 4G model runs on the LTE/4G/3G/ network in Australia.  

    The 4G Pro Graffiti Cam has been quality tested by our Australian technicians. It has also been upgraded with the latest official firmware. It is the most advanced Two Way Remote Control Camera to enter the market and clearly the BEST choice for 2018.



    The new & patented PIR detection range can reach up to 30M in a decent environment.

    • Windows/Android/iOS App setting with free software download
    • Up to 30 Megapixel image quality which is outstanding
    • Video Resolution 1080P FHD from 5 to 180 seconds duration
    • Pictures + HD Video Mode selectable
    • Enhanced Antenna
    • Built-in 3" large colour LCD screen viewer & controller
    • No Glow Black IR LED illuminating up to 30m at night but won’t be seen
    • Transmitted picture size is adjustable. It can send full size pictures or video transmission
    • 30M Super Long motion detection Range
    • 57 degree camera lens angle
    • High speed 4G 2-way communication to your mobile phone and controllable by phone
    • Optional Solar Charger support (not included) and external 6V power input
    • Quick trigger time (<1s)
    • Lockable with mounting strap, nail/screw and cable lock
    • Both MMS and GPRS support, compatible with 4G/3G/2.5G/2G GSM network
    • Picture/Messages to your phone or email
    • Active real time picture retrieval
    • Sound broadcast can be added to the camera (eg you are being recorded or any other sound)
    • Real-time audio transmission
    • Support up to 32GB SD/SDHC cards
    • Weatherproof
    • Dimensions: 147 x96 x79mm
    • Unit Weight:~ 0.30kg
    • Power Supply:8x AA batteries or 6V,2A external power supply
    • Standby Power Consumption:<0.3mA(<7mAh/Day)


    What’s included?

    1 x MG984G game camera
    1 x Antenna
    1 x USB cable
    1 x Belt
    1 x Tree Mount
    1 x User Manual

    External AC Power Lead

    Please note this camera supports 8 x AA NiMH batteries (recommended) and when the battery voltage is low, the camera will text you an alert.  NiMH batteries are available as rechargeable so it's not a bad idea to order 16 x AA batteries and rotate as required. 

    If power is available at the camera location, the other option is to purchase this our (pictured) special lead designed for this camera. The outdoor security camera can be externally powered by a DC 6V 2Amp external power supply but only if power happens to be handy.  The lead and power supply are optional and not included with the camera.  Call for more options and pricing.


    SD Memory card

    It’s important to understand that standard SD cards are not suitable for a high-resolution camera such as this.   When a camera can record at 14 to 30 Megapixel and record HD 1080P Video, the camera demands a high quality Class 10 or better SD memory card. 

    Hidden Camera Surveillance offers optional Class 10 SD memory cards and 32GB is recommended.  The camera does not support larger SD cards.  Furthermore we only use Kingston or SanDisk. We have no means of knowing whether all brand SD cards are compatible so do choose carefully as HCS takes no responsibility for incompatibility.   We recommend that you order your SIM card from us at the same time as  the camera.

    SIM Card 

    Telstra, Optus and Vodafone all supported but do make sure the SIM has adequate Data and text available.  Voice is not required although if part of the SIM package it won’t matter if voice isn’t used.  The camera doesn’t support voice in any event other than audio announcements, which is data only.

    The SIM is a standard size but if Nano or micro is available, the supplied resizing adapter is fine.  Ensure the SIM is enabled, has credit available that can be remotely topped up, No Pin or PUK code.  A SIM card is only required should you choose to use cellular networking for remote access.  The camera will function perfectly and record to internal SD card memory regardless of a SIM card. 

    Optional Steel Camera Lockbox

    Please note the LED's pictured here are in essence totally black and therefore different in that sense.  The IR's are basically black in colour and will not emit any humanly visible IR glow at night.


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