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The Super Trackstick is a small GPS Tracking device that continuously records its own position for later download through a built-in USB connector.  This GPS tracker is the perfect choice for law enforcement, government agencies, and anyone else that needs a detailed record of a vehicle’s travels on Google Satellite Maps, MicrosoftTM Live, and many other online mapping programs.  Recorded data includes date, time, location, speed, heading, and altitude.  The exact route taken, time and location of stops, and other details are also recorded.

We receive many enquiries from business people, husbands and wives concerned their spouse may be cheating or lying about his/her whereabouts.  If this sounds like you and you need that "peace of mind" and basically know where you're partner has been over any given period, the Trackstick Super could be the answer.  Read more below. On special for $310.00 whilst stock lasts. Click here for Trackstick FAQ's


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As mentioned, knowing where you're spouse, partner, sibling or employee etc has been over any given period is open to conflict and lies and how would you know unless you happen to be following that person. Unlike other GPS tracking devices that need to permanently powered by the vehicle battery (it means professional installation) our Trackstick Super is NOT a communication device and this is important to understand. It does not need professional installation, anyone can do it.

What is the difference between a GPS Tracker & GPS Logger?
Customers often ask this question so best we explain in more detail.  A GPS Tracker needs a pre paid SIM card.  It generally will not run on AA type batteries, it needs a constant 12V power source, meaning the vehicle battery or cigarette lighter adaptor.  A GPS Tracker is about the size of a matchbox and normally it will be supplied with an external GPS antenna but then its no longer hidden or covert as such.  As it needs permanent 12V power, this will mean connecting the GPS Tracker to the vehicle ignition or accessories so that when the vehicle ignition is on, the GPS unit is tracking. Communication between the GPS Tracker and you is SMS Text. 

Taking into account that the GPS tracker has a SIM card installed (you supply the SIM) the tracker can be programmed to send and receive SMS instructions. For instance, you may want to now where the vehicle is at any given time.  By sending a text command to the tracker (no noise) it will respond to you with GPS coordinates.  With those GPS coordinates, you can discreetly see the actual address, speed, heading on Google Earth which is free software, at the time of the SMS command.  A GPS Tracker can be covert of hidden but it normally means taking the vehicle for a certain period of time to have the device fitted by an auto electrician.  In addition, text or SMS commands to the tracker need to be learned and again it takes time to become familiar with the commans. I'm not a big fan of GPS Trackers for that reason.

The Super TrackStick on the other hand is different and easy to use by anyone with a PC, so allow me to explain.  See pictures of what the TrackStick looks like.  It's small, silent and does NOT require a SIM card.  Think of this device more or less like a GPS Navigational device. The Trackstick needs to be able to see the sky but putting it on the dashboard or in view of the driver is out of the question. It needs to be hidden or concealed but not covered by steel.  The GPS Logger needs to be able to see satellites so mounted beneath the dash, either the front or rear windscreen in most instances is ideal.  A little piece of velcro to hold it up is a good idea.  The trackstick GPS Logger has a red or green flashing LED light which is needed for setup.  Red means the tracker cannot see the satellites and green means yes it can.  Once the Trackstick is mounted beneath the dash or elsewhere in the vehicle with a clear view of the sky, you will see the "green light" so just a matter of putting a little black tape over the LED if concerned that it may be seen.

Remember TrackStick only needs 2 x AAA batteries to function so you do NOT need to find power from within the vehicle.  With decent quality Lithium Ion batteries, you can expect the batteries to last about 1 week before needing replacement or recharge so often that time frame is adequate. 

How does it work?
Built into the Trackstick is a certain amount of memory.  As it can now see satellites, it knows exactly where it is on our earth and it retains those coordinates.  When the vehicle is on the move, again the Trackstick is recording everything from time an date, speed, heading, altitude and so on.  If the vehicle stops for any period of time, that too is recorded along with the suburb, street and address.  In other words, if the vehicle is driven to a house or property, TrackStick has recorded it and everything in between. You cannot remotely communicate with Trackstick.  You need patience more than anything to look for the right opportunity to get hold of Trackstick.

How do I playback GPS Recordings from Trackstick?
This is the best part.  Once you get hold of our TrackStick GPS Logger, gently pull it into two pieces.  One side will be a USB.  Connect the Tracker direct to your PC USB interface and your PC wil auto recognise it.  Free software will have been downloaded onto your PC beforehand.  Now that your PC can see the logger and all of the internal data, it will quickly download the lot.  Once completed, you will be able to see a "snail trail" of where the vehicle has been on any given day, date or time. The Snail Trail will show the vehicle at home or at the office on a certain date, then leaving that home, travelling along a range of streets and suburbs, all the time leaving a trail depicting the exact time, heading and speed etc.  if the vehicle stops at traffic lights for 1 minute, its recorded.  Lets say 30 minutes after leaving home, the vehicle arrives at a destination where it reamined for the next two hours.  That destination address can be "zoomed in" so you see the actual address, right down to the street number and a Google Earth view of the address.  Its not showing the vehicle in the driveway but it does show the address in extroadinary detail from both a satellite view to a side on view.  All of this information is provided free by Google Earth.

The point is you know when the vehicle arrived at this address, you know exactly when it left this address and where the vehicle was subsequently driven after that time. Its all a your fingertips and that is the difference between a GPS Live Tracker and GPS Logger.  The Trackstick logs where it has been.  Simple and very cost effective!!

What more do I need to know?
The Super Trackstick’s rubberised case and included magnetic mount make it easy to attach to any vehicle. A built-in vibration detector reduces power consumption, resulting in continuous operation of up to four weeks. The Super Trackstick runs on two AAA batteries and has enough memory to record weeks of activity. Visit for more information about this product.

GPS devices such as the Trackstick are not satellite communication devices and will not generally receive a signal through metal.  Glass, plastic, fibreglass and other materials are generally fine so placing the Trackstick where is has a view of the sky (perhaps beneath or on top of a dash) is usually fine.  See Frequently Asked Questions above for more information<span >

Dimensions & Specifications
11.4cm X 3.18cm X 1.9cm
2.5 metre horizontal accuracy
Integrated USB 2.0 connector
Weatherproof case, detachable magnetic mount and belt clip.
Integrated directly into Google EarthTM for worldwide use.
4Mb flash memory records months of location histories.
Vibration Detector for ultra long battery life. (4 weeks typical)
Built in temperature recorder -10C/+14F to +60C/140F +/- 1C
Runs on two (2) AAA batteries.
Requires WindowsTM XP or later computer with USB1.1/2.0 port


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