Wall Clock Spy Camera DVR

This is a fully functional Spy Wall Clock with a hidden security camera with a motion activated Digital Video Recorder (DVR) all built into one compact unit.  The 1/3" SONY Super HAD CCD colour pinhole camera is a super High quality 520 TV Lines for quality video recording and a sensational pinhole High Gain microphone which clearly records audio in sync with the video.  

The built-in rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery provides for up to 10hrs continuous video recording per single charge although the clock can be connected to power for constant 24/7 surveillance.  The removable SD Card stores up to 32GB of video for days of recording and full overwrite or auto recording recycling.


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<span >How Does it Work?
The Wall Clock Cam DVR is not your average covert camera.  This is an "all in one" high resolution 520 TVL Sony CCD colour pinhole camera (excellent in low light as well) with a built in Digital Video Recorder (DVR) plus a super high gain pinhole microphone for crystal clear audio recording in sync with video.

This is a fully functional battery operated Wall Clock so it won't look out of place anywhere whether home of office.  The separate Lithium-Ion internal battery is rechargeable and powers the built in pinhole camera and DVR.  In most instances the battery will keep the DVR functioning for up to 10 hours on one single charge however, if wall power is handy, connect the clock to your power point and have 24/7 recording available.

The pinhole camera provides a perfect horizontal near 100 degree view so ideal for any room or office large or small. The concealed camera will be able to see and hear  everything.  To setup or playback recordings, simply connect the supplied RCA lead from the Wall Clock to the AV Input of your TV.  The AV IN is colour coded yellow for video and white for audio, the same colours as the leads so very easy to do.  Select channel AV1 or AV2 on your TV and instantly you will be able to see exactly what the pinhole camera can see.  

With the supplied wireless remote control, jus aim the control at the clock and press MENU.  Once in the menu mode users are able to change system settings inlcuding

Time & Date
Recording Quality & Recording Speed
Motion Detection, Scheduled or Constant Recording
SD card formatting
Recycle Recording or Stop Recording when full

All of the above features and more (Including video playback) are located in the system menu which can be viewed live on any TV monitor.

<span >How does it record? 
The Spy Wall Clock Digital Camera DVR is supplied with a 4GB SD memory card although for longer duration recording, much larger capacity SD cards (up to 32GB) are available and acceptable. Once the camera is connected to power or battery, motion detection recording is ON.  As soon as anyone enters the room, say within 10-15m from the clock, the built in DVR will record.  If there is constant motion the DVR will record the lot and in real time and with audio synchronised with the video.  It's completely silent and discreet. The Wall Clock Camera DVR also supports SCHEDULED RECORDING which basically means that recording can be set to come on and go off only at times that you need, say from 6.00pm to 5.00am nightly.  Its all very easy to setup or we can do it for you. 

When a person/s moves away from the camera or out of the room, 15 seconds later the DVR will stop recording but agin you can set the stop recording duration.  15 seconds may be fine fo some but others may prefer the hidden camera and DVR to continue recording for several minutes regardless of motion.  

As soon as someone enters again, so the Spy Wall Clock Cam DVR will resume recording.  A 4GB SD memory card can store about 6 hours of real time video and audio however, by slowing the recording to 1/2 or 1/4 of real time speed (still quite fast) the memory capacity can be doubled or quadrupled.  The other option is to increase SD memory capacity but we find 4GB in most instances is more than sufficient.  Recording duration also depends on how much motion the camera detects over a period of time so some trial and error is required.  There are various ways to increase recording capacity from hours to even days of constant recording.  Call our toll free number for more information if required.

<span >How Do I Playback Recordings?

It's very easy. The Spy Wall Clock Cam DVR kit is supplied with a wireless remote control and there are basically several options. 

