Wireless 5.8G Elevator Camera Kit

Do you have a building DVR Security system and surveillance cameras but would like to add CCTV cameras into one or more elevators? This is a question often asked and there is a simple answer which is both cost effective, reliable and easy to install. Hidden Camera Surveillance now offers a specialised 5.8Ghz transmitter & recevier kit as pictured and detailed below.

Our mini HD wide angle camera can be fixed to the rear corner ceiling of the elevator and its then a matter of simply running a single lead to a transmitter fixed to the base of the elevator. It may seem complicated but in reality its actually quite simple but must be carried out by your Elevator service technician. The camera and transmitter are both 12V powered so power is taken from the GPO or power point on top the lift. The receiver looks very much like the transmitter and a coaxial cable needs to be run from the base wireless receiver to your DVR system. This creates a wireless contact between the elevator camera and your DVR recorder not to mention having a live view elevator view with or without audio.

If you find that even a wireless system is not feasible but you still need and Elevator Camera for positive ID you can find another camera solution here.

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Wireless Elevator Kit

In many instances the ability to add CCTV Security cameras into elevators is simply so costly that it is not worth pursuing.  Unlike other building CCTV cameras that are cabled to a DVR or NVR system, cabling within an elevator is prohibited because only authorised elevator service personnel are permitted to work in that environment.  Normal coaxial cabling is out of the question as it would easily tangle and therefore not permitted so special and very costly cable is required often costing many thousands for each camera.

This is where we have the ultimate solution to those with existing DVR system or those contemplating.  An elevator or Lift well is a rather confined space so a wireless camera solution suddenly has a lot of merit and makes sense.  A camera inside an elevator is relatively easy to install as well know.  Getting power to the camera is not really a problem as the elevator will already have a number of power points or GPO's.  As the camera is 12V power is simply a matter of connecting a 12V power supply to the camera and it becomes active.

By fixing our high gain 5.8Ghz wireless transmitter to the base of the lift so its always looking down so to speak, the camera is attached to the transmitter and that part is complete.  A service tech person should be able to do both within an hour or two as again,  even licensed security installers are NOT permitted to work in Elevators. 

The next part to completing the system is mounting the receiver at the very base of the elevator well, possible centered and in a vertical line with the transmitter.  Yes the receiver also requires 12V power so one would assume that power is available below otherwise its not really a problem even if a GPO is not available.  Provided the elevator tech person can mount the receiver to the floor of the lift well facing up, it will be necessary to run at least one coaxial cable from the receiver to your DVR system.  In most instances this is not too difficult and certainly much easier then cabling the camera.  It may be that once outside of the lift well, your preferred CCTV camera installer can run the single cable from the receiver to the DVR.  12V power can be made available along the same cable so it really doesn't matter whether a GPO is readily available or not. 

By connecting the receiver only to your DVR system, the job is done. The elevator will travel up and down constantly transmitting to the receiver without interference. the 5.8Ghz transmitter is also powerful and not susceptible to outside common 2.4Ghz frequencies which is an added bonus.

Our new wireless elevator audio video transmission system is a revolutionary product designed specifically for this market. It's the only wireless system able to deliver real-time A/V with no interference up to 150 Floors. Featuring a pre-configured plug-and-play design, this system does not require any software, setup or programming. The pefect solution for most extreme elevator security camera projects.

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  • Easy installation
  • Plug & play design
  • No interface or tangles with elevator mechanics & travel cables
  • No maintenance required
  • Great for detecting vandalism and unauthorised building or floor access
  • Close up facial ID
  • High resolution real time audio and video
  • Live viewing
  • Long distance wireless camera transmission up to 150 floors

Technical Specifications

 Operation Frequency
 Channel Switch FHSS mode 4CH
 Video Signal NTSC / PAL
 Modulation 16QAM, QPSK, BPSK
 Data Rate Up to 12Mbps
 Output Power  20dBm
 Supply Voltage  DC 12V
 Supply Current  500mA
 Video Input Signal Level  1Vp-p @ 75Ω
 Audio Input Signal Level  2.4Vp-p @ 75Ω
 Video/Audio connector  BNC connector
 Operation Temperature  -30°C ~ +60°C
 Operational Frequency
 Channel Switch FHSS mode
 Video Signal NTSC / PAL
 Modulation 16QAM, QPSK, BPSK
 Data Rate Up to 12Mbps
 Output Power  20dBm
 Supply Voltage  DC 12V
 Power Supply
 Sensitivity  -80 dBm
 Resolution  720 x 480 ( NTSC ) / 720 x 576 ( PAL )
 Frame Rate  30fps ( NTSC ) / 25fps ( PAL )
 Video Input Signal Level  1Vp-p @75Ω
 Audio Input Signal Level  2.2Vp-p @ 75Ω
 Video / Audio connector  BNC connector
 Operation Temperature  -30°C ~ +60°C
 Panel Antenna  
 Gain  14dbi
 Bandwidth – Horizontal  20 degrees
 Bandwidth – Vertical  20 degrees
 VSWR  less than 1.5 : 1
 Impedance  50Ω


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