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Police Cam Recorder is a high resolution and all battery operated 100% portable High Resolution H.264 hardware compression video and audio mini Digital Video Recorder (DVR) with including a High resolution colour camera. This is one touch recording device suitable for Police, Security Guards, Council Workers, Military, Security personnel, Night Club Bouncers, Sports commentators & participants, great for war games such as Paint Ball and sports people in general. Police Cam DVR is available with the Ear Hook camera as pictured or the optional Cap Clip on type.

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Police Cam

This Police & Security Camera Recorder DVR is both high quality, small and lightweight. Ideal body worn camera and recorder for Police, Security Officers, Council staff, National Parks & Wildlife, Investgators, Bouncers, Night Club staff, even sports people.

The DVR is small enough to fit into an upper shirt pocket or bag so it could also be used for covert applications such as a Bag Cam set-up in situations where evidence to be gathered is more of an undercover operation as such. Please note we all supply covert Bag Cams but in this instance the user would need make something to suit the camera.  As the camera itself is less than the size of a lipstick with a tiny pinhole lens, it wouldn't take much to conceal the camera and recorder in something like a bag or similar.  Its really up to the imagination of the user and general circumstances.

On many occasions in the past, Police and Security Officers have been ordered to answer allegations of brutality, wrongful arrest, strong arm tactics, verbal abuse and so on. Public disturbance, drunken behaviour and generally "out of control" drug users have taken Police and Security personnel to task by making allegations of not being at fault.  Those allegations in some cases have lead to suspensions and/or reprimand, even court hearings for no apparent reason.  Its now reached the point unfortunately where body worn cameras such as this are a necessity as evidence. 

More recently Council staff need to attend upon neighbourhood disputes and once again, allegations and finger pointing is common practise.  Often such disputes or disagreements are harmless however, for whatever reason, its not uncommon to one party to lie or exaggerate circumstances resulting in protracted legal action.  Such legal dispute can affect the livelihood of people going about their business so its important to obtain evidence of any altercation, who said what etc.  That evidence could be vital to any proposed legal action.  More often than not, when Police, Security or Council officers can be seen wearing a camera recorder, and sense of calmness prevails and disputes less likely to get "out of hand" specially when any offender knows that his/her actions are being recorded.

Body worn cameras of this nature are not new but most certainly have become much better in terms of size, battery capacity, weight, ease of use and designed for a more professional approach.  Whilst we can easily see the advantages to having Police Cam available to Police, Security & Council staff, there are many more applications for a camera such as this including Sports and paint ball comes immediately to mind.

Supplied with a rechargeable lithium battery (additional heavy duty batteries optional) up to 4 hours recording capacity is supported on just one standard battery charge. Internal memory is supported by 2-16GB Micro HD SD card. Hidden Camera Surveillance supplies an 8GB HD Class 6 or better Micro SD card with each camera.  A 2GB card can store about 90 minutes of constant audio and video recording so a 16GB card can save about 12 hours of constant recording at high resolution. Adjusting the recording quality and speed means means even longer recording capacity.

The mini 2.8mm pinhole lens camera supplied with the kit is a CCD sensor (not CMOS) and the wide-angle 115-degree lens is ideal for any recording situation, especially close up. A high quality audio microphone is built into the camera and all recording is Time & Date stamped for authenticity. To playback simply use the supplied 2.5” colour TFT LCD monitor however, the DVR can also be interfaced with any PC via USB. Recordings from the camera can be saved to PC for future reference or evidence required.

Police & Security Camera Recorder Specs

High Performance CCD Camera/s
Cap Clip or Ear Hook mini CCD cameras (Optional)
Portable DVR 2.5 inch LCD for instant playback and recording setup
H.264 video compression
720x480 D1 quality
2.5" TFT LCD screen
Real-time video recording and playback
Audio Recording in sync with video
Micro SD card up to 16G
3.7V/2200mAh lithium battery supports up to 4 hours continuous recording
Multi-function OSD (On Screen Display) menu
AVI video player. Supports TV and PC interface
Selectable Ear Hook and/or Cap clip type camera
Ideal for military, police, security guards law enforcement, even sports

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