Body Worn Police Security Camera

Introducing the all new Police & Security Guard HD Body Worn Security Camera. The very latest advance in personal HD camera security is the HD-05 bodycam.  With incredible video and audio recording quality, this one touch camera is a must for Police, Security Officers and Insurance Investigators. Make no mistake this IP67 rated camera is not just robust but totally waterproof. That's correct this body worn security camera can be totally water submerged even whilst its recording.  Try that with any other so called body worn camera!

Features include
Real time HD video at 2304 x 1296P Resolution
Completely waterproof
2-21 Megapixel still picture recording
Audio in sync with video
Makes for an ideal dash cam
IR night vision up to 10m with Lazer pointer
5cm (2") colour LCD monitor
Password and ID protection
16 -64GB Internal memory
Long term rechargeable battery capacity
Charging and docking station
Car Cigarette lighter power adapter
PC USB interface lead and charging cable
Ambarella A7LA50 Chipset
2400mAH Lithium Rechargeable battery

Please note prices are negotiable depending on volume required. 
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The HD-05 body worn video camera recorder camera is an all-in-one personal security device offering a 140° ultra-wide angle and SUPER HD 2304 x 1296P Resolution. Instant one button press recording (audio & video) with selectable IR or LED Night Vision recording. Easy menu access to a mini 5cm (2") colour built in LCD monitor.

Super HD video quality is amazing with clear facial ID up to 10m in complete darkness. The internal battery allows for up to 10 hours of constant recording but only needs to be armed when in use thus conserving power when non operational. Otherwise the HD-05 Police Cam can be set to constant recording or optional motion activated recording. Unlike other body worn so called security cameras, nothing compares to the HD-05 Police Body Cam and for good reason. This security camera is specially designed for Police Law Enforcement, Security Patrol guards and Insurance Investigators. Each camera is supplied with a unique Police ID and password. Should the camera be lost, accidentally or intentionally fall into the wrong hands, the internal memory cannot be accessed. Recordings cannot be removed nor edited unless the Administrator has the camera ID and password plus the system software.

Strong and lightweight the camera is designed to be shirt pocket carried (clips provided) and with a simple one button press, the camera will vibrate upon activation and a short audio message to let the user know that it is in fact recording without the need to personally look at the camera. The same applies to other functions including night vision. Its not necessary to enter into the camera menu to switch on IR/LED night vision. A one button press can do it all in an instant and that includes a lazer pointer so the officer can see exactly where the camera is aimed in complete darkness other otherwise if necessary.

What Are Some of the Options?
The HD-05 body worn Police Security camera is available with a range of options including 16, 32 or 64GB of internal memory.  At the highest recording 1920 x 1080P resolution, it will use about 3GB/hour of memory

  • GPS mapping interfaced with the recording thus depicting exact recording time and location in sync with video
  • Two way radio interface  

In the event that a Police or Law Enforcement officer needs to conduct an emergency rescue or water apprehension, there is NO need to remove the camera. The HD-05 is IP-67 completely waterproof and will record even whilst submerged. Other so called body worn cameras are rendered useless if water submerged along with the camera recordings so it makes practical sense at the very least ensure that the body camera and recordings are safe under those circumstances.

The camera casing is robust with solid rubber surrounds so it's designed to take the knocks and drops.

What are some of the other features?
Police Cam is a body worn high definition video recording device specially designed with Law Enforcement in mind. It can record at an extra high 1226P HD resolution which surpasses that of other similar body worn cameras. The camera resolution can be altered to suit and at medium resolution the 32GB of internal memory can store up to 128 hours of recording. Clearly the higher the resolution to more memory it requires but the point is its all selectable from the camera menu. All recordings are time and date stamped of course and digitally watermarked for authenticity.

As mentioned a single button press will arm and disarm recording and a tactile vibration alerts the user to those features when armed or disarmed. An small LED is another visual means of knowing when the camera is armed and recording or not recording.

Can this camera record still pictures?
Absolutely and not just still pictures but a selectable 2,5,8,10,16 and up to 21 Megapixel quality. A one button press wil capture and retain images and the pre selected quality however this camera has another unique featured called photo-burst. Photo-burst instructs the camera to take a series of pictures from 1-15 all 1 second apart. Consequently when the photo button is pressed, the user can pan the camera and take a series of unlimited images in succession at between 2 to 21 megapixel quality. Another feature which sets our body cam apart from others is the ability to not just snap pictures in rapid succession but do so whilst recording day or night. Impressive wouldn't you agree!!

What if I just need audio recording without the video?
Yes the HD-05 body camera can do that as well with a one button press and then switch back to video and audio recording with a single button press. The audio recording is ideal for witness statements or simply recording who said what.

Night Vision Recording
Our camera comes with a night vision IR button which auto switches the camera to B/W mode at night although the night to day vision can be easily toggled off and on at the users discretion. The Police body & Security camera supports both IR and/or LED for night vision with IR being the more discreet, perhaps better suited to raid situations whereas the LED could be more suited to night interviews or night arrests.

Instant Recording Playback
The 5cm (2") colour LCD display allows for the user to alter camera settings but also allows for instant video and audio playback of any recorded event. The video recordings can be paused, FF and rewind from 2-64 x speed.

Is there a mini pinhole type camera that can be connected to the main camera?
Yes see our PDF brochure link above. The camera has an AV input for an optional mini colour camera if required.  Please call our office for pricing on this option including the optional 64GB model. 



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