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WiFi 1080P HD No Glow IR Clock Spy Camera

WiFi Light Bulb Hidden Camera & Motion Recorder

Simply Unbelievable!!  This fully functional LED Light Bulb comes with a built in micro SD card slot for motion activated recording, true 720P resolution, built in covert camera plus built in WiFi.  You better believe it and it's astonishing. So how does this revolutionary Spy Camera work? Can I access this WiFi security camera from my Android, Iphone, PC or Mac?  Absolutely and much more. See more below.

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WiFi IP Network LED Bulb Camera
WiFi Light Bulb Hidden Camera & Motion Recorder

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    Hidden Camera Surveillance has been in business for many years and during that time we have seen almost everything but we must concede, this true 720P WiFi IP Camera built into a fully functional LED Light bulb just leaves us speechless! Just think of the applications for a spy camera such as this.  No need to run costly cables, No need for a costly and bulky DVR or NVR system, no professional installer or IT person necessary and no need to look for power points.  Power is already available by simply removing an existing light bulb and replacing it with our fully functional IP LED Light bulb replacement. All you need is onsite WiFi and bingo, you have a fully functional motion activated high resolution 720P recorder with live wireless remote access from anywhere in the world.  Login from your PC, Mac or Iphone etc with a unique user name and password for aauthorized access. We provide the software and mobile phone App.

    If you don't have WiFi available but really like the idea just the same, don't despair as the same LED Globe Camera is available without WiFi but will include the SD memory card slot for motion detection recording.  It's perhaps easier to playback recordings without the need to actually unscrew the camera to access the SD card but if its not too much of a problem, simply unscrew the globe camera when ready, remove the SD card, slot into your PC and view all of you recordings via USB.  Any recordings that you need to keep, save to PC.  No special player is needed, WMP or VLC is fine.  All recordings are high resolution 720P including audio and a watermarked time and date stamp so you know exactly to the second, when the motion occurred.

    Included in the kit are DIY instructions and easy CMS Software allowing for simultaneous remote access of up to 64 cameras.  If you need IP cameras in single or multiple locations and you have WiFi available, that's all you need. 

    Introducing anything new or foreign into a home or workplace be a difficult to conceal but a light bulb, we don't think so. No one would ever have a clue. 

    Infidelity immediately springs to mind however it may be that you suspect that business stock is being stolen. Warehouse theft, cool room monitoring, sheds with valuable machinery, fuel, cash register theft and so on.  The list of potential applications for this hidden security cameras is endless but we're sure you can think of other potential uses for this amazing new WiFi Spy camera. 

    The Smart design allows it to fit into any standard E27 light socket, just as smoothly as it fits into the decor of your home, all the while moonlighting as an undetectable hidden camera. Loaded with unique options designed to help you ID criminals in the act; including an adjustable goose-neck attachment, motion detection, and multiple recording modes. Practical for keeping an eye on the household or family pet or perhaps an elderly loved one. This amazing new WiFi camera assists in shop monitoring, employees, workshops, cash registers, or high traffic entrances or areas.

    At first glance one might assume this device is some sort of gimic or toy or the recording quality is poor.  Nothing could be further from the truth and we standby our product with a full 12 months 100% no questions asked warranty.  True 720P real time recording day or night, the quality of this IP cameras is better than most conventional and more costly CCTV security cameras. Most analogue CCTV cameras are less than 1/4 the quality and don't forget, it also records crystal clear audio in sync with the video.

    Whether you’re checking your footage every day or every month, it’ll be easy to pinpoint the exact moment any given incident took place, thanks to non-intrusive but easily visible digital watermark that imprints the date and time onto every second of the recorded video. Video files are saved and categorized in 30-minute bursts labeled with the date and time, so finding the footage you need is simple and fast.

     Key Features & Functions

    Simple installation just screw in like atypical light bulb

    2 x LED Lights plus 2 x IR LED Array
    for discrert night vision
    Wireless remote light controller (On/Off)

    AP Mode Point-to-Point connection

    WiFi Module built in

    WiFi network remote access live & SD recordings via LAN or Internet from most mobile devices, PC, MAC etc

    Remote access by SmartPhones(Andriod)/ iPhone/ iPad/Notepads/ Notebooks/ PC/ Mac

    Peer to Peer (P2P) technology, plug & play

    Industrial grade processor TI-DM365

    1.0 mega-pixel
    image sensor

    H.264 compression & true HD720P resolution

    Accepts Worldwide Voltage AC 100 -250V

    3rd generation LED array for higher quality night vision

    Night vision distance approx 20 meters

    Dual alarm alerts, email alert and mobile phone push alerts

    Local Storage Micro-SD card 4GB-32GB (suggest class10 card) whilst a 32GB card can store
    up to 12 days of video files
    Audio built in for live listening mode and SD card recording.  Playback with any Avi player or remotely

    Software will simultaneously control up to 64 cameras

    Motion Dection (distance 5 meters)

    Loop or Recycle recording with constant or motion detection recording

    3.6mm lens with 90 degree viewing angle

    Wi-Fi compliant with wireless standards IEEE 802.11b/g/n

    E27/E26/B22 optional light fitting adapters

    ONVIF compliant

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