Smoke Detector Spy Camera

Smoke Detector Spy Camera

Smoke Detector Spy Camera & Digital Recorder

Smoke Detector Cam DVR PDF Brochure

Smoke Detector Camera looks exactly like a normal Smoke Detector. In fact it is a real smoke detector but built inside is a super high quality 520 TV Lines covert or pinhole CCD camera hidden which cannot be detected no matter how hard you look. Apart from the colour pinhole camera also embedded and hidden inside the Hidden Camera Smoke Detector is high gain audio microphone which is absolutely outstanding.

The Hidden Camera Smoke Detector is 12V powered and as it is a Smoke Detector after all (should not be used for that purpose) ought to be permanently fixed to the ceiling. The high resolution concealed or covert pinhole lens is wide angle and it depicts a 90 degree angle across room view so ideal for any small to large office or room. Mount the Spy Camera to the ceiling (screws & plugs supplied) and perhaps more toward the corner of a room for a wider view then connect the supplied 12V power supply into the mains power somewhere in the roof cavity.

If a power point is handy, great just plug it in otherwise it may be necessary to find a power point somewhere in the roof or perhaps use an extension lead. After that simply set and forget. The Motion activated Smoke Detector is also supplied with a wireless remote control so you can arm and disarm the built in recorder whenever you choose and without the need to physically touch the camera. More about that later.

We also have a range of covert cameras with the same or similar features to the Smoke Detector Cam with the exception of course that they are not ceiling mounted. See this link to our Hidden Camera range and particulalry our Spy Camera Clock.

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Smoke Detector Camera Recorder
Smoke Detector Spy Camera & Digital Recorder

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    How Does it Work?
    The Smoke Detector Spy Security Camera Recorder is not your average hidden camera. This is an "all in one" high resolution 520 TVL Sony CCD colour pinhole camera (excellent in low light as well) with a built in Digital Video Recorder (DVR) plus a super high gain pinhole audio microphone for crystal clear audio recording in sync with video. Remember this is a fully functional smoke detector and spy security camera with motion activated or constant recording, so ideal as a Home Security Cameras or office hidden camera.

    Smoke Detector spy camera digital recorder is a covert hidden camera with built in motion activated recording with audio.  This 12V hidden camera is ideal for for any covert surveillance need. Store room theft is a coommon problem and in many instances a covert or spy camera such as this is an ideal means of indentifying a thief and recording movement to the built in SD memory card.   The Smoke Detector Camera DVR will record upon motion or constantly record, what ever is preferred. If a Smoke Detector is a good idea but not what you are looking for (perhaps out of place) don't forget we have a range of similar devices including a PIR DVR.

    The idea is to ceiling mount the detector (as it should be) and with the provided 12V power supply, find a power socket in the roof cavity to keep the camera permanently powered. It can also be 12V battery powered although a little inconvenient in terms of battery recharging.  Its not a good idea to remove the Spy Camera Smoke Detector once installed. A 12V battery would only last for a matter of hours so not a really convenient solution unless its temporary.

    The colour pinhole CCD camera provides a perfect horizontal to slightly diagonal 45 degree view (not a direct down view) which is quite wide about 100 degrees and therefore ideal as a Spy Camera for home or office. The concealed pinhole camera will be able to see and discreetly record all movement to the internal concealed DVR (Digital Video Recorder) even if movemen is 10m away or more. During the easy set-up (connect to any TV to see what the camera can see) the camera can be entered into several recording options.  For instance, when motion is detected, what recording duration, speed and recording quality would you like?  Once motion is detected you may choose to record video and audio in real time (can be slower to conserve SD card memory) and at high resolution. 

    Recording quality can set high, medium and low.  However, once motion is detected, how many seconds would you like the Smoke Detector Camera to record?  Now that could be 10 seconds, 15, 20, 30 or longer.  If motion continues longer than the pre-set time, it wil continue to record until motion stops.  Simple as that!  At high resolution real time recording, the Wireless Smoke Detector Spy DVR will use about 1GB/40min of activity.  Pre program the Smoke Detector Spy Camera DVR to STOP recording when the SD card is full or LOOP RECYCLE recording meaning it will auto over write from the earliest date.  In loop recording mode, this hidden Security Camera will record over and over time and again until you say stop. In this regard its only necessary to remove the side concealed SD card for viewing when you know there has been an incident.  Obviously the larger the SD card the more recording capacity. 

    A very discreet slot is located on the side of the Smoke Detector Cam to house the HD SD card. Tweezers are needed (supplied with the kit) to insert and remove the SD memory card slotted into the hidden security camera.  To setup simply connect the Smoke Detector Camera supplied RCA lead to any TV monitor AV Input. From your TV monitor you will be able to see exactly what the camera can see so any adjustments can be made before mounting and arming. You could also leave the camera permanently connected to a TV monitor if you so desire simply by running an RCA lead of any length from the Smoke Detector Camera direct to you TV monitor.

