GPS Tracker & Listening Device

GPS Tracker & Listening Device

Wall Contact Microphone & Listening Device

This Wall Contact Microphone & Listening Device works in a similar fashion to a doctors stethoscope, though more sensitive. Place the contact microphone against a wall, window, central heating pipes etc and it will pick up and amplify any conducted noises. it can be used for listening to conversations through walls that are more then 20cm thick with clarity. The Wall Contact Microphone is supplied with an earpiece and record out lead for connection to a recorder with a 3.5mm Mic socket.

We actually have quite a range of Wall Microphone Listening devices however the product featured is the most popular and cost effective. 

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The Wall Contact Microphone is a super high quality battery operated device ideal for listening to conversations or in many instances, bug detection.  Termites infest walls and cavities and with a device such as the Wall Contact Microphone, pest controllers can actually hear and record if necessary termites or other infestation rodents chomping on timber.   Other then drilling holes into walls looking for structural damage (we also offer snake cameras) the Japanese made Contact Mike could be an excellent means of knowing exactly where to look without making a huge mess in the process. 

Other practical uses include simply listening to conversations or noises through walls of any construction whether it is brick, timber, plaster, metal, fibro or basically any building material.  The Hidden Camera Surveillance Wall Contact Microphone is so sensitive, depending on the noise level on the other side, it is possible to listen to conversations through a brick wall up to 20cm thick.  Built into the Contact Microphone is an earphone jack.  If you have a recorder of some description whether it is a tape recorder or Digital Recorder also supplied by us, yes it is quite possible to not only listen in but record what you can hear at the same time.

Ideal for cheating husbands and wives, Investigators who may need to listen through a door and makes for a great means of knowing whether someone is home rather than knocking on the door and blowing your identity but these are just a few suggestions.  Someone talking about you behind your back but not sure what is being said and by whom.  The Wall Contact Microphone is the ideal covert listening device for any application.  We don't need to tell you.  You already know what you want it for so place an order or give our office a call. 

Dimensions 21 x 55 x 70 (85)mm
Ceramic Contact microphone 26mm x 18mm
Cord 1m
Weight   29g (Including battery)
Mic. 28g
Power Supply  9V (6F22 / 6LR61) battery x 1
Battery Life Approx. 60 hours (based on alkaline)
Input & Output Mic. Input 2.5 mm
Mini Earphone and recorder jack
Earphone output 3.5mm stereo mini jack,
Record output 3.5mm stereo mini jack

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