Just like a DVD player to a TV, <span >aim the wireless remote control at the Wall Clock DVR, select AV1 or AV2 on your TV and you will be able to see exactly what the pinhole camera can see.  Aim the wireless remote control at the camera and press Search.  You will instantly see a calendar and a list of motion detection events depicting time and date.  Select the date, time or event then press OK and a real time play back of all the motion detection recorded events at are you fingertips. Play all events in movie fashion, advance through the events, forward, backward, freeze frame or frame by frame, its very much like operating a DVD player.

It may not be convenient to remove the Spy Wall Clock from it's location so another option is to remove the internal SD memory card and if you like, replace it with a fresh card.  When convenient simply slot the SD memory card into a USB reader (optional but available if needed) connect to your PC and bingo, look at any or all of the AVI files with programmes such as Windows Media Player or VLC both of which are free programmes. Any file you need to keep, just copy and save to your PC for future reference. It's very easy and any Windows or MAC can do it.

Windows Media Player is standard with most PC's nowadays however, there are many other player programs which are equally as good if not better.  Mac users normally have AVI media player programs as standard but if not sure see this link and download the latest Windows or Mac VLC player http://download.cnet.com/VLC-Media-Player/3000-13632_4-10267151.html

<span >

Functional Spy Wall Clock Camera Recorder DVR with Sony CCD 520 TV Lines high resolution covert or hidden camera built in.
Built-in rechargeable battery for 10hrs continuous video recording per single charge
MPEG4 compression with 32GB SD card support
Audio/Video up to 64Hours Recording
Motion Detect with Full Function Overwrite
Remote Control supplied for one touch recording command|

<span >Camera specifications
Pick-up device: 1/3" SONY super HAD interline transfer CCD
Signal format: PAL or NTSC (colour)

<span >Picture elements
PAL: 500 (H) x 582 (V)
NTSC: 510 (H) x 494 (V)
PAL: 752 (H) x 582 (V)
NTSC: 768 (H) x 494 (V)
Horizontal resolution: 520 TVL
Sensitivity: 0.3 Lux at F=1.2

<span >Scanning system
PAL: 625 TVL
2:1 interlace
Synchronisation: internal sync.
S/N ratio: over 48dB (AGC off), 50dB (AGC off)
Electronics shutter: auto`
Video output: 1 Vp-p, 75O composite, BNC x 1
Lens: pin-hole 3.7mm lens
Power Supply:
Camera: 12V DC
Clock: 2 x AA batteries
Power consumption: 110mA, 130mA
Weight: 660g
Operating temperature: -10C to +50C

<span >DVR Specifications
Video: System NTSC or PAL Video System and Video Loss Auto Detection
Codec MPEG4-SP ASF File Format
Record Frame Rate: 1, 2, Maximum fps selectable 
Maximum: 30 fps @ 320x240 or 12 fps @ 640x480
Record Quality: Low, Medium, And High
Recording Date/Time: Overlay with Video Images in ASF File
Input: 1 CH Composite Video Line In Video
Output: 1 CH Composite Video Line Out (play back recordings to any TV)

<span >Audio
Sampling Rate: 44.1 KHz
Codec: G.726/ 32 kbps
Input: 1 CH Audio Line In
Output: 1 CH Audio Line Out
Audio Device: Microphone, Speak, and Earphone
Storage Media: SD Card (FAT16 or 32), MAX FILES: 16384 FILES
Serial Port: USB 1.1 (Read-Only)
Recording Mode: Manual, Schedule (Alarm, Motion Detection, Continue)
Motion Detection Setting: Multiple Blocks and adjustable sensitivity
Event Search Function: Property and first image of selected file is displayed
Playback Function: Play/Fast Forward/Fast Rewind/Pause/Step Forward/Step Backward
Playback Speed: x1/ x2/ x4/ x8/ x16/ x32
Power Supply: DC 12V/1A 
Dimensions: 38 mm (W) x 17.5 mm (H) x 38 mm (D)
Operating Environment: 30%~80%
Storage Environment: 30%~90%

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