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WiFi AC 1080P Australian Power Adapter Spy Camera

AC Australian Power Adapter 1080P Spy Camera Recorder

This has to be one of our most popular 1080P HD Spy Cameras ever released and for good reason. What looks like an ordinary Australian AC power adapter is in fact also a very high resolution 1080P motion activated Spy camera recorder with crystal clear audio or voice recording in sync with high resolution colour video. This AC adapter is quite real and can be used as a phone or battery charger. 

Please note we have an identical AC Adapter 1080P Hidden Camera in a WIFI mode as well. See more here

Features and functions will be explained below but unlike other spy cameras of this nature, it supports an optional Class 10 micro SD memory card anywhere from 8-128GB.  The micro SD memory card which can be removed from the highly concealed memory card slot and recordings replayed in real time on any PC or MAC with either Windows Media Player or the VLC free player www.vlc.com

The AC Spy Camera has no internal battery and is 110-240V self powered from any household power point.  A covert camera such as this is ideal for short to longer term surveillance but please understand it's not a substitute for CCTV camera security.  First and foremost its a spy camera and should be treated as such. 

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AC/DC Adapter 1080P Spy Camera Recorder Australian plug
AC Australian Power Adapter 1080P Spy Camera Recorder

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    AC/DC Power Adapter 1080P HD Spy Camera with Motion Detection Recording

    Model No: AC-CAM-1080P

    So how does it all work? 

    ACDC power supplies are very common and often used for charging various devices so leaving a power supply connected to a power point or a 4 way power board, double adapter etc certainly would not look out of place anywhere.  This is what makes for a perfectly discreet covert surveillance device as generally even the most suspicious of partners might see it but not give it a second thought.  After all this is real power supply not just a spy camera. 

    The AC/DC power supply adapter is brilliant for a number of reasons.  It supports a rather discreet lid concealed micro SD card slot making the memory card totally secure even from the most prying of eyes so don't be concerned about someone finding it.  Memory cards are optional and we can supply cards anywhere from 8 to 32GB although it will support up to 128GB. Its a good idea to order a 16 or 32GB SD card online so that we can test the camera before overnight express post delivery.  At the same time we leave a video tutorial clip on the memory card for the customer to view and listen before use. 

    Hidden Camera Surveillance also provides with each order, easy to read instructions.  No need to try and decipher instructions that make no sense.  The instruction sheet is only supplied to our customers. 

    If you supply your own micro SD card it’s important the card is Kingston or Sandisk brand Class 10 or better. We don't take responsibility for any non compliant memory card as we no way of knowing which cards are non compliant with the camera. The idea is to stay with what you know.  The memory card must be above a certain class because the camera records at 1080P HD resolution.  Lower Class memory cards cannot keep up with the recording quality and will fail.  If we supply the SD card with your camera, we test and set it up for you. If you prefer to use your own SD card that’s fine also but again we take no responsibility. 

    Insert a new or formatted micro size SD memory card into the AC/DC spy camera.  Connect the Spy Camera to a wall socket and switch power on.  By default the camera is in Motion Detection mode so it will record any detected movement to the SD card.  Each motion detection event is between 2-3 minutes and if motion continues, the camera will continue to record until after motion stops.  It will record high resolution video in real time in sync with very clear audio.

    Whilst the AC Cam supports CONSTANT recording as well, often there is no need as motion detection will function very well and that suits the needs of 99% of customers.  Remember its very difficult to stay absolutely motionless for 2 minutes as an arm, leg or head movement will cause the camera to sense motion and trigger recording.

    After 2 minutes or so if there is no further motion the AC covert camera puts itself into standby mode waiting for the next motion to activate recording.  There are no whistles, bells or noises to indicate the AC adapter is anything other than exactly that. If for any reason you prefer continual recording rather than motion detection, don't be concerned it can do that too.  

    What is the Video & Audio Quality like?

    It’s actually very high resolution (audio as well) and excellent in low light.  This is not an Infra Red see in the dark camera as such but just remember that people rarely move about in complete darkness anyway. If you have concerns then we do have another similar AC/DC 1080P Spy Camera with IR NO GLOW night vision built in.  Call our office for more information.  Otherwise our IR clock cameras could be another option.

    Can I view this camera live on my Iphone or PC?

    No this AC Spy Camera does not have that feature.  However, we do  have an identical AC Adapter Camera that does have WiFi and therefore can be remotely accessed from a mobile phone via WiFi or 3G Internet.  Click on this link WiFi AC Adapter so see more information. 

    How long will an SD card record before its full?

    This where motion detection is more efficient compared to constant recording.  If motion is detected it will record for 1 minute and if there is no further motion after that time, it will enter in a standby waiting mode.  To completely fill a 32GB SD card at HD quality It would take about 5-6 hours of constant motion so its very unlikely to happen in the short term.  You need to work out how much motion the camera is likely to detect over a period of time and decide which is the best size SD card. A 16GB or 32GB is most preferred although the AC adapter spy camera will now accept 64GB or 128GB which means up to 24 hours of constant recording at 1080P.  That's why we say setting motion detection makes more sense as there could be long periods of no movement so the camera won't be recording unnecessarily. 

