Pen Spy Cam Voice Activated

This is one of our Hidden Camera Surveillance top shelf covert Pen Cameras.  Yes we have cheaper Pen Cameras however, if you are looking for high quality this spy camera can record in real time at an amazing 1280 x 960 resolution.  Most other hidden camera cannot record at that resolution and as such our new release internal 8GB Pen Cam will enable higher recording quality.

Do you have a meeting with someone and you need proof of who said what?  Is a neighbour causing you grief.  Perhaps the Ex is stalking and we all hear the stories but unfortunately Police our powerless to investigate unless there is proof. Our Megapixel Pen Cam could be the answer with hours of continuous or Voice activated video recording all time and stamped available at your fingertips.  A pen is very easy to conceal and abttery operated so no person would ever take any notice as it is an actual functioning pen as well.  The audio and video recording is saved to an 8GB internal memory so at high resolution we are still looking at almost 10 hours continuous recording. When finished just back to your PC Hard Drive.

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<span >How Do I Record?
To record simply press the one touch button on top of the pen. Recording can be either constant recording or Voice Activated.  In other words if you wanted to leave the pen in a holder or on a table and the room is silent, there will be no recording.  However, as soon as the someone within  range speaks or makes any noise, the Pen Camera will silently activate from "sleep mode" and record both high quality audio and video. 

Please note in any legal matter you should always check laws in your state governing covert recordings and we also suggest you confer with your lawyer beforehand.

<span >Product Features
High Resolution Mega Pixel CMOS sensor camera
Manual and sound activated recording
Web camera for online video chat
High-speed recording and quick response
Recording resolution: 1280X960 @ real time
Image ratio: 4:3 True aspect
Video recording format: AVI
Video encoding: M-JPEG
Time/Date Stamp: Yes
Snap Shot resolution: 1600X1200
Photo format: JPG
Internal Memory: 48GB
USB High Speed Data Transfer
Battery Capacity: 150mAh polymer lithium battery
Length: 154mm
Dimension: 13mm
Net weight: 51g

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