WiFi Iphone Docking Station No Glow IR Spy Camera

WiFi Iphone Docking Station No Glow IR Spy Camera

6310 HD Graffiti Cam

6310 HD Graffiti Cam

3G & WiFi Home & Office Security Camera

Need to be alerted if there is any motion at your home, office, shed, warehouse, maybe an outdoor undercover patio?  Perhaps you have power on site and perhaps you don’t.  Perhaps you have WiFi available at the camera locations and on the hand perhaps you don’t. Do we have the ultimate security and live monitoring camera solution for you?

I’m sure your attention has been captured right here and now so without going into too much detail you have to see this.  The JH-09 WiFi and 3G Home & office HD Security Camera is outstanding and very easy to use.

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3G & WiFi Home & Office Security Camera
3G & WiFi Home & Office Security Camera

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    Put simply this amazing new device is actually quite easy to use and absolutely packed full of features and functions.  It’s basically a HD security camera all in one unique small designed which doesn’t really look like a CCTV camera as such.  Its small, it’s discreet, it can be mounted anywhere even upside down if you choose.   Other functions include motion detection recording, constant recording, auto and free Cloud recording upload, not to mention IR night vision.

    Are we ticking all the boxes so far?  Don’t go away there is more.  If power happens to be available, great plug it into power then the camera can be left on as long as you like.  Whenever any moves within 5M of the camera (day or night) it will record to internal Micro SD card memory or to a Cloud server.  You select the recording quality any where from 720P to 480P. 

    The video recording quality is sensational not to mention crystal clear audio.  In fact you can both record or if preferred, listen into any audio conversation surrounding the camera from your mobile phone and from anywhere in the world.  You can actually have a 2-way conversation if desired as the camera supports both.

    I don’t have WiFi but I have Mobile Phone Reception


    That’s great as the camera supports both.  If you happen to have WiFi available at the camera location, this is the best option to choose.  Simply download the free App onto your Iphone or Android, scan the camera QR code on the side of the camera and you are basically into the camera live.  From the App you select what you would like the camera to do.  Would you like to set the camera to Motion Detection recording?  Sure and where you like to store those motion events, to the internal SD memory card (can be up to 32GB) or upload to a Cloud service.  It can do both. 

    If you need to mount the camera where there is NO WiFi Service but there is a 3G mobile phone service, by using a Plan SIM or a Pre Paid SIM card, it will do the same as WiFi albeit data cost.  WiFi is practically free but 3/4G isn’t and using a SIOM does attract a provider fee.  So what does this mean for you?  It means to you can place the camera anywhere you like and still have complete remote access to your Home & Office 720P Security Camera.

    Please note that 4G is also supported here in Australia and elsewhere.  The 3G mobile signal covers most of the country although in many regions we have 4G as well.  If you are certain that 4G is available in your location, call out office as we do have the new JH-21 available for the 4G network as well.  The 4G network is much faster than 3G but having said that, 3G is still quite goo and ideal for a camera such as this.   No cost difference just personal preference.

    Not only can you remotely LIVE View the camera from your mobile from anywhere in the world, the authorised user may playback recordings directly from the camera internal memory card and/or Cloud server.  More than that, if you need to alter any camera setup feature, you don’t need to touch the camera at all.  Every single command is completed from your free App.  Are we still interested so far? I thought so but read on there’s more.


    I don’t have power at the camera how long will the battery last?

    A reasonable question to ask. The JH-09 is equipped with an internal Lithium battery so no need to personally add batteries.  If you need temporary camera surveillance and don’t have power, the camera can function on it’s own battery power for about 24 hours before needing a battery recharge.

    If on the other hand you can’t help yourself and are constantly and remotely logging into the camera, or a large amount of motion is being recorded or perhaps its recording motion more at night where the IR is required for night vision, then yes it will use battery power faster so all of this needs to be taken into consideration.   It also means at some stage the camera will need a battery recharge one-way or the other.  Having power available is the best option but for short-term requirements and motion detection alerts via WiFi or 3G at least you know there is an option choice.

    Are there any Camera LED’s that people can see?

    There is an LED’s on top of the camera which normally is dimly illuminated 24/7. It can also and change colour when motion is detected. However, the free App allows you to disable this function and the LED switched off completely regardless of motion and conserving battery power.  No need to physically touch the camera it’s all remotely controlled. 

