Reversing Camera Kit with 9

Reversing Camera Kit with 9" Colour Monitor and 2 Cameras

Reversing Camera Kit with 2 Cameras and 9

Reversing Camera Kit with 2 Cameras and 9" Color Monitor

Reversing Camera Kit with 9" Color Monitor and 2 Backup Cameras

This vehicle reversing camera kit is supplied with 2 cameras and 2 x 15m cables with 4 pin DIN connections making for strong for easy plug and play installation. One cable supplies power and video to each camera.  

The 9" color LCD monitor connects directly to the ignition or accessories fuse which in turn powers both cameras. One end of the 15 cable (longer cables available by order) connects to the monitor and the other to the camera.  

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The VE-961 is a high resolution 9" color LCD monitor vehicle reversing kit with dual color IR cameras.  The monitor is supplied with a pivoting dash or ceiling mount bracket and sun-visor although any monitor can fix to a windscreen suction cup bracket if preferred. 

The cameras are weatherproof and fitted with a fixed wide angle lens with a 130 degree viewing angle. As soon as accessories or ignition is switched on, the cameras will be displayed to the monitor.  The supplied cigarette lighter adapter is another option for powering the monitor and cameras rather than hard wiring to a fuse.  

Users can switch between channels 1 and 2 or view both simultaneously.  Alternately camera 1 or 2 can be connected to reverse gear and when that gear is selected, that camera will become the priority meaning it will display full screen.  

By connecting a single camera to the reverse gear fuse, when reverse gear is selected that camera becomes priority. When forward gear is selected the secondary camera becomes priority and will display full screen.  Otherwise both cameras can be displayed permanently at the same time.

This reversing camera system is ideal any mobile application including Trucks, buses, motor homes, Bus, Cranes, Airport vehicles, Heavy Machinery, Council Vehicle and so on.  Ideally the kit should be fitted by an authorized auto electrician unless using the cigarette lighter adapter in which case anyone can install it.  

The supplied cameras are made from a tough outdoor IP rated alloy housing and bracket.  A sunshield is optional so please advised beforehand if required. The camera bracket can be pivoted in any direction to achieve the desired camera viewing angle and once selected, the grub screws on either side if the camera bracket are used to tighten the camera into position.


TFT LCD Color Monitor - Model VE-961
9"Digital TFT LCD color Monitor with Sun Visor
OSD MENU with option to set each camera trigger priority 
OSD MENU with option to set each camera reversing image delay time 0-30s 
OSD MENU with option to set each camera to mirror/normal display
Manual and Automatic Switch Display Mode
Color System PAL/NTSC (AUTO) 
Display Resolution 800RGB(H) X 480(V) dot matrix
Accepts up to 2 Cameras Video Inputs:1.0Vp-p75Ω 
Wide viewing angle(CR:10):(up/ down): 45/65 degrees (left/right): 65/65
Brightness (cd/m2): 400
Contrast ratio: 500:1
Back-light : Single LED
Operating temperature: -20℃ to +70℃
Storage temperature: -30℃ to +80℃ 
Load Dump: DC14+87V(Td400mS) 5pulses
Free Operating Voltage: DC11-32V
External dimensions: (L x W x T) (234 x158 x 81mm) with mounting Sun Visor
Weight Approx.: 479g 

Weatherproof IR Color Camera - Model VE-8078
Image Type: 1/3" Color CCD
Horizontal Resolution 480TV Lines 
Effective pixel NTSC 720(H)×480(V) PAL 720(H)x586(V) 
Usable Illumination 0Lux ( Built in 18 x IR LED’s for night vision) 
Viewing angle 130° 
Weatherproof IP69K
Shock resistance  10G
Video Output:1.0Vp-p75Ω 
Automatic Heating Below +10oC(Options)
Power supply:DC12V (current direct from the Monitor)
Dimensions: 69(W) x 43(H) x 38(D) mm (without mounting)

Product Accessories
U- Support bracket
Angle adjustment screw
electrical connection cable
15m cable
Cigarette lighter adapter
User Manual

Reversing Camera Kit with 9" Color Monitor and 2 Backup Cameras

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