    One of the new functions of the AC DC covert spy cam is the ability to set 720P recording.  There is nothing wrong with 720P its a slightly more narrow field of view although 720P uses far less memory or about half that of 1080P.  In this regard if using a smaller memory capacity micro SD card why not select 720P instead.  The recording quality is still senstional, specially close up. 

    When the SD card is full it won't stop recording as such.  The camera will slowly over write the internal memory commencing from the earliest recording time and date.  It won’t delete all recordings just slowly write over itself commonly referred to as "recycle recording".  If you have event you need to retain, slot the SD card into your PC and download the video clip to PC which is quite simple and that way nothing important is ever lost. 

    How do I adjust the camera angle?

    The lens is fixed wide angle about 100 degrees and about 15 degrees up and down.  If you have any concerns about angles or observing an entire room, we recommend using a double adapter as that provides and nice 45-degree upward angle.  Otherwise a simple 4 gang power board is ideal as it can be connected to any power point and the angle of the camera can be adjusted up or down by tilting the power board.  Think about it there is always a solution to any problem.

    Perfect as Nanny Cam, office or home surveillance, undercover covert surveillance, motel rooms, Police and Private Investigators. 

    Normal looking ACDC power adapter 
    Motion detect or Constant Recording
    Record 1080P HD video with audio
    Built in DVR and pinhole colour camera
    8,16 or 32GB up to 128GB micro SD card memory (optional)
    Play Video Directly to PC or MAC
    Functions on 110-240V home power
    Wide Viewing angle
    Records directly to concealed internal SD card
    Simple Plug and Play

    Video resolution: 1920 x 1080P
    Video recording rate: Real time
    Recording time and date stamp
    Video Format: AVI
    Angle of View: approx. 100 degrees 
    Voltage: 240V
    Supports: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Win7; Linux; Mac OS 10.4
    Memory approx 6GB/H @ 1080P

    Package Contents

    1 x AC Adapter Recorder
    1 x User Manual
    1 x micro SD card USB adapter

    Why This Hidden Camera?

    When conducting surveillance in your home or office you are limited to what you can add to the existing decor furniture and surroundings without your non trusted business partner, flat mate, lover, friend, motel staff or nanny becoming suspicious. Most homes and offices have multiple AC adapters powering all types of devices and gadgets. Adding one more should not raise any suspicion. If you have an AC power outlet that is unobstructed and faces the area you wish to record on video, then this is one of the better choices available to you. The video clarity, ease of use, and ability to rapidly move it to another room or location, makes it ideal for almost anyone.  As mentioned previously, even if the power point is low or at the wrong angle, using a 3-4 way power board allows you to move the AC adapter spy cam in any direction you like.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. Does this AC adapter actually power anything?

    A. Yes, the USB power interface at the base this AC adapter does actually function and makes it really look the part.

    Q. Does this hidden camera record audio?

    A. Yes, this hidden camera records high quality audio in sync with the video and its very clear. If you are in law enforcement and wish to order this system for you or your department, please contact us directly to discuss your options. 

    Q. Does this hidden camera have the ability to record at night in complete darkness?

    A. While it does have a very low LUX rating (less that 1 candle-light) it doesn't have IR night vision capabilities. A standard 40-60W light bulb should provide ample lighting under normal conditions.

    Q. Does this require special memory cards or can I use my own?

    A. We use Kingston Class 10 or better micro SD memory cards that are readily available although we cannot test all SD card brands and therefore recommend Kingston or Sandisk.  We do offer competitive prices on high quality memory cards anyway and if you order from us, we can then test the camera before dispatch. 

    Q. What is the warranty on this item and how fast is repair /replacement turnaround?

    A. The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty. We are normally able to replace any faulty product within about 48 hours once we receive the defective item.  Issues caused by non compliant memory cards will not be covered by warranty. If there is any problem the first point of call is the SD card.  Good idea to backup any SD card required recording first then format the SD card from PC to start again.  This will often rectify any minor issue.

    Q. Are there quantity discounts if I want to order more than one?

    A. Absolutely! Just give us a call or send an e-mail and will be glad to assist you.

    Q. From what distance will the camera sense motion?

    A. Approx 10m so ideal for most room of office surveillance

    Q. Can it be used outdoors?

    A. Its not moisture or weatherproof and using this device outdoor voids warranty

    Q. Can the pinhole camera angle be adjusted?

    A. The camera lens is concealed but wide angle.  If the power point is low to the floor then the idea is to use a double adapter or a power board of some kind and that way the camera angle can be easily adjusted to any direction.

    Q. Is this camera fitted with an Australian connection?

    A. Yes.  We also have a WiFi AC adapter with an Australian power connection so no travel adapter is necessary.

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