GPS Live CarTrak Hybrid GT-06

GPS Live CarTrak Hybrid GT-06

GPS Live CarTrak Hybrid GT-02


QuikTrak specialise in GPS tracking solutions and fleet management for mobile and static assets, targeting the Motorcycle, Automotive, Earth Moving & Trucking Industries, in fact just about anything mobile. Installation in most instances is 15-30 minutes and whilst any auto electrician can do it, we do have a list of preferred installers in all states and territories. QuikTrak is the World's most advanced GPS tracking device available. It also the most accurate in terms of positioning from 1 to 2m (others can be 30 to 40m or more) but even better, the most COST EFFECTIVE of all.
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GT02 Unit
- RRP - $315 + GST (QuikTrak RRP - $399 incl Install)
(A 10% discount will apply for 20 units or more)
- Installation Costs - determined by installer (Standard pricing at $55 - $80 + install time is 15 - 20 minutes)

GT02 Monthly Track Charges

$15 per month + GST per unit - gives the user unlimited tracking, notifications and access to the web based program to self track.

* Please note there are no contracts involved, ongoing telecommunication charges and no per track (sms) fees
* Includes Telstra Next G Sim Card - no contracts

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After 10 years in the vehicle tracking game we have learnt that vehicle tracking and fleet management systems are simply too expensive to justify for most business’s. We have taken this on board and developed our new range of Hybrid products. Over the past 18 months our product and engineering division have been dedicated to the development of our latest products, the GT02 and GT06, which are now available for use. With the aim of providing cost effective vehicle tracking to the consumer, partnered with the latest tracking technology, QuikTrak is the market leader in tracking solutions. The GT02 Hybrid product is an entry level track only unit without any external aerial requirement. Ideal for self installation. The CarTrak Hybrid allows the customer to locate and track an asset via a convenient web based security portal provided at no additional cost to the customer.

QuikTrak Demo Self Tracking

To demo the self tracking please visit and click the online tracking tab on the far right.
Log in by clicking on the online tracking tab in the tool bar
Username: quikdemo
password: 123456.

Some helpful hints when using the online tracking

1.    If you click on an asset and click the tracking tab in the bubble it will open up an individual tracking screen and mark the vehicles movement with a line on the screen.

2.    If you click playback a new screen will pop up. Enter a time and date and you are able to retrace an assets movement for up to 60 days in the past.

3.    If you click enlarge, it simply zooms in on the particular asset.

4.    If you click operation statistics you are able to retrieve data including over speed and mileage reports. Click the daily report tab to get a report of all the addresses the vehicle stopped at (set by you) and the amount of time. This is great to calculate time spent on jobs etc. If you know roughly how much it costs you to run each car per KM you can set that number in and it will calculate how much that vehicle cost you to run each day. Great for comaring one vehice or driver to another.  Someone in the staff has a leadfoot costing you money, here is all the proof you need.  Speadsheets will even allow you to print colour graphs with all he information you need