HD Button Spy Camera Recorder

HD Button Spy Camera Recorder is a high quality, super light and cost effective body worn pinhole colour camera. The pinhole camera is actually built into a black look alike button so if wearing the spy camera, the idea is to wear a dark shirt with black buttons. Leave one button undone and substitute with the Button Cam to do up the shirt.

Built into Button Cam is miniature lithium USB rechargeable battery which allows for up to 90 minutes of constant recording. Button Cam actually has several functions and features including the option to take still pictures, audio recording only or high resolution simultaneous video and audio

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HD Button Spy Camera Recorder
HD Button Spy Camera Recorder

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    HD Button Spy Camera Recorder

    Product Number: BUTN-CAM01

    Button Cam is designed in such as way that whilst being worn there is no need to look at the camera in order to know what its doing.  Below the button hole there are to more buttons or spring loaded switches called button A and B.
    We provide proper English instructions with your order which is easy to understand.  Slotted into the side fom the camera is a micro SD card slot.  It's important to use a high quality Class 10 8-16GB Micro SD card and as an option we will supply one or the other for you and pre test before delivery to you. 
    Most importantly it's fudamnetally important to understand how it works and for reasons that actually make sense.  As mentioned if wearing the body cam you don't want to be fiddling about with your shirt or buttons to switch the camera on/off it could be a dead give away.  You know you are wearing it but onelse will.  Press buton A to arm the camera and instantyl you will feel a long but solient vibration.  This means the camera is in standby mode waiting for the next command.  to activate recording, simply by pressing another switch on the camera, the button camera will vibrate a number of times and this confirms that the camera is now recording.
    in other words the number of times the camera vibrates indicates whether the device is audio recording, taking photos or recording video.  No need to look at the camera, you already know its recording and that is exactly is what its all about.




    • Primary Functions: Digital Video and Still Camera with pinhole lens within the pictured button
    • Recording Range: 2~3 Meters Video, 1~2 Meters Audio
    • Recording Format: AVI (640x480, 30FPS)
    • Color Video: YES
    • Lens: 3.6mm wide angle lens
    • MIC: YES
    • Color: Black
    • Materials: black and buttons are plastic
    • PC interface: USB
    • Certification: CE, FCC
    • Operating Systems: Windows 98SE / 2000 / Me / XP / Vista /Mac
    • Dimensions: 60mm x 17mm x 19mm (L x W x H)
    • Battery:  rechargeable Li-ion (recharge from USB)
    • Storage: without built-in Memory, support 1-16GB Micro SD card Class 10 or better
    • Typical Battery Life: Approx 90-120mins video recording
    • Easy connection with PC/Laptops, no driver needed

    Package Content:

    1 x Button Spy Camera
    1 x Quick-start guide - English
    1 x Mini-USB to USB cable
    1 x Matching black button for DIY shirt tailoring


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