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One of the world's leading and most advanced latest release H.264 Codec (MDVR) Mobile Digital Video Recorder.  Available in 4 and 8 camera channels, this MDVR security system is like no other. Preferred in most countries throughout the world (including the US) for it's robust quality, unique features and functions. The HCS Mobile DVR Recorder is designed for all mobile needs including buses, trucks, cars, boats, trains and most any mobile need.  Built in rugged shock absorbing ensures this security system will exceed user requirements. Available with a range of optional accessories including GPS, 3G, WiFi, USB, removable 500GB Hard Drive plus internal SD memory for emergency recording.

Unlike other MDVR systems, camera connections are specialised 4PIN DIN plugs or if preferred BNC connections. It's equally important that your chosen CCTV cameras are designed to withstand constant shock and vibration because standard CCTV cameras are not designed for that purpose and will ultimately fall apart within a short time.  Our mobile CCTV cameras (featured on this page) are weather-proof (all rubber sealed) shock and vibration proof, available in high and extra high resolution 520 to 600 TV Lines with strong alloy casing.  Vandal resistant our mobile cameras are provided with or without (IR) and audio. 

If you are in the market for high quality mobile security, avoid disappointment and call our toll free number 1300 763235 (within Australia).  We preset the MDVR system, cameras and cables to desired length ready to plug and play.  Price includes 500GB 2.5" sata HDD with removeable caddy. GPS, 3G and WiFi Modules are optional and need to be ordered at the time of purchase.


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MDVR Specifications

System Processor   Hisilicon Hi3511 Processor
OS   Real-time Linux OS (ver2.6)
File System   FS 2.0 specifically designed for mobile surveillance.
  Video & Audio   Video Compresssion   H.264 Codec
  Video storage   2.5’’ SATA (Up t1TB), SD card (32GB tested)
  Video System   NTSC/PAL
  Total Resource   100 or 200 frames Per Second @ CIF
  Max FPS   2CH D1 @ 25FPS PAL 30FPS NTSC      
  Audio Compression   ADPCM+G.726  (8 kbps)
  Input   4 or 8 Cameras(DIN-JACK X8)
 Output   DIN-JACK X 1; RCA X 1
  Recording  Recording Mode   General/Timer/Alarm
 Event   Sensor, Speed, Acceleration, Temperature, Video Loss
 Pre-Alarm Recording   1~60mins prior to event
 Watermark   Prevents video files from being altered & assures authenticity
 Network  3G Module   GPRS, EDGE, EVDO, HSPA, Telstra
 WiFi   802.11 b/g
 LAN   100Mbps Ethernet (RJ45)
 GPS   Vehicle tracking, Speed detection, Synch time
 I/O Interface  Sensors   8 Inputs, 3 Outputs
 USB  USB 2.0
 Serial   RS-485×2, RS-232×2
 Power  Input   8 ~36V DC

Mobile Cameras

The CCTV Security Cameras featured on this page are specifically designed for mobile situations although could be used for any security purpose. The Rear View or Reversing Camera is totally weather and vandal proof. Available with or without Infra Red (IR) and/or audio.  The same type of camera can be used for vehicle left and right side views with special mounting brackets and angled lenses.

The Wedge Camera is mainly indoor use and available with a wide angle 2.8mm lens (near fish-eye view) 3.6mm standard wide angle lens and by order, up to 12mm telephoto. The cast alloy housing makes it robust and vandal proof. The same mini CCTV cameras are available with an optional audio microphone built in so ideal for a drivers view of passengers entering or leaving the vehicle. Buses, trucks and cabs are the most common users however the same type of CCTV camera can be used for any mobile or marine need. Increasingly our Hi resolution mini vandal proof dome cameras are becoming more popular for their small size compared to standard cameras, solid alloy construction and high resolution

All cameras can be made available with either BNC or 4 PIN DIN plug connectors. A DIN plug is very secure and much less likely to become loose due to vehicle vibration however we offer both options.  If DIN connections are preferred they must be pre ordered. 

The same specifications are available in dome shape cameras if preferred (see more photos on this page)

Optional Modules
Tested in Australia with remote
access using the Telstra 3G Network our Mobile DVR system was able to video stream at 20fps on a single channel so very close to real time remote monitoring.  This  system supports any type of monitor (if needed) as well as an internal 3G module, WiFi Module  and/or GPS module. The removable HDD can be easily interfaced with Windows PC.

X3 MDVR Front & Rear Images

X3 MDVR Frontal View

X3 MDVR Rear View

X3 MDVR Playback & GPS GUI



X3 CMS Software

X3 MDVR Dimensions

X3 MDVR Dimensions

X3 MDVR Peripherals (Video In/Out & I/O Interface lead)

X3 MDVR IO Expander

X3 MDVR I/O Expander

DVR Recorder 
H.264 Codec
4CH Full D1
8CH Full HD1
50% Less Storage required compared to MPEG4


ARM9, 270MHz
Built-in Power Rectifier
New File System [NVRFSTM]

Case Design

Small Profile
Removable HDD
Built-in HDD Vibration Absorber
Built-in Heater

Special Recording
Special Mirror Recording
Full Stream Recording to HDD
Sub-stream Recording to SD
Mirror Image to SD Card as Secondary backup Storage

Live view
Location Tracking
Vehicle Status Monitor
Remotely Live View/ Playback/ File Download/ Upgrade
AVI Conversion
Auto File Download
Remote Configuration of DVR Recorder

USB 2.0
High Speed
3G/EVDO with USB Adaptor
DVD File Backup

Built-in Wireless Network Card
Support WIFI802.11N
Support Mobile Phone Browser Viewing/ Login
Using Mini-PCI Modules

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