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We check this out!  Hidden Camera Surveillance has the latest release 1080PM HD WiFi Black Box Pro Spy Camera with App controlled rotational horizontal 180-degree camera lens.  Can you believe it?? What looks like any box in fact conceals a very discreet and almost fully rotational (silent and discreet) pinhole camera pinhole that you control through our free mobile phone App.

Unlike most other covert or hidden cameras, have you ever seen anything like it?Easy to use and packed full of features and functions, super high quality HD recording, quality selectable motion detection recording including fantastic audio in sync with video, built in WiFi to view the camera and listen to audio LIVE from your mobile phone or PC.  Playback recordings stored internally to the concealed and very discreet Micro SD card.   See what we mean? 

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HD 1080P WiFi Black Box Pro Camera
HD 1080P WiFi Black Box Pro Camera

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    Download HD 1080P WiFi Black Box Pro Camera Brochure

    Unlike other WiFi Cameras (supplied by HCS) this new model Black Box Pro has no actual display as such; it’s just a black plastic like box. The idea is to place the box anywhere you like and leave the micro SD card out and WiFi inactive for the time being if you have any concerns.  

    When the time is right, insert a class 10 or better micro SD card into the back of the black box, which can be from16GB up to a massive 128GB capacity, download the free app and when ready activate WiFi.  Recycle or auto over write recording basically means when the SD card is full the camera will over write previous recordings commencing from the first recording date.

    This HD Black Box is supplied with an internal rechargeable lithium Ion battery so it will function on its own battery power for 8-10 hours but we also supply a power adapter. So the best option for longer-term recording is to plug it into power, which not only recharges the battery but also will keep the device and WiFi functional indefinitely. 

    Please note this is not a permanent security camera and should be used for limited surveillance purposes.  When not being used for covert needs, it should be switched off. 

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    What happens when the SD card is full and how long will it last?

    The highest recording level is 1920 x 1080. At this level recording quality it will use about 20MB of memory per minute of recording or 1.2GB per hour of motion recording.  Consequently the larger the internal memory the more recording it can save before being filling up and auto over writing.  For that reason the best option is to select PIR or Motion detection recording rather than constant recording.  It can of course do both but constant recording will use both battery power and SD memory capacity at a much faster rate.  

    HD 1080P WiFi Black Box Pro Camera 2

    Tell me how the WiFi Setup Works?

    Setting up this Internet streaming WiFi camera is easy and takes just a few minutes and is done directly from your Iphone or Android smartphone.  Simply download the free streaming App to your iPhone or Android and then scan the QR code on the camera. Otherwise wait a few minutes for your phone to locate the WiFi device sitting on the wireless network, select the device, select your home or business WiFi network and you will be live viewing the camera.  Once you see the camera live through our free App, the options from that point are huge. 

    To remotely view your camera from another location, you will need to enter your WiFi user name and password in order to access your router and the camera sitting on the network.  Our online Utube video tutorials will show you how.  Please note in some cases when sharing WiFi and Internet and you have multi router passwords, you may need to have an IT consultant assist unless you happen to know the administrator user name and password.  In this regard we can only assist you so far with regard to tech support but normally support isn’t needed and pretty much straightforward.

    With or without the SD card inserted, switch the Black Box on within wireless range your WiFi router.  From your mobile phone, press settings and enable WiFi. Wait a few minutes for your router to see the new device online.  After that time you should see a long series of numbers appear on your WiFi Network indicating that a new WiFi device has been found. 

    Download the free App from the App store.  Once you see a series of numbers appear on your mobile phone, tick the series of numbers to connect and view the camera live.  When you see the camera live on your mobile phone this is where it gets really interesting. Users have the option to change the password, enter into motion detection recording mode or continuous recording mode, record at 1080P quality or less (selectable) to an internal memory card, record to your mobile phone memory if preferred, listen into conversations surrounding the camera, receive email alerts if motion is detected, locally or remotely play SD card indexed recordings and so much more.

    As the authorised user you may change the password, select your preferred recording speed and quality, upload to FTP, upload to your phone or PC, decide whether to enable motion detection SD card recording or not, playback recordings remotely, select various lighting options, receive an email alert if motion is detected even if it needs to be between certain times. 

    In other words the number of features and functions this camera has is tantamount to having a security Network Video Recorder.   The recording schedule can be set to auto arm and auto disarm at times that you choose. 

    Because the Black Box Pro  is also AC powered (5V Power supply provided) it will stream live 24/7 but you must have WiFi enabled at the camera location.  Some customers are concerned that if others are sharing WiFi in the home or office, those people will see the camera as well. That’s not the case. Remember you need our App first of all and others won’t have that.  The camera is user name and password protected so there is no unauthorised use and apart from all of that, the only WiFi reference to this device is a long series of letters and numbers.  There is absolutely no mention whatsoever to anything related to spy cameras or anything of that nature.  To others the numbers could be a neighbour’s local WiFi so it’s quickly disregarded as nothing and it can’t be accessed anyway.  

    Once you have the App installed on your phone and you have access to the camera live, it’s at this point that you set the camera to follow your camera menu instructions.  There is no setup on the box itself it’s all done from the free mobile phone App.  

    The recording quality is a super high 1080P real time although the camera can be set a range of lower recording levels and that means more internal memory capacity.  The same applies to recording speed, it may be that you don’t necessarily need real time recording (25fps) but would prefer say 12fps, which is about cartoon speed.  It’s still very fast and life like but only using memory at half speed thus doubling recording capacity. 

    What happens when the SD card is full and how long will it last?

    Remember your don’t have to use a memory card at all.  The authorised user may still view the camera live and be remotely alerted to motion so you can if preferred, record to your mobile phone or PC but that is using data. 

    The highest recording level is 1920 x 1080P but recording quality can be adjusted to suit. The larger the internal memory the more recording it can save before being filled.  As mentioned previously, if you set the camera to slower recording and/or lower the recording quality, this effectively can double or quadruple the internal memory recording duration.

    Often we find a 32GB Class 10 SD card is sufficient (order from HCS online) but remember, you may also set the camera to either STOP recording when the SD card is full or LOOP record which basically means when the SD card is full, slowly start overwriting from the earliest recording date when full. This is also referred to as Recycle Recording.   If you don’t want the camera to overwrite recording then select STOP recording when full.

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    HD 1080P WiFi Black Box Pro Camera 4

    Can I be remotely alerted if motion is detected?

    Yes of course.  The free app will have the option to add an email address to receive alerts and with that alert a picture is attached.  Once received you may login to the camera from your mobile phone from anywhere in the world, view the camera live and playback recordings from the internal memory card.

    Check in on your babysitter, bedroom, your pets, or keep an eye on your office any time you want, from anywhere in the world


    Video Resolution 1920 x1080

    Photo resolution 4032 x 3024

    Video format AVI

    1 Megapixel CMOS Lens

    H264compression format

    Frames 25 fps (real time)

    Wide Visual angle 90 degrees

    Auto rotation up to 180 degrees

    Continuous recording time up to 10 hours

    Charging time 8-10 hours

    Pinhole microphone built in

    PIR distance approx. 5-8m

    Time & Date Stamp yes

    PIR Motion detection recording or Continuous

    Minimum illumination 1LUX

    Battery capacity 5000MA

    Operating Temp -10C to 50C

    Power USB 5V 2.0A

    Memory card max support 128GB (class 10 or better)

    Recording:  Approx.20 MB/min

    Player software VLC Player, WM Player
    Computer operation system Windows´╝î MAC OS

    Web browser IE7 or above, Chrome, Firefox, Safari. Etc

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