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Do you have a property problem where theft or unwanted intrusion is taking place?  If so then Hidden Camera Surveillance may have the ultimate low cost solution for you. Introducing our outdoor battery and solar powered Anti Graffiti outdoor weatherproof and motion activated 1080P HD camera with NO Glow night vision.  The all new 2-12 Megapixel Solar Anti Graffiti Security Camera with Motion Detection and Time Lapse recording. 

This compact and covert camouflaged weatherproof surveillance camera is 100% BATTERY OPERATED (AA Batteries) motion activated or time lapse. Available with our optional mini SOLAR PANEL and STEEL LOCKBOX pivoting housing this security camera can function for weeks or months using just quality 12 x AA batteries however, by adding the Mini Solar Panel with built in Lithium-Ion batteries (embedded within actual Solar Panel) up to 12 months can be expected with just one set of batteries.  Incredible.....yes we agree!

If you have a property and a problem with theft, vandalism, wilful damage, Graffiti, building site theft, trespassing, monitoring machinery, feral animals or any concern, Graffiti Cam could just be the answer to your prayers.  Graffiti Cam is an easy DIY surveillance system.  No installation is required plus we can pre set the camera for you if desired so just a matter of aiming, mounting and switching on.  So what makes Graffiti Cam different to a CCTV security surveillance camera system?  Other than low cost, no installation required (completely DIY) no power needed, no cables required, ability to move the camera wherever you want at any time...need we go on!!

When the SD memory card is full, Graffiti Cam can be set to either stop recording or RECYCLE recording. 

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Graffiti Solar Security Camera

How can a battery or Solar powered security camera help me?

Most security cameras of any description need 12V/240V power to function but not so our new Graffiti Solar Security Camera.  No Power, No Cables, No Lighting? NO PROBLEM! Common CCTV & IP cameras need to be cabled to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR or NVR) all of which need a constant power source.   A somewhat costly exercise when taking into account the amount of hardware required, trenches, cable and conduit, not to mention installation plus ongoing maintenance. 

For more permanent installations where multiple fixed cameras are needed such as homes, offices, buildings and factories etc then a DVR or NVR security system makes sense.

Hidden Camera Surveillance supplies CCTV security and Solar powered 3G Security Camera Systems as well. However, what if only one or a few cameras are needed in remote locations where NO POWER is available, what's the solution?  Pictured below is our all new Graffiti Cam.   It takes 12 x AA batteries such as Energizer or the more powerful Lithium Ion so without any external power, Graffiti Cam can function in motion detection mode for months, depending on the number of motion activations.  Of course if longer duration is required, our mini solar panel can keep the camera functioning for up to 12 months with just one set of AA batteries.  More about that later.

By day, when motion is detected (within approx 15m range) Graffiti Solar Security Camera captures very high resolution 2-12 megapixel colour time and date stamped pictures then auto saves those pictures to the built in SD HD memory card. Graffiti Cam accepts SD cards anywhere from 8-32GB so to put this into perspective, if the camera is set to 2MP quality, it would use about 1GB of memory per 1000 images.  The higher the resolution set the more memory it uses.  

The LCD camera MENU set-up (No PC Required) offers two options, STOP recording then the SD card is full or RECYCLE recording meaning when the SD card is full, it will auto over write from the earliest recorded images.  It doesn't mean that all recorded images are lost.  Quite the contrary, if you are certain there have been no events worth looking at during the pasts few days or weeks, allow the camera to recycle recording over and over again until you stay stop. Depending on the recording speed, image quality and the number of images the Graffiti Security Cam takes per day, it could take weeks or months to actually fill the SD card.  Still concerned, use a larger capacity SD card, even a 32GB. 

Video Recording with Audio

Another great feature of Graffiti Security Cam is the option to select 1080P HD video Recording upon motion.  This camera can be easily preset to take 1-3 very high resolution pictures upon detecting motion and as soon as that's complete, commence taking video from a few seconds up to 1 minute duration.  That HD video also includes audio recording.  Put another way the camera can be programmed to take still pictures upon motion, HD video with audio upon motion or both still pictures and video. 

Graffiti Cam with "No Glow" IR


Graffiti Cam with Invisible "NO GLOW" IR


Note the black LED's pictured.  This is commonly referred to as 940nm or invisible NO GLOW IR.  850nm is a dull red glow and a more visible IR.  850nm IR can illuminate further than 940nm and basically the only difference but from a covert point of view, No Glow IR is the most preferred as it doesn't give away the camera location at night and not very likely to be seen by a trespasser or thief.

So who can benefit from our Solar & Battery Graffiti Camera?   

