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HD 1080P Book Spy Cam with 2 Year Battery

HD 1080P Book Spy Camera must be one of the all time smartest and most covert, discreet or hidden motion activated HD spy cameras ever invented. Book Spy Cam is featured in the number 1 Home Page position on my website for good reason.

Not only can a small book like black Lever Arch folder be placed discreetly in a home, room, office or basically anywhere but it has an amazing new advantage. Apart from motion detection recording which is standard with most spy cameras, HD Book Spy Cam can be set to constant recording, motion detection recording, audio on or off, NO GLOW IR night vision but wait for it.....up to 2 years battery standby!

That's right the internal 10,000mA Lithium Rechargeable battery could sit on a shelf for up to 2 years and if motion is detected during that time it will record video and audio to the discreet internal micro SD memory card. Need more, what about No Glow Infra red for night vision. When the lighting level is poor, Book Cam auto switches to B/W night vision mode. In other words it can see and record in high resolution day or night but most importantly even in darkness.

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Book Hidden Camera
HD 1080P Book Spy Cam with 2 Year Battery

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    HD 1080P Book Spy Camera is specially designed for short or long term discreet motion activated recording surveillance. The internal lithium battery has an absolutely amazing capacity to retain charge with a slim and very light weight vertical 10,000mA rechargeable battery which is 20 x the battery storage capacity of most other hidden cameras.  To recharge the internal lithium battery simply connect HD1080P Book Spy Cam to your PC USB.  It's that simple! 

    Many hidden cameras have an internal battery or can be mains powered but never have we encountered a battery capacity in a hidden camera with this amount of power charge. Strangely enough this rather small lever arch like folder (paper included) is so easy to use and packed full of features. For instance, inside the lever arch where no one would think to look, you will see a few tiny switches. Everything is black, even the slide switches are on a miniature scale and virtually undetectable.

    One switch enables and disables audio recording so you decide whether you want audio recording or not and on that subject, let me say the audio quality is incredible, even from 15m away.

    Another switch has 3 different functions.

    1. Power on/off
    2. Constant recording
    3. Motion Activated Recording

    The optional Micro SD card (up to 32GB) is slotted into the neck or inner spine of the lever arch where its very unlikely to be found even to the most prying of eyes.  Customers often feel that introducing a foreign object into a home or office is a dead give away.  That might be so but a book....come on no way!!  Put some notes inside the book, make it look the part, we even provide writing paper for you.  If you don't feel this is the most covert camera you have ever seen then perhaps you watch too many espionage movies or maybe a little paranoid but that's all I have to say on that subject.  Nothing to stop you changing the look of the folder by using an external cover of some sort but again that's up to the customer. 

    How does it work?

    The actual size of the folder or Book in this case is just 22 x 15 x 4cm so it resembles a rather small lever arch folder or hard cover black note pad.  The actual images depicting the book are not real (just makes it easier for all concerned if we don't show the actual book camera) but it's very similar.  Within the lever arch folder is a white note pad (could be changed or added to if desired) whilst built into actual neck of the book is the 10,000mA rechargeable lithium battery.  Supplied with the HD 1080P Book Spy Camera is a USB lead.  To charge the internal battery (can take several hours) connect one end of the other mini USB interface into the neck of the book and the other standard end to PC USB.  This will recharge the battery or we can supply a 2V 5V USB power supply but either is fine.

    At the front of the book and embedded within the spine or neck is a very high resolution 1080P HD pinhole colour camera lens which can't be seen.  Also embedded and very cleverly concealed in the frontal spine is a pinhole motion sensor and a micro IR illuminator. If lighting is reasonable at night then its quite easy to put a little black tape over the IR to completely block the Infra Red.  Those items are so small or pinhole size they won't be detected in any event.

    To arm the camera into motion detection mode, simply insert the SD card into the miniature book spine internal slot, move the switch to MD or Motion detection mode. A blue and red led will blink momentarily and then go off so no more lights will be seen and certainly no noise.  The camera is then armed in motion detection mode.  Should anyone move within 10m or so of the camera, one second later it will commence recording for 1 minute constantly.  However, should motion continue then the camera will keep recording until such time as motion ceases.  Once motion stoips the Book Spy Camera puts itself into Standby mode thus conserving battery power. 