    This hidden spy camera is supplied with an 8GB HD SD memory card although for much longer recording, larger capacity SD cards (up to 32GB) are available and acceptable. Call our office if you would like to order a larger HD SD card or you can supply it.  We also provide a wireless remote control so once the camera is connected to power or battery, motion detection recording is ON.  An 8GB HD SD memory card can store approximately 12 hours of real time video and audio however, by slowing the recording to 1/2 or 1/4 of real time speed (still quite fast) the memory capacity can be doubled or quadrupled. The other options include increasing SD memory capacity but we find 8GB in most instances is more than sufficient. It also depends on how much motion the hidden home security camera detects over a period of time so some trial and error is required. There are various means to increase recording capacity from hours to even days of constant recording. Call our toll free number for more information if required. It could be that you don't need the Smoke Detector Camera to record constantly upon motion or otherwise so it can be programmed to SCHEDULE RECORDING.  this means arming the covert camera at say 6.00pm and disarm at 7.00am.  In doing so the Smoke Detector Camera will not be recording outside of those desingated times thus conserving memory capacity. These are just of the features and functions that set it apart from most other Hidden Security Cameras.  Its unique and packed full of functions normally found in a DVR security system but in this case, its all in one.

    There is no need to format the memory card. As mentioned, when the card is full the DVR will auto overwrite which in other words means it will recommence recording at the very beginning and slowly overwrite older recordings on a continuous recycling mode. If you know that an incident occurred then simply remove the memory card and replay it on your PC. Save the recording to your PC for future reference then it will never be lost.

    The same principal applies to all of our covert of hidden cameras that have motion detection recording. How Do I Playback Recordings? Once again it very easy not rocket science!! The Smoke Dector Cam kit is supplied with a wireless remote control and there are basically several options. Lets assume that you have a TV monitor somewhere in the house or office and you have run an RCA lead from the covert camera (lead is in the ceiling) and long enough to reach you TV. Just like a DVD player to a TV, aim the wireless remote control at the Smoke Detector Camera Camera, select AV1 or AV2 on your TV and you will be able to see exactly what the pinhole camera can see. Aim the wireless remote control at the camera and press Search. You will instantly see a calendar and a list of motion detection events depicting time and date. By simply selecting the date, press OK and a real time play back of all the motion detection recorded events at are you fingertips.

    Play all events in movie fashion, advance through the events, forward, backward, freeze frame or frame by frame, its very much like operating a DVD player. It may not be convenient to remove the Smoke Detector from it's location so another option is to remove the internal SD memory card (with the tweezers) and if you like replace it with a fresh card. When convenient for you simply slot the SD memory card into a USB reader, connect to your PC and bingo, look at any or all of the AVI files with programmes such as Windows Media Player or VLC both of which are free programmes. Any file you need to keep, just copy and save to your PC for future reference. It's very easy and any Windows or MAC can do it.

    Smoke Detector Camera

    Fully Functional Smoke Detector High Quality 520 TVL
    Full Colour SONY CCD Camera
    Built-In DVR w/ max 32Gb SD Card Memory support
    0.1 Lox Low Light Camera
    Remote Control for "one touch" operation
    Motion Activated Ideal for covert surveillance
    Find out what's going on when you're not around
    Increase home & office security
    Capture hidden camera video footage in extreme low light situations
    High quality SONY CCD image sensor
    Built-in Digital Video Recorder (DVR) for easy recording
    Removable SD card for hours or days of video & easy viewing
    No additional software needed to view videos on your PC
    Needs To Be Connected To AC Power

    Type: Colour CCD Camera Pick-Up
    Device: Sony CCD Image Sensor
    Picture Elements: EIA/NTSC: 512 H x 492 V - CCIR/PAL: 512 H x 582 V
    Horizontal Resolution: 520 TVL
    Minimum Illumination: 0.1 Lux
    Horizontal Sync.
    Frequency: EIA/NTSC: 15.734 KHZ - CCIR/PAL: 15.625 KHZ
    Vertical Frequency: EIA/NTSC: 19.0699 MHZ - CCiR/PAL: 18.9375 MHZ
    Function: Alarm Output
    Lens: 3.7mm Pinhole Lens
    Video Output: 1Vp-p, 75 Ohms Gamma: .045
    Power Supply: DC12V
    Power Consumption: 150 mA
    Storage Temperature: -30C ~ 60C
    Operation Temperature: -10C ~ 45C

    Payment Methods Please note we accept most Credit Cards such as Visa or Mastercard (Amex +2%) Cheque, Money Order or EFT. Delivery is either Express Post or TNT and to keep orders discreet, we do not use Hidden Camera Surveillance as the sender but rather HCS and our PO Box number. We can always change delivery methods that to meet your needs. Call our office to discuss. The same applies with payments as we do have a discreet bank account so there is no reference to cameras or hidden anything. Our office is open from 9am to 5pm so any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to call out toll free number 1300 763235. We also offer free telephone support and advice if needed.

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