How long is piece of string more to the point but a good question just the same? What about Construction Companies, Builders, new Home Construction, Logging Companies, Farms, identifying Feral animals, Unattended Machinery vulnerable to vandalism, keeping a watch on your car at night, Trespassers, Property Owners, Driveway access, National Parks & Wildlife, Fuel Depots, Sheds, Storage areas, Vandalism and not forgetting of course discreetly identifying the common THIEF. 

The list of applications are virtually endless and we haven't yet touched upon the problems faced by Federal, State and local Govt Councils. Identifying illegal "bush dumping" in remote or non patrolled areas is just one of many concerns for rate and taxpayers alike.  We all know theft, graffiti and vandalism is out of control and in many instances, the same culprit is doing it over and over again.

Our Graffiti Security Camera could be hidden in a garbage bin, pot plant, perhaps strapped to a tree trunk (belt provided) or mounted anywhere inconspicuous. It will silently and discreetly record pictures and/or high resolution video whenever any person or vehicle moves within the camera motion activation zone and that can be up 15- 20m away. The 80 degree wide angle lens will see any movement within that zone and save the recorded time and date stamped pictures to the internal SD memory card.  A wide angle view is important and for that reason, motion detected beyond 20m would make identity quite difficult  The camera needs to be discreetly placed in an area where you know there is likely to be activity.  This is quite important when mounting or hiding the camera.  Remember, Graffiti Cam can record at very high resolution up to 12 megapixel so the ability to enhance or zoom in on any recorded image is sensational. 

Many of our customers need a security camera such as this to record high resolution colour images by day but also record at night.  This is where our Graffiti Security Camera is an a field of its own. Not only can it record day and night but it can record in complete darkness using the built in NO GLOW IR (Infra rRd) Illumination. Graffiti Cam functions have been enhanced. 

In some circumstances, customers have been concerned that IR illumination from the camera could be a dead give-away.  In other words a potential thief may see the dull red IR glow and either destroy and take the camera.  The IR only illuminates for a split second allowing the camera to record.  It's not on constantly thus conserving battery power.  That's why Hidden Camera Surveillance offers two camera options visible and non visible IR.  There is no camera cost difference just a personal preference.  The main difference between the two cameras is visible IR "dull red glow" can see twice as far as non visible NO GLOW IR. 

To put this into perspective, our NO GLOW IR camera would need to be no further that 10-12m from a person or object in order to ID someone in complete darkness. It's not an issue by day, only at night. Graffiti Cam auto switches to B/W mode at night as B/W can see record under IR.  A colour cannot see IR (Infra Red) but B/W can.  A colour camera cannot use IR illumination to record at night it must be B/W. So the built in auto filter function mode switches the camera to B/W mode at night or in low light.  It does that to see and record at night.  940nm is invisible IR whereas 850nm is visible but only if looking directly at the camera. IR s not like a camera flash. Peripheral vision will not see IR anyway.  With our optional invisible No Glow IR feature, its less likely the camera will be detected or seen at night no matter where it is mounted or hidden.

Pictured are two IR Graffiti Cameras (left) with longer range visible IR and right NO GLOW Invisible IR

Visible & Invisible No Glow IR Graffiti Cameras

What are some of the other features?

We now know that IR can be visible or invisible but one of the new surveillance camera functions is the MOTION DETECTION zone.  Graffiti Solar Security Camera is now supplied standard with 3 motion detection sensors.  Pictured above is the centre motion sensor and two side prep sensors.  There is reason behind this new technology.  If the Graffiti Cam senses movement on either side of camera (for instance someone walking across the path of the camera) the side prep sensors will detect motion BEFORE the person or vehicle has moved into the actual camera field of view. The sensors will waken the camera from power conserving "sleep mode" in preparation to expect activity. 

In other words, if a person or animal were to move near the camera but not directly into the camera lens viewing zone, the camera will arm ready to take pictures and/or video. Pretty smart technology we think!

Solar Panel

Adding a solar panel (about the size of an Iphone) allows the camera to remain much longer in the field without the need to change batteries.  The solar panel actually has a rechargeable lithium Ion battery embedded within the panel.  Solar keeps the lithium battery charged by day which is enough to power the camera both day and night.  However should the charge in the lithium be inadequate then the installed 12 x AA batteries auto take over until such time as the lithium recharges.

Consequently the camera doesn't need to reply upon the standard batteries to function but when there are days of poor weather or limited sunshine, the internal AA batteries will simply auto take over the camera power needs.  It is therefore possible to have the camera out in the field for 6-12 months with one set of standard good quality AA batteries. 