    The different colour LED’s denoting different camera functions.  For example if the camera is connected to WiFi you will see a blue LED but if connected to 3G the LED would be yellow.  The LED’s blink when certain functions are carried our.  If motion is detected the LED will blink a few times or if remotely logging in the blinking sequence will be different.  So all of this is quite visible and the different colour LED’s and blinking sequence actually mean something. 

    When the camera is in sleep mode conserving power there is NO LED but as mentioned, if you don’t want to see any LED’s switch it off remotely, only takes a second. 

    What happens when the SD card is full?

    The authorised user may select STOP recording when the SD card is full or LOOP (Recycle) recording when the SD card is full.  When Loop recording is selected, the SD memory card isn’t deleted, it simply means that the camera will from the very earliest recording date and slowly commence over writing the oldest recordings first and it will do that over and over again until you say stop.

    Can I be alerted if the camera detects motion?

    Of course that’s what this is all about!  I keep coming back to your free Iphone or Android App. If selected as a function, when motion is detected it will send a chime or any other audio/visual alert you prefer, directly to your cell phone thus letting you know that motion is being detected. It doesn’t mater where you are in the world.

    Your phone will be in either another WiFi or 3G zones anyway so login to the camera once an alert has been received and basically see what’s happening day or night.  If you can’t see any movement then playback the recorded motion detection event.  Save it to your phone if need be.  Activate audio and listen in or perhaps even talk through the camera.  It’s all up to you.

    How many Cameras will the App Support simultaneously?

    The App supports up to 10 cameras through the one login but more than that you could in effect offer Camera QR codes to your trusted friends or relatives and they too can access and monitor your cameras.  Could be handy for keeping an eye on the teenagers or pets whoever happens to be the worse. 

    Camera mounting options

    The JH-09 Surveillance camera is supplied with a removable and magnetic base.  This allows the camera to be manually rotated 360 degrees but also allows for some tilt.  The magnetic base can be temporarily or permanently fixed to any surface. 

    On a flat bench top the surface doesn’t need to be magnetic the camera can simply sit on the base and by rotating the camera its will be aimed at whatever it is you need to see. The camera lens is actually very wide angle. 

    If on the other hand you need to mount the camera os a shed or patio roof (the camera is not waterproof and water ingress is not warranty covered) simply mount the supplied magnetic base to the celling.  The base can be screwed into the ceiling or if preferred use some double sided Velcro for easy removal.  A wall mount is also provided. 

    If the camera needs to be mounted upside down, the App allows you to switch between the different mounting options so the camera will still record correct way up rather than recording upside down.  Very clever indeed!




    The PIR detection range can reach up to 5 metres from camera

    • 720P live video
    • Snapshot & Video recording
    • Two-way audio communication
    • Voice monitoring
    • Movement/voice alert push
    • IR Night vision
    • Plug & Play 
    • WiFi & WCDMA
    • Quadcore Chipset
    • Memory 4H internal and up to 32GB external SD memory (Class 1O recommended)
    • GSM 850/900/1800/1899MHZ
    • WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100 MHZ
    • ¼” 1 Megapixel CMOS Sensor
    • F2.2 Aperture
    • 110 degree wide angle lens
    • 720P (1280 x 720) or (640 x 352) selectable
    • H.264 Video coding
    • Video Bitrate 32kbps -2Mbps
    • Frame rate 50Hz – 25 fps or real time
    • IEEE802.11b/g/n
    • 2.4 Ghz – 2.4835 Ghz
    • WiFi Range up to 50m depending on obstacles and WiFi quality
    • Protocol:  IPV4, UDP, TCP, HTTP, HTTPS, TFTP, RTP, RTSP, DHCP. P2P
    • Audio range up to 5m
    • SD card Maximum support 32GB (FAT32)
    • Environment Temperature -10c to 50C
    • Power is 5V2A USB port. USB Lead and Australian power adapter supplied
    • Lithium rechargeable 770 mAH
    • Power Consumption 5W
    • Dimensions:  50 x 50 x 127mm (with base) or 41 x 41 x 118mm without base
    • Weight 135g








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