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WiFi Stereo Music Speaker & Wireless Phone Charger 1080P HD Spy Camera

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WiFi Smart Battery Security Camera

Clock Radio & Bluetooth 960P DVR IR Spy Camera

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Bluetooth Clock Radio is a 9600P DVR Spy Camera fully functional as a Clock Radio and 240V mains powered, it also supports 2 x AA batteries to retain clock memory if power is disconnected.  The camera won’t function if power is disconnected.

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Clock Radio & Bluetooth 960P DVR IR Spy Camera
Clock Radio & Bluetooth 960P DVR IR Spy Camera

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    Clock Radio & Bluetooth 960P DVR IR Spy Camera

    Model No. 960P-CLK-CAM

    Introducing the very latest advance in Spy Camera technology.  Here we have a rather stylish looking and fully functional charcoal colour alloy casing clock radio but with a huge twist. Also built in is Bluetooth technology, which basically means you can wirelessly stream and play music through the clock speakers from your mobile phone. If you have music on your Iphone or Android, interface it with the clock Bluetooth speaker and listen to your music anytime.


    Built into the Clock Radio is a very high-resolution 960P pinhole camera plus a mini microphone with awesome clarity.  Supports up to 256GB Class 10 micro SD card so enormous recording capability.

    As mentioned this Bluetooth Clock Radio is a 9600P DVR Spy Camera like nothing else. If you have any concerns about introducing something new into a home or office, Nursing Home perhaps, what could be better?  Fully functional as a Clock Radio and 240V mains powered, it also supports 2 x AA batteries to retain clock memory if power is disconnected.  The camera won’t function if power is disconnected.


    Please note this camera records day or night to a concealed micro SD card. To playback recordings, the clock can be connected to any TV monitor with an AV input or if preferred, simply remove the micro SD card and replay motion activated recordings on your PC.  This device is very simple and easy to use. This 960P Clock Radio Spy Camera is also available in a WiFi Clock Camera version.


    Can this Clock Radio Spy Camera see and record in total darkness?

    You better believe it!  The built in NO GLOW Infra Red is amazing quality.  It can see up to 9m from the camera and in amazing quality.  Furthermore, there is nothing you need to do. If the room lighting reaches a certain low level, the No Glow IR will auto activate and if the light is switched on, the camera will auto resume colour motion recording.  Please note when this Spy Camera switches to IR mode, what you see in the recording is now B/W mode.  IR can’t see colour but you won’t be disappointed in the quality. No Glow basically means that even though the camera has night vision, no on can see the Infra Red.  Very cool and so discreet. 


    Tell me more

    Ideally suited to homes, offices, warehouses, sheds etc you name it. As a matter of interest this fantastic 960P Clock Radio IR camera has a very covert pinhole megapixel lens built in. To the naked eye no one but no one will find it. After all, this is a real and a fully functional Clock Radio so to any prying eye, it’s extremely unlikely that any pinhole lens will be found so lets not get too paranoid about it.  You know it’s a clock spy camera but no one else does. 


    Do I need to remove the camera memory card to playback recordings on my PC or MAC?

    There’s no need to remove the SD card from the Clock camera, as any TV monitor is fine. Of course should you prefer to remove the SD card from the clock cam, simply slot the SD card into your PC (Windows or MAC) or use an USB SD card reader.  There are various AVI recordings players available and mostly free such as VLC or QuickTime etc however for those with Windows PC, normally it comes standard with Windows Media Player (WMP) anyway which is also fine to use. 


    Save any desired recordings direct to your PC or MAC and all recordings are time and date stamped for authenticity. 


    How do I set the camera to record?

    As mentioned previously another easy option is to simply connect the clock to your TV AV in.  Select AV1 or AV2 on your remote control and bingo, you can then see whatever the camera can see live on your TV screen.  The AV lead is supplied with the device.  It’s not a bad idea to use a TV anyway as the setup features and functions are carried out using the supplied wireless remote control.


    By default the camera is set to motion detection mode.  Other than ensuring your formatted or new SD card is slotted into the clock mini SD card interface, once your power the clock on its automatically in Motion Detection mode anyway so in essence no need for a TV monitor.   If on the other hand you wish to alter recording parameters and see the camera menu, the Clock Radio needs to be connected to a TV monitor.   


    The menu allows the user to select recording quality, recording speed, recording duration, motion detection or constant recording, time and date, recording playback and so much more.  This is so much more than a spy camera its packed full or features including scheduled recording. 

    What happens when the SD memory card is full?

    There are basically two SD card options from which to choose.

    • Stop recording when the SD card is full
    • Loop or Recycle Recording


    STOP recording when full makes sense although selecting LOOP recording over rides stop recording when full. Once the SD card is full, from that point onward new recordings will recycle over the earliest recordings first and it will do that time and again.  In this regard the larger the SD card (supports 8-256GB) the longer the recording duration before overwriting.  

    What size memory card do I need?

    This camera supports up to 256GB SD card that must be Class 10 or better, as HD recording demands a faster speed card to keep up with recording quality. 

    Recording time will vary according to the resolution setting used and the card capacity. Here are the average recording storage times with a 32GB SD card and remember this camera supports up to 256GB.

    • 1080p (25 fps): 4h 21m
    • 960p (25 fps): 5h 26m
    • 720p (25 fps): 8h 09m


    Please note this Clock Radio Spy camera also supports 640P quality and whilst this resolution is still very good (hard to tell the difference) selecting the slightly lower resolution effectively increases memory capacity dramatically. 


    There are various means by which to increase your memory card capacity without necessarily affecting recording.  For instance, set the camera to 10FPS (Frames Per Second) rather than real time 25FPS.  A cartoon is around 10FPS but looks real enough however; selecting the slower recording speed effectively doubles the SD card recording capacity.  Audio won’t be affected it will be in real time.  You won’t miss anything in 1/10th second and you can record even slower.


    The other recording parameter to consider is recording duration. In other words when motion is detected, how long would you like the camera to record?  1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes perhaps? Again the recording duration has a huge impact on how fast SD memory is used.


    For that reason we recommend the camera is set to MOTION DETECTION (MD) recording rather than constant recording even though the camera supports both.


    If after the 1, 3 or 5 minutes duration the camera is still detecting motion it will simply keep recording anyway until motion stops so you won’t miss anything.


    The other great feature of MD recording is your ability to look through recordings, as each time and date stamped MD recording becomes an EVENT.  That makes searching the MD events that much easier as all recordings contain something of value.


    What is scheduled recording?

    This camera is so smart, why not set SCHEDULED recording.  This App feature basically means that you DON’T need to have the camera in permanent MD mode.  If you need to set MD recording from say 4.00pm to 1.00am, no problem it can do that too.  It’s all set from the camera menu using the supplied wireless remote control.   


    If on the other hand you have WiFi available at the camera location and you know the Wireless modem password, then you don’t need a TV at all. See the WiFi Clock Radio Cam link above. 


    AM/FM Clock Radio with Bluetooth
    Image Sensor 1/3 progressive CMOS sensor 960P
    Focal Length 3.7mm
    Manual/Motion-Detection Recording – Schedule
    Recording Speed – Real time
    H.264 Video Compression
    Audio Recording

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