Being an optional item, if interested in the mini Solar Panel and as optional accessory, please call our office to make arrangements for delivery.

Time Lapse Recording

Motion Detection recording is just one of many camera features although another function is our new TIME LAPSE RECORDING feature. Many Construction companies have shown a keen interest in time lapse recording.  The camera can be set to take high resolution pictures by the minute, hours or days.  When playing back time lapse recordings, the construction of a building over a period of months or longer, can be viewed in a type of video fashion. Its simply a matter of removing the SD card at certain times, downloading the pictures to PC and from there users can do anything they like with the recordings. 

Another function of this feature is Scheduled Recording.  Once again if we look at a building site as an example, workers may be on site between 5.00am and 5.00pm so the Graffiti Camera can be pre-set to arm at 5am and disarm at 5pm and therefore only record during business hours.  The same function could be used for a great deal of other applications.  For instance mounteding it in a distant location or to far for the motion sensor to pick up motion (beyond 20m)  Set the camera to time lapse recording (speed and image interval is adjustable) and allow the camera to record constantly over any given period. 

Feral animal time lapse recording is another avenue worth exploring.

Steel Camera Lock-box

Graffiti Cam Vandal proof Lock-box

This is another optional item available with Graffiti Cam. Pictured is a side view of the actual lockbox with a swivel bracket at the back. 

A Construction Company or Builder for example could mount this camera basically anywhere (perhaps pole mount out of reach) take a nice wide view of the building site, view what the camera can see through the inbuilt 2.5" colour LCD monitor, maybe add the mini solar panel for long term recording and secure the camera against theft and vandalism under lock & key.  Being an optional item, if interested in the steel lockbox please call our office to make arrangements.

Built in Colour Monitor

Graffiti Cam LCD Monitor  


Pictured above is the colour LCD monitor built into the base of the camera. The LCD is lockable and concealed but is otherwise used to set the camera functions and playback recordings. When mounting the camera, switch the camera to TEST.  In test mode the monitor will activate.  The user will see what the camera can see so it makes it really easy to aim and set.  Move about in front of the camera in motion detection mode, allow the camera to take a few pictures then playback the recordings directly from the camera.  User will be instantly able to play back recorded still pictures and/or video movement triggered by the security camera. The colour LCD monitor is very handy during setup as the camera can be mounted and at the same time angled to see exactly what needs to be seen within the camera field of view.  

When satisfied, switch the camera to ON position, the LCD will no longer display so close and lock the base of the camera.  Its that easy!!

At a later date, return to the camera, open the base, switch the camera to test mode, press the OK button and play back all still pictures and/or video recordings directly from the camera.  The anti Graffiti Security Camera has added features including secure password access.  If there is recording you particularly need to retain, simply remove the SD card (camera must be OFF) and backup the SD card images to PC via USB card reader (we stock them if interested) so again all very easy.  All PC's and Mac can view JPEG images. 

Remember Graffiti Security Cam can be programmed to take just still shots as fast as one per second but it can also be programmed to take high resolution 1080P H.264 Video and audio.  In fact it can do both, first take pictures on motion and THEN take video from several seconds to minutes.  To playback or view video recordings, this can be done directly from the camera or PC.  Windows Media Player is a favourite although we prefer to use the free player available for PC and MAC called VLC.  Download the free player here

Can this camera also take video?

Absolutely!  As mentioned previously, this is another new feature where as you can see below, the camera can be programmed (via the supplied software or directly from the camera monitor) under the heading MODE.  There are 3 camera mode options.  Camera only, Video only or Camera & Video.  So how does it work?  If selecting the Camera and Video option, once motion is detected, the camera will record 1-3 pictures with an interval or several seconds apart.  Once all 3 pictures are taken, the camera will automatically take 10-60 seconds (selectable) of video all of which is saved to the internal SD memory card. 

How do I playback recordings from the camera?

There are so many options from which to choose but just to explain, the camera has several methods
Using the built in LCD monitor or direct from the camera
Connecting the camera to your PC using the supplied USB cable interface
Removing the SD card from the camera and viewing on any Windows or MAC computer (USB SD card reader required) if the PC does not have an SD card reader.

How do I playback a video recording from Graffiti Cam and view it on my PC?

To playback and save an AVI or video file, simply drag the file from the SD card to your PC desktop.  OPEN WITH choose VLC or your preferred media player.  It's quite simple really and you can always call our office for support and advice if not clear.  Don't forget you can always playback recordings directly from the camera as well.

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solar cam gsm experience solar cam gsm experience solar cam gsm experience

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