720P Digital Video Recorder Spy Clock Camera

720P Digital Video Recorder Spy Clock Camera

HD 1080P Desk Clock Camera

Download HD 1080P Desk Clock Camera Brochure

New desktop clock camera with super high quality 1080P motion detection recording including audio.   The time display LED is blue and not too bright so ideal for most rooms. 

Easy to use and packed full of features and functions, this covert Clock Spy Camera is very good in low light but it’s not an Infra Red to record in total darkness camera, it must have some light to see and record which is about 1 candlelight.  Motion detection or constant recording with high quality audio in video sync.  This hidden camera supports our Class 10 micro SD card up to 32GB including loop or recycle recording. 

Please note we do have this camera in a WiFi version although this DVR Clock camera is supplied with a wireless remote control used to arm and disarm the camera and set motion detection or constant recording.  If only audio recording is required, no problem it can do that too. 

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HD 1080P Desk Clock Camera
HD 1080P Desk Clock Camera

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    Download HD 1080P Desk Clock Camera Brochure

    So how does it all work?  Everyone has a desk-clock nowadays so the introduction of new clock means out with the old (perhaps pretend the old clock is faulty) and in with the new.  Our new HD Desk Clock Camera is small and fully functional but it doesn’t have a radio.  See our WF-CLK-011 for our WiFi Clock radio Cam option.

    The idea is to use the clock normally to begin and don’t install the micro SD card initially especially if you have any concerns about introducing something new into the home or office. 

    When the time is right, insert our class 10 or better micro SD card into the back of the clock which can be up to 32GB capacity.

    This HD clock camera is supplied with an internal rechargeable lithium Ion battery so it can function on its own power for 3-4 hours although we also supply an Australian 5V power adapter so the best option (just like any other clock) is to plug it into power which not only recharges the battery but will keep the clock functional indefinitely.  If power is switched off to the clock, the rechargeable battery will auto take over.

    Please note this is not a permanent security camera and should not be used for that purpose.  First and foremost it's a Spy Camera and hsould be used accordingly.  When not being used for covert needs, the switch at the back of the clock should be OFF and then switched ON again only when needed.  

    HD 1080P NO Glow IR Clock Camera 1

    Can it still record in total darkness?

    Please note this is not an IR hidden camera.  We do have other clock cameras and other covert cameras that do have NO GLOW IR but if not absolutely necessary then don’t use IR.  This Desk Clock Spy Cam doesn't ’t have IR but its still very good recording even in low light excepy total darkness.  It has a 1.0 lux rating which is equivalent to 1 candlelight. 

    What happens when the SD card is full and how long will it last?

    The highest recording level is 1920 x1080 and at the highest recording quality in real time it will use about 153MB or memory per minute or 9GB per hour when constantly recording.  Remember it’s always best to set Motion detection recording and that saves using the internal memory too quickly. Wen the camera detects motion in a room it will record for a minute or 2 non stop and if motion continues, so the camera will continue to record. 

    Often we find a 32GB Class 10 SD card is adequate (you can order from HCS online) but remember, the camera is set to LOOP or recycle recording which basically means when the SD card is full, it will slowly over write from the earliest recording date.  That means that recording is not instantly deleted.  There will always be recording on the SD card but its important to be time mindful not to leave the camera recording frequently for a long period of time otherwise any earlier important event could be over written at some stage.  Anything important needs to be saved to PC. 

     HD 1080P NO Glow IR Clock Camera 2


    1 Megapixel CMOS
    Video Resolution 1920 x 1080
    Photo Resolution 2592 x 1944
    Video format AVI
    Frames 25fps (real time)
    Visual angle 90°
    Motion detection recording
    Minimum illumination 1LUX
    Battery capacity 2400MA
    Continuous recording time 24 hours & above
    Remote control max distance 8m
    Memory card Micro SD class 10 or better
    Memory card max support 32GB
    Recording: 1min/ around 153MB
    Charging time About 5-6hours
    Working time About 3-4 hours
    Can be 5V powered as well.  Australian adapter supplied

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