Wireless Gate Alert Extended Farm Security Alarm Four Zone Base Receiver

Wireless Gate Alert Extended Farm Security Alarm Four Zone Base Receiver

Four Zone Wireless Gate Alert Text-Message Alert Module

Four Zone Wireless Gate Alert Text-Message Alert Module

Wireless Gate Alert Battery Powered Wireless Gate Alarm Two Beamsets

Wireless Gate Alert Battery Powered Wireless Gate Alarm with Two Beamsets, that can monitor two entrance ways. Wireless Gate Alert Battery Beam Kit - Two beamsets • Operates without the need for Solar panels • Two zones monitoring system (e.g. Two entrance-way) • 800m Range (300 – 400m typical) • 3 Year Warranty, including Batteries
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Wireless Gate Alert Battery Powered Wireless Gate Alarm Two Beamsets

Battery Powered Wireless Gate Alarm is a high performance wireless Standard Gate Alarm system, this system sounds an alert in your home if a visitor drives or walks through its detection beam. Using a proper photo-electric beam, it makes more immune to false alarms than PIR based systems.  Never miss a customer or intruder again. This version has been designed for solar-averse countries or heavily shaded sites.

These Alarm is designed to operate in sub-zero temperatures as reliably as the penetrating heat of the Australian outback. This standard alarm is hand assembled in New Zealand.

The beam-set may be installed as a home ‘driveway alarm’ or across wider areas protecting Fuel Tanks or damp buildings such as Sheds, Garages etc.

The detection beam can span up to 40m of open ground. The Standard Gate Alarm operating range from the Beam-set to Base Receiver is typically between 300-500m.  Range is affected by obstacles, and can extend as far as 1.5km in perfect conditions, or be limited to 150m if needed.

Check our Wireless Gate Alert Standard if you require our best range gate alarm, or the Wireless Gate Alert Lite if you require a residential gate alarm.

Two-way Radio Supervision and On-board Diagnostics (displayed on Base Receiver) are features alarm installers routinely expect on wireless equipment – this unique feature we never seen in other gate alert yet.

Wireless Gate Alert Lite Driveway Alarm is compatible with our Pocket Beeper*, POCSAG Pager*, Text Message Module* and easily interfaces with Alarm Panels.

(* optional extras, sold separately).


Whenever any enrolled beam-set beam is interrupted the Gate Alert 700-WGA receiver sounds an alarm. The alarm sound is different for each activated Beam-set(s) or zone.

The Two-zone Receiver has a fixed volume control. Other devices (or an alarm panel) interface with the Base Receiver via terminal blocks located on the back of the enclosure.

Each Base Receiver comes with its own antenna and is powered with a supplied 12V AC adaptor.


The Gate Alert 700-WGA Standard Beam-set is designed to monitor driveways or open ground with its precise invisible infra-red beam.

The beam-set is made up of two small Beam Units, installed directly opposite each other.  An infra-red beam is transmitted from one and received by the other. Whenever the beam is broken, one Beam Unit sends an RF signal to the Base Receiver, alerting to the arrival of a person or vehicle.

The Beam-unit has a battery lead fitted with a waterproof DC battery connector. The lead length is customizable, available in 1m, 2m and 4m standard lengths.


The Beam-set is powered by external 15Ah Lithium-Polymer rechargeable batteries which may be unplugged and charged periodically.  Minimum time between re-charging is 4 months – maximum time is 6 months.  The external batteries are housed in waterproof housings which are easily slid off a bracket and taken indoors to be charged. A completely flat battery can be charged within 15 hours.

This is better to consider purchasing a spare battery so that the beam-set can always remain operational whenever one of the batteries is being charged.


Base Receiver  

  • Two-way Radio Supervision: YES
  • On-board Diagnostics: YES
  • Maximum Number Of Supported Beam-Sets: 2
  • Volume Adjustment Increments: NONE – Fixed Volume
  • Dimensions – Millimetres: W65 | D100 | H30
  • Power Requirements: 12V DC
  • Warranty: 3 Years

Beam Set            

  • Type of Beam: Active Photo-electric Infra-red
  • Maximum Beam Width: 40m
  • Maximum Operating Range between Beam-set and Base Receiver: 800m
  • Modulation Type: Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying (GFSK)
  • Radio Frequency: 458.550 MHz Band (Country Specific)
  • RF Output Power: 80 mW
  • Average Power Consumption per Beam Unit: 10 mW
  • Battery Connector: AMP style contact waterproof male connector
  • Water Resistance: Poly-Carbonate, IP66 rated Enclosure, Fully water-proof, Ant-proof
  • Dimensions – Millimetres: 48 | D45 | H60
  • Warranty: 3 Years


  • Lithium Polymer 15Ah: Voltage 3.7V (charges to 4.2V)
  • Battery Connector: AMP style 2 contact waterproof female connector
  • Dimensions – Millimetres: W50 | D28 | H60
  • Mounting: Enclosure slides onto stainless-steel bracket
  • Housing: Weatherproof polycarbonate enclosure with hinged front cover
  • Warranty: 2 Years

Product Accessories

  • 700-WGA Beam-set(s) with battery leads
  • 2 x Lithium-Polymer external battery packs (3.7v @ 15Ah)
  • 1 x 1.8A 4.2V Battery charger
  • 1 700-WGA Four-zone Base Receiver
  • 12V Power Adaptor for the Base Receiver
  • Mounting Brackets for Beam-sets
  • Mounting Brackets for external battery packs

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