VS-271 Sony CCD 480 TVL Zoom Security Camera

The VS-271 Zoom Camera is a High resolution 480 TV Lines Sony CCD security camera.  With a powerful 27x optical zoom & 12x Digital Zoom with auto focus, the 3.6 wide angle to 92.2 telescopic lens camera offers the ability to zero in as closely as possible to objects or people even hundreds of metres away from this security camera. Ideal for close up and distant surveillance.  Our Hidden Camera Surveillance Zoom Camera has built in Pelco protocols and RS-485 interface meaning the zoom functions of this camera can be controlled from our DVR System, via LAN and Internet.


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This 27x Optical Zoom Camera is supplied with an RS485 interface and Pelco P and Pelco D protocols. Most Digital Video Recording (DVR) systems software support the Pelco Protocols which effectively means that the Zoom Camera features and functions can be controlled directly from the DVR, via LAN and/or Internet.

In other words the user is able to select a wide angle Optical Zoom but at the same time be able to optically and digitally zoom the lens camera more than 300x. The Digital zoom Camera will auto focus on the subject at all times. A Zoom Camera is ideal for any indoor or outdoor application. Supermarket aisles, shops, warehouses etc, anywhere shorter and longer distance surveillance needs to be addressed.

Remember this camera cannot Pan or Tilt such as a PTZ Camera. This cctv camera is fixed position and will only zoom in/out in one direction.

Digital Video Recorders (DVR Systems)
Please note that some customers become confuse when dealing with CCTV camera specially with regard to recording.  A CCTV Camera is not a recording device as such and therefore needs to be connected or interfaced by RG-59 coaxial cable from each CCTV camera to a DVR System.  HCS can supply pre made 20m length plug and play cables or professional cables up to 200m in lengh with connectors.  Hidden Camera Surveillance can of course supply and install DVR systems in all shapes, sizes and models from 4, 8, 16 and 32 Channel Digital Video Recording Systems. 

A higher quality camera such as the models featured on this and other pages are 540 to 600 TV Lines.  To appreciate the quality of a high resolution camera, the DVR system equally ought to have high resolution recording capability.  Recording speed is important but even more important is the DVR compression standard.  MPEG4 is now older technology whereas our H.264 Digital Video Recorder Systems are not only much higher quality in terms of playback recording but use up to 40% less HDD capacity.  Older MPEG4 technology can leave what we call a "mosaic effect" when playing back a recording, specially noticeable with moving objects whereas our H.264 DVR systems do not leave a mosaic affect and no ghosting associated with moving objects.

Powerful 27x optical & 12x Digital zoom (3.6-92.2mm)
Auto Digital Focus
High resolution & high sensitivity 480 TVL
Fast Auto Focus
RS-485 Interface allows for control of focus and zoom, OSD menu direct from our DVR system
Built in focus and zoom memory ie when powered down the camera will auto resume focal length and preset zoom when powered on

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