1080P Action, Spy & Dash Cam Combo

Make no mistake this is not just any Spy camera! With 1080P HD recording quality, this miniature Action or Sports Camera is just as high resolution as any Go-Pro but with a few more surprises in store. 

Unlike other sports cameras which are bulky and by comparison rather heavy, this camera is smaller than a matchbox and just over 100 grams in weight.  One touch operation with optional waterproof housing, mounting bracket for bikes, helmets and car windscreens, our camera is ideal as a car dash cam, motion activated spy camera and a sesnational sports or action cam.  That's right this amazing mini HD camera can do constant recording, motion detection recording, time lapse recording and as a covert spy camera, I can't think of anything better. 

As you can see Hidden Camera Surveillance specialises in a wide range of cameras, many covert and other used in the CCTV security industry.  In other words, over a period of many years in this business,  we have observed this technology advance from rather poor analogue quality into the new IP HD realm. The quality of CCTV and video recording nowadays is 30x better than ever before.  In terms of what this camera can do, the quality of the video and audio, how easy it is to use, how small and lightweight it is, how robust it is, as managing Director of this business, personally I have never seen anything quite like it and I'm not just saying that.  If you are impressed with the quality of a Go Pro, arguably I have to say this camera is as good if not better so there is a statement.  I don't know that a Go-Pro or any similar sports camera, will have anywhere near the features and functions of our 1080P Spy Camera and as our camera is just a fraction of the cost, there is no substitute. 

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1080P Spy camera & dash cam all in one
1080P Action, Spy & Dash Cam Combo

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    1080P Action & Dash Cam & Spy Camera all in one

    Product Number: 1080P-ACT


    This amazing Spy Camera also doubles as Sports Camera and Dash Cam. It must be one of the most advanced mini cameras ever developed and represents sensational value for money. About the size of a matchbox and weighing just a few grams, the video and audio recording quality of this camera is just as good as any Go Pro but at a fraction of cost.

    So what makes this camera so different to any other spy camera or sports cam out there?

    Our 1080P Action Dash Cam can easily fit into any pocket, hand held or hidden if preferred.  Press the record button to capture stunning 1080P HD video quality normally only found in HD cameras 5 times the size and cost. The video quality is truly outstanding (see the video clip below) and must be seen to be believed.  But wait there’s more, a lot more!

    Action, Dash & Spy Cam records in beautiful 1080P H.264 HD video quality in real time 30 frames per second. At the highest video quality, the bit rate will be nearly 18,000 kpbs in wide angle recording. There is also a 720P 60 frames per second option suitable for extremely fast action recording, and WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) recording for low light scenarios.  Time Lapse mode, where the camera will automatically take Time-Lapsed still images is included whilst all recording is time and date stamped thus clearly visible during playback.

    Tell me more about the Spy Camera features

    The Action & Dash Cam can be very easily configured for motion detection recording with user sensitivity settings. It means this camera is perhaps one of the best covert spy cameras we have ever seen. It’s so small it can be hidden anywhere, motion detection recording is simply sensational with super high quality audio and video.  A camera such as this demands a class 10 or better micro SD card and it will take up to 64GB. At high resolution it will use about 3GB of memory per hour of recording but users have the option to STOP recording when the SD card is full or recycle recording meaning the SD card will auto over write from the earliest recording time.  Low light recording is very good, all battery operated or it can be 5V powered as well.

    This camera is available with a 5V USB power adapter for long term motion activated recording.  Supplied with or without a mini lithium rechargeable battery, it can function for about 2 hours on one charge.  Sometimes a few hours is enough however, by using the supplied mini USB cable interface, users can connect direct to 240V power with the 5V adapter.  This will both keep the camera functioning and charge the battery at the same time.  If this camera is to be used for covert surveillance, its perhaps to best order without the battery.  Battery is fine for short term surveillance but long term.  No cost difference just a recommendation and same applies if using as a Dash Cam. 

    By selecting motion detection mode, the idea is to hide or conceal the camera somewhere or in something...perhaps under a couch, bookcase. bed etc. As soon as any person or object is moved, it triggers the camera to record for about 1 minute.  If motion continues the camera will continue to record and then stop recording once motion ceases.  Simple yet very effective.  If you prefer to constantly record regardless of motion ir can do that too, no problem. 

    How do I playback recordings?

    Remember each camera is supplied with a USB lead. the same lead used to power the camera.  Connect one end to the camera mini USB interface and the other end into your PC or MAC.  This will also recharge the battery incidentally.  As soon as the camera is connected to your computer, it will recognise a "new device found".  Double click on the new device (or open My Computer to see the camera SD card) and you will see all of the time date stamped AVI video files in chronological order.  Highlight any AVI file and select "Open With".  Most media players such as Windows Media Player and so on are quite suitable although we prefer to use VLC which is a free AVI video player available for windows and Mac that can be downloaded here www.vlc.com

    Playback the AVI file and listen to the incredible quality audio to really appreciate it but the various players allow users to freeze frame, slow motion backward and forward, fast forward. fast rewind and so on.  You can do whatever you like with the video but for any recording that needs to be retained, simply copy and paste the video file onto your desktop and its done.  No need to erase or format the SD card, unless of course you select STOP recording when full in the camera menu. Use the recycle function its much easier.  So there you have it, very easy, simple to use and if you like, the SD card can be removed from the camera altogether.  Some customers prefer to use an SD card reader or the PC has a micro SD card slot.  No problem either method is fine. 

    How do I use this device as Dash Camera?

    Thinking about a dash Cam for your car or truck? Once again, look no further as our 1080P Action Cam is also a vehicle dashboard camera. Supplied with an optional 12V cigarette lighter adaptor, windscreen suction cup, waterproof housing if you need it for surfing and diving etc, there is simply no substitute!  If this camera is to be used as a Dash Cam we normally supply the camera with an internal capacitor rather then an internal battery. 

    As soon as the ignition is on, the camera is on and recording constant or motion detection stunning audio and video.  In the event of a traffic incident, it stands to reason you want the highest quality recording available to prove who was at fault.  This is where quality video, quality audio, time and date on the recording is paramount.  Without that the evidence is virtually useless in any legal preceding. When the ignition is switched off the recorder will also switch off but that too can be overridden. 

    With an optional magnetic mount or windscreen mini suction cup, 1080P Action Cam becomes a very effective dashboard camera. As soon as it's connected to the car ignition or 12V cigarette lighter adaptor, it will automatically commence recording, so no need to press record. With the 1080P video quality and wide-angle view, you can read any license plates on the road with ease. Loop Recording mode is a very helpful feature, as you no longer need to worry if you have enough memory!

    Can I use this Camera for vehicle security when parked?

    Lets say you park you car in an under cover car park or on the street or you have concerns that someone is attempting to cause damage or vandalism to your precious car.  Its quite easy to keep the camera running if you like (in motion detection mode) or constant recording even whilst the vehicle is unattended.  Is not using much power at all so in most cases the car battery is fine or if preferred a separate 12V battery of any size.  It doesn't matter too much to the camera. The point is this Spy Cam & Dash Camera combo serves multiple purposes and absolutely ideal to keep a watch on your car, just in case.  If anyone is prowling about, the camera will record HD video day and night with audio and its very unlikely that anyone would even see the camera being so small.  Leave it on the dashboard if you like, front or rear or use a windscreen suction cup.  We supply the mini brackets but the suction cup is optional.

    Battery Life

    The 1080P Action & Dash Cam can record for approximately 2 hours at a time on one battery charge.  The internal battery is a tiny lithium type and rechargeable. Add a power bank to increase the battery life to 3-4 hours of constant recording and even longer in motion detection mode.  As mentioned as an added bonus to all customers, we propose to supply an Australian USB 5V Power adaptor with each camera.  Normally $15.00 but yours at no extra cost.  If using the USB power adapter, the camera can then be used long term with no fear of the battery going flat.

    Audio Quality

    The 1080P Action & Dash Cam records excellent quality audio at 512 Kbps PCM (CD quality). Audio can be turned off as well from the configuration Utility.

    Tell me more about the Sports or Action Cam features

    We already know the camera is miniature in size.  Its perhaps a good idea to call our office if you have questions about this but we can provide optional brackets and housings for all sorts of sports uses.  The Spy Sports camera is supplied standard with helmet mounting brackets and sticky velcro but there are brackets for bikes and even a waterproof housing and bracket for surfing and all other water sports.  

    Is there a better and more multi purpose HD camera available?  If so I want to know about it!!



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