    If you prefer to constantly record regardless of motion, it will do that as well just by moving a switch. constant recording only uses battery power and SD card memory that much faster so MD is recommended. 

    Audio is in sync with the video which is quite important with respect to what you need to capture.  The 1080P HD video recording quality is amazing but so too is the audio.  As mentioned if you don't want the audio, switch it off.  

    How do I playback a recording from the SD memory card?

    With the Book Cam switched to OFF, remove the SD card and slot the SD card into a USB SD card reader.  Most PC and Mac will have an SSD card reader anyway however if not such card readers are cheap and readily available from most PC outlets including Office Works etc.

    Sloe the SD card into the reader and your MAC or PC will show you that a new device has been found.  If you can see the SD card then simply open the memory.  to playback choose Windows Media Player or with MAC choose VLC which is free.  otherwise most other AVI players will be quite acceptable. Any event that you need to retain for future reference can be copied from the SD card direct to PC.  When finished looking at the recordings, there is no need to format the SD card.  Put it back into the book cam and it's ready to go again.  When the SD card is full it can be set auto recycle or over write from the earliest recording date or the camera can be programmed to STOP recording when the SD card is full.  Customers will also receive more detailed east to understand English instructions with each order.

    What about the memory card how long will it last before its full?

    At 1080P recording quality it will use about 6GB of memory per hour of recording.  In this regard a 32GB will provide about 5-6 hours of constant recording or constant motion detection recording before the memory card is full.

    HD 1080P Book Cam may well accept larger 64GB or 128GB Class 10 SD cards but we don't know at this stage not having tested all brands and all size cards. In this regard we recommend 32GB Class 10 and if you purchase the SD card from us online, we will pre test and setup the camera ready to go.

    From what distance will it pick up motion?

    For any room or office surveillance it will be fine.  Motion detection distance is about 8m but that also depends on the size of the person so it could a little less of more. 

    What happens in the dark will it still record?

    Yes the Book HD Camera is fitted with not just a high quality camera but one that auto switches to B/W mode in low light or in the dark.  B/W recording is higher quality in low light situations compared to colour so the camera will auto switch between the 2 modes.  Built into the Book Cam is a tiny LED or Black IR sensor.   The Book Camera can see and record in complete darkness.  

    Only B/W can see IR and that's why the camera auto switches to IR in dark or low light.  The IR illumination however is limited to about 3-5M maximum so it not overly powerful and nor should it be. 

    How long will the battery last if I have a lot of motion or the camera is continually recording?

    It's a good point and one worth asking.  If the camera was set to Continuous Recording mode with the battery fully charged (expect about 10 hours)  although it can record for about  30 hours in a bright room is IR is off.  if the room is dark or at the very least DIM and the IR needs to illuminate then yes it will use battery power faster. 

    If on the other hand the camera was recording at night and in darkness with IR on the entire time, perhaps 9-10 hours at most but remember we are talking about continual recording, not Motion (MD) Detection. 

    Does the Book Cam come in any other colours?

    No at this stage it just black



    Dimensions 21*15*4CM
    Weight 415g
    Battery 10,00mA rechargeable lithium concealed and hidden
    Standby power 10uA
    Motion sensor detection angle 60 degrees
    Motion sensor detection distance 5-8m
    Camera angle Approx 72 degrees
    Max PIR standby time About 2 years if no motion if not recording
    Day or colour recording time (No IR) Approx 30 hours continuous
    Night or B/W mode with IR Approx 9-10 hours
    Day power consumption (no IR) 220mA
    Power consumption with IR on 820mA
    Full charge time from flat Approx 20 hours
    Recording Resolution 1080P HD
    Recording Speed 25fps PAL or real time
    PIR MD video recording time About 1 minute per file
    Continuous recording About 2 minutes per file
     Max SD card  32GB Class 10 or better (Kingston)
     Recycle or Loop Recording  Yes
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