WiFi Mini Module DIY 1080P HD Spy Camera

WiFi Mini Module DIY 1080P HD Spy Camera

WiFi & Air Quality Detector 1080P HD Spy Camera

WiFi & Air Quality Detector 1080P HD Spy Camera

WiFi Black Box Pro HD IR 1080P Spy Camera

This is the new 1080P HD WiFi Black Box Camera.  HCS has various Black Box WiFi camera options but just to briefly explain, the Black Box Pro is the larger of this model options.  The black Box Pro has a larger rechargeable lithium Ion battery and can function for 10 hours on one charge. However, if power is available it can be connected to power for long term security. 

Other similar cameras in this range have a smaller capacity battery but allow the user to remotely rotate the camera left and right.  The Black Box Pro has a fixed wide angle 90 degree lens including No Glow IR plus a larger 5000mA rechargeable lithium battery.  In fact with other WiFi Cameras in this range, not only can you listen into audio surrounding the camera but you can actually have a 2 way wireless audio speaker conversation…should you choose to.

Memory card capacity support is 8-128GB Class 10 Micro size and sold optionally. A memory card is required only for motio activated or constant recording, not for live viewing. Otherwise when live viewing record audio video direct to their mobile phone. 

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WiFi Black Box Pro HD IR 1080P Spy Camera
WiFi Black Box Pro HD IR 1080P Spy Camera

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    WiFi Black Box Pro HD IR 1080P Spy Camera

    Model No. WF-BB0XPRO

    If you have any concerns about introducing something new into a home or office, shed, a Nursing Home, this could be a great solution.  The internal rechargeable lithium battery can keep the device functional for up to 10 hours on one charge but that battery duration can vary depending on how often the camera is recording, whether its using the internal No Glow IR and how often the authorised user is logging into the camera.   It can also be connected to a power point for long-term functionality if power is handy.  If power is switched off it will still function for several hours using the internal battery. 


    Provided you have WiFi available wherever the camera is located (you need to know the WiFi router password) then you have complete remote access to the camera from anywhere in the world and from any web-enabled device.


    Tell me more

    When remotely accessing the camera from your mobile phone, the camera view is a wide-angle 90 degrees.  No Glow Invisible IR (Infra Red) night vision is another included bonus.   Yes that’s right, this camera can see and record even in a totally darkness using the built in night vision up to 3M from the camera.   No need to set anything it will do it automatically when lighting is poor or dark. 


    What size memory card do I need?

    It’s a commonly asked question and perhaps need to be explained as memory card size is totally dependent on how the camera is used, how often its recording, the quality of the set recording and the recording speed etc. 


    If the camera is set to constant recording it will use about 18MB of memory per minute of 1.2GB per hour.  However, it’s quite important to understand there is NO NEED to constantly record even though it’s supported.  The idea is to set the camera to Motion Detection (MD) recording.  Whenever any person moves within range of the camera, it will record high quality video and audio to internal memory card.  It will even sending a “push notification” to you mobile phone thus alerting you to motion being detected.   


    If the user chooses to lower the camera resolution from 1080P to 720P or 480P, the recording quality is still excellent but memory capacity will reduce to perhaps less than 10MB/m or longer.  Furthermore, this camera supports recording speed.  Real time recording is 25 Frames Per Second (FPS) whereas carton speed is around 10fps.  A cartoon looks real enough but actually around half real time speed and that means SD memory card recording capacity is doubled or better. 


    Another means of reducing memory card capacity is to select MD Recording. Set the camera to record for perhaps 1 minute each time motion is detected rather than 2-5 minutes.  All of these are remotely set from your free Iphone or Android mobile phone App.  There is no need to touch the camera as such.  A few adjustments can really stretch memory-recording capacity. 



    WiFi Live Streaming video
    P2P LAN view within 50m of the router (depending on obstacles)
    Chipset:Hi3518E V200
    Frame: 25FPS
    Lens angle: 90 degree
    Support Micro SD card 4GB-128GB
    Computer operation system: Windows
    Mobile phone operation system: Android/iOS
    Web browser:  IE7 and above, Chrome, Firefox Safari etc
    Recording size, Approx. 18MB/minute or 1.1GB/hour

    What happens when the memory card is full?

    There are 2 options from which to choose and both are set and/or altered from your free mobile phone App.  Those options are;


    • ·         Stop recording when full
    • ·         Loop recording


    In essence you choose which function best suits your needs.  If you have concerns that something important on the memory card could be overwritten or deleted before you have the chance to review it, then select STOP recording when full. That’s exactly what the camera will do when the memory card is full.  It will then be up to you to view those recordings (the SD card can be removed and replayed via PC) or remotely and if necessary save recording events that need to be retained before deleting or formatting the SD card to use again.  If STOP recording when full option is set then its necessary to manually delete as much information as you can (or format) before putting it back into use.  In other words you need to leave room on the memory card for more recording.


    Most customers on the other hand select LOOP recording, which basically means recycle recording.  Lets say you ordered a 64GB memory card. You were able to record for about 5 days or so using MD recording at 10 fps and 2 minute MD duration before the card was full.  It could be more or less but lets say 5 days as an example only. 


    When the SD card is full it won’t delete all of the recordings on the card.  It will revert back to the very first recording time and date and from the date forward it will slowly over write the earliest recordings first.  It will actually do that over and over again so theoretically you will always have about 5 days of recordings at hand.  As mentioned that all depends on how you set the recording parameters. 


    2.0 Mega Pixel CMOS Lens
    HD 1080P 1920 x 1080
    3 meters invisible night vision
    Wi-Fi P2P Live streaming Video
    H.264 Video Compression
    Motion detection & mobile Phone Push notification
    Two Way Audio speaking
    Internal 5000mA Rechargeable battery
    10 hour batter once fully charged
    Supports Max 128GB Class 10 Micro SD Card
    Easy WiFi Setting by text

    What is a Push Notification and how does it work?

    Whenever the camera senses motion it will record to internal SD card memory although authorised users may switch notifications on/off through the free App.  Users may also share access if desired.  When the camera detects motion, authorised users may elect to receive a mobile phone “beep beep” audio warning (similar to a text alert) thus indicating that motion is being detected at that particular moment.  There is no cost involved, as it’s tantamount to a heads up alert. What you do after receiving the alert is up to you but at least you know the camera is detecting motion and that’s the key.



    Mini design & easily hidden

    180-degree rotational lens

    950MA built-in rechargeable battery

    WiFi Live Streaming video

    P2P LAN view in 50m without interference

    Motion detection & Push alarm messages

    Easy Wi-Fi setting by text

    Chipset- Hi3518E V200

    Lens- OV9712

    1.0 mega pixel CMOS lens

    Video resolution (on APP): 1920 x1080

    Video resolution (on PC): 1080 x 720

    Frame Rate: 25FPS

    H.264 compression

    Lens angle: 90 degree

    View angle: 180 degree

    Support Micro SD card 8GB-128GB

    Charging time: 5-6hours

    Battery life: 3-4 hours

    Computer operation system: Windows

    Mobile phone operation system: Android/iOS

    Web browser:  IE7 and above, Chrome, Firefox & Safari. Etc

    Recording 1mins/ around 20MB, 51 mins/1G

    CE ROHS approved

    CE ROHS UL SAA approved 5V2A AC adapter


    Packing detail
    1 x mini WiFi IP camera
    1 x USB cable
    1 x User manual
    1 x CD drive
    1 x 5V 2A AC Power adapter

    Product size: 8.5 x 4.6 x 2(CM)
    Unit Weight 500 gms



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