Waterproof GPS Tracker with GSM SOS Alert

Waterproof GPS Tracker with GSM SOS Alert

Trackstick Mini GPS Tracker & Logger

Trackstick Mini GPS Tracker & Logger

Trackstick Pro GPS Tracker & Logger

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The Trackstick Pro is a location based data logger or TRACKER that will record the entire route history of anything that moves. The Trackstick Pro is an effective solution for managing everyday commercial, fleet, or local and federal assets including police, parking enforcement, public transportation, street cleaning, utility, and other vehicles.

A low cost alternative to real-time tracking devices with no monthly airtime fees, the Trackstick Pro records its own location histories for later retrieval with a computer through an integrated USB port. Detailed mapping and 3D satellite imaging reveal exactly where a vehicle has been. The Trackstick Pro continually records the date, time, location, speed, direction, lengths of stops, temperature, and other valuable information to help manage moving assets more effectively. A detailed distance reporting system allows for better planning of routes, which can help reduce a company fuel costs

The Trackstick Pro can be permanently mounted on a vehicle in plain sight, covertly installed or removed from the cradle and placed on the dashboard. Power is supplied by the vehicle and an internal software alarm will time stamp any interruptions. Measuring only 5cm X 5cm X 2cm the weatherproof case can be mounted via the cradle and screw pads.

Unlike our Trackstick Super the Trackstick Pro is designed to be cradle mounted inside a vehicle and powered by the vehicle rather than internal batteries. 

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The perfect solution for individuals, fleets, federal and local government  agencies looking for a way to track, record, and validate the location of anything that moves. Detailed mapping and 3D satellite imaging show the exact routes travelled to help plan a more fuel efficient journey.
For more information, visit the manufacturers website, www.trackstick.com

Dimensions 5cm x 5cm x 2cm
2.5 Metre Accuracy
Built in USB 2.0 port
Weatherproof case and detachable cradle
Firmware alarm notifies of any power interruptions
4Mb flash memory records months of location histories
Runs on 5 to 24 volts DC with less than 6mA during normal operation.
Built in temperature recorder -10C/+14F to +60C/140F +/- 1C
Can be powered by the on-board USB port and plugged into any computer
Trackstick Pro maps its actual location in real time. (not for remote viewing over the internet, local use only if you need a live tracker refer our World Tracker GPRS)
Integrates directly into Google Earth tm for worldwide use
Fully compatible with all versions of Trackstick Manager Software, MicrosoftTM Streets and TripsTM and other off the shelf programs via .CSV file format
Requires Windows XP or 2000 compatible computer with USB1.1/2.0 port for mapping and data retrieval

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