2.4GHz Wireless CCD IR Colour Camera Recorder

2.4GHz Wireless CCD IR Colour Camera Recorder

UHF Receiver 3 CH A B & C

The UZ-10 UHF receiver is compatible with any of our short and long range UHF Transmitters. The UZ-10 Receiver is 9V battery powered (or 9V AC) and available with 3 set receiving channels UHF-A, UHF-B & UHF-C.

Our UHF Transmitters are available by order to suit the receiver. Each mini transmitter is made available in Channel A,B or Cto ensure it is frequency compatible with our UZ-10 three channel receiver. Therefore when ordering a UHF Transmitter from Hidden Camera Surveillance , you request a specific channel or frequency. It could be A, B OR C but not all three.  For this reason you may have up to 3 covert transmitters all in the one location and with all active, the user can select which transmitting device to listen in.  Supplied with an ear headphone speakers, the UHF receiver is supplied with an external output meaning that a recording device can be interfaced with the receiver if needed.

Simple easy operation very durable and reliable all Japanese made technology.

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The UZ-10 UHF Receiver is not like any other.  Most other common  and cheap FM or 2.4GHz broadcast frequencies can be subject to constant and annoying interference from other similar frequencies which basically defeats the purpose for having a listening device in the first place. There is a significant reason for choosing UHF over and above all other frequencies and that is ;

  • Less if any interference from other wireless devices
  • High quality broadcast and receiving
  • More secure
  • Much longer distance between transmitter and receiver
  • Not greatly affected by obstacles between the transmitter and receiver

Yes UHF is more costly compared to alternate devices but in terms of quality there is no comparison.

UZ-10 Control Panel Specifications

From left - antenna terminal, DC input jack, output jack for recording, channel selector, earphone jack, power switch (volume).
Right Middle - Antennas for our UHF receivers.  In the centre is the UZ-10 & UZ-100M's antenna.
Right below - UZ-10's exclusive earphone. Produced by Sony.
COLOR - Black
DIMENSIONS - 56 x 21 x 83 (99)mm / Antenna 10 x 190mm
WEIGHT - Main body 195g (including manganese battery) / Antenna 8g
POWER SUPPLY - 9V (6F22/6LR61) battery x 1 or AC adapter (DC9V)
BATTERY LIFE - Approx. 30 hours (alkaline) or significantly longer using new Lithium Ion 9V
INPUT & OUTPUT - Antenna -SMA jack / Earphone output - 3.5mm mono mini jack / Recording output -2.5mm mini jack / DC input -2.5mm mini jack

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