WiFi 185W LED White Light Bulb Spy Camera

WiFi 185W LED White Light Bulb Spy Camera

WiFi 185-WMB LED Battery Backup Light Bulb Spy Camera

WiFi 185-WMB LED Battery Backup Light Bulb Spy Camera

WiFi 185WM LED Light & IR Bulb Spy Camera

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The WiFi 185WM LED light Bulb Spy Camera is 240V powered however, there is the option to 12V battery power the light if power isn’t available and no other option.  Unlike other LED light bulbs, this light does NOT have a mirror finish so the light is actually brighter.  The light is not warm or yellowish it’s actually a normal 5W bright light.  Sometimes the brighter light allows the concealed built in camera see a more detailed, colourful or clearer unimpeded view with higher recording and live viewing quality.   It is NOT an IR camera so if you need night vision then the light should be on. 

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WiFi 185WM LED Light & IR Bulb Spy Camera
WiFi 185WM LED Light & IR Bulb Spy Camera

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    WiFi 185WM LED Light & IR Bulb Spy Camera

    Model No. WF-BULB-185WM

    In terms of hidden or Spy Cameras, what could be covert than a light bulb?  As you will see we have a wide variety of bulb Cam options.  If WiFi is available at the camera location, you have complete remote and LIVE access from 1 to 64 cameras from your mobile phone App, PC or MAC.  Users may even remotely playback recordings and receive email or phone motion detection push alerts. 


    If onsite WiFi isn’t available then we have the same Bulbs available in DVR versions that have no remote access but stil record motion to internal Micro SD card memory.  The Bulb fitting is E27 or Edison Screw in thread and require 240V power.  If your light fitting has a different thread (Bayonet perhaps) please advise or call as we have thread adapters to compensate and no extra cost. 


    Each model LED Bulb will have a slight difference. For instance, some bulbs will have a mirror or reflective glass exterior whereas others don’t.  Some will have built in No Glow Infra Red for night vision but others won’t or both LED and IR.  Selective bulbs for differing situations. 


    All WiFi Light bulb cameras have the option to allow the light to remotely illuminate once motion is detected although the same light can be switched on/off through our free mobile phone App or an optional wireless remote control. The key is to ensure 240V power to the camera remains switched on.  Otherwise there are short term battery bulb cam options as well.   

    What does this LED light Bulb do?

    The WiFi 185WM LED light Bulb Spy Camera is 240V powered however, there is the option to 12V battery power the light if power isn’t available and no other option.  More about that option later.


    In the mean time this is a fully functional 5W LED light bulb.  It has a reflective mirror finish as pictured whilst the light itself has white light rather than a yellowish warm light.  Looking at the bulb itself it’s difficult to see inside the light but it can certainly see out. 


    Unlike other standard fixed light bulbs, the body of this light bulb allows for the light and lens to be manually rotated 360 degrees and tilted to any desired angle.  A fixed body light will have a view directly down as the angle of the lens can’t be altered but in this particular model, yes it most certainly can.


    The lens itself is a wide-angle 120 degrees so the viewing point of reference is completely adjustable. Furthermore, not only does this camera have a built in microphone to listen into conversations surrounding the light bulb, it even has a built in speaker so authorised user/s may remotely communicate in a two-way conversation if desired.



    Simply remove the old bulb and replace with new

    Resolution 1280 x 960P

    Rotatable camera body (360 degree)

    Adjustable lens viewing point (120 degree)

    Extendable camera length (from length 165mm to 185mm)

    Built-in speaker for 2-way communication

    Wide viewing angle 120-degree 2.8mm Lens

    Backup battery feature (optional) if there is a power failure the optional battery will keep it functional

    Optional 20000mAh battery can last 5-6hrs although no battery included. Call for more information.

    Crystal cover (185W or 185Y) mirror cover (185WM or185YM)

    5 Watt white LED light controlled remotely through the free mobile phone App

    25 x white LEDs

    4 x IR LEDs for night vision

    Remote access by Smart Phones (Android)/ iPhone/ IPad/ Notepads/ Notebooks/ PC

    Free APPs for smartphones and PC software

    64 cameras can be viewed but only 4 cameras simultaneously  

    Peer-to-Peer technology (P2P) plug to play

    USA industrial grade processor TI-DM365

    HD960P 1280x960 resolution, 1.3M image processor

    Worldwide Voltage AC 100 -250V

    Double alarm alerts: email alert and mobile push message alert upon motion

    Motion detection / continuous recording options

    Local storage Micro SD card (Class 10) 2GB-32GB, storing up to 12days video

    Direct playback recorded video on smartphones, no need to download videos

    Two colors: Silver / Gold casing

    How does the light itself function?

    The WiFi 185WM LED light Bulb Spy Camera has a covert mirror finish and 24 tiny LED’s for a white bright light illumination.  The light can be switched on off through our free App for Iphone or Android however the light can also be set to Motion Activated as well meaning the light will only illuminate once motion is detected.


    If you prefer NOT to use the LED light, this model WiFi light bulb supports IR for night vision anyway so plenty of options from which to choose. 


    Can I view this camera live on my smart phone?

    Yes that’s exactly what the camera is designed to do.  Installation is a simple procedure of out with the old bulb and in with the new.  Switch in power to the light and provided the bulb is located within a WiFi zone, from your mobile phone with WiFi enabled, a long series of numbers and letters will appear.  There is no reference to anything hidden or light bulb its just a series of numbers called the UID.  Touch the UID and a tick box will appear beside the number. 


    At this point you should have your free mobile phone App ready.  As you will be sharing the same WiFi as the camera, this is called P2P mode.  By opening the App and entering the manufacturer password (see camera instruction manual) you will have a live view of the camera on your phone.


    To select WiFi mode you must know your router password, as the App will ask you to enter that information.  No other WiFi network user will see any online reference to the camera, even if it is online. 


    At this point open the App menu and select the camera operating parameters.  For instance, if using a micro SD card (must be Class 10 or better) for recording, the system will want to know if you prefer to use Motion detection (MD) or Constant Recording?  MD is the preferred option to ensure the SD memory isn’t wasted recording nothing.


    Other Menu setup questions will relate to recording quality, recording speed, audio on/off, recording duration meaning once motion is detected, how long would you like the device to record, 20, 30, 60 seconds or longer?  You will also see a function to arm the light for a certain period of time whenever motion is detected.  Once again you set the preferred lighting duration.  Set recording time and date or set scheduled recording if preferred where the camera recording only becomes active between certain hours of the day and/or night.  In other words the free mobile phone App allows the authorised user to enable or disable a huge range of camera features and functions including the ability to remotely playback SD card recordings without the need to physically touch the camera light bulb.


    What happens if the power switch is turned off?

    It’s fundamentally important to ensure the power switch stays on, even if the light is off.  These spy cameras rely on 240V power to function so switching the light off will also switch off power to the camera.  If you have any concerns of this nature then perhaps explore other spy camera options or look toward the optional 12V battery backup, which can keep the light functional for up to 6 hours. The battery is a backup only not a permanent power supply and only available on certain models.


    Other model LED Bulb spy cameras also have a wireless remote control to switch the LED light on/off but with this particular model, the light is App controlled or motion activated.


    How do I save recordings and what happens when the memory card is full?

    Remotely download recordings direct from the camera SD card to PC or phone.  The camera SD card can be manually removed, viewed, deleted and replayed on MAC or PC using Media Player or VLC etc.  Save any recordings as you choose.  Through the App menu, you choose the option to select either LOOP or recycle recording or STOP recording when full. It’s all your choice. 

    Pictured below is the 185WM bulb connected to a rechargeable 12V battery that can keep the camera functional without 240V power for up to 6 hours.  Call or email for more information, as this function and the battery are optional. 

    In some instances if a standard light fitting is inadequate or potentially could look out of place, there are other options for the light bulb such as the pictured desk lamp.  We don’t sell desk lamp but pretty much available anywhere.  Call or email for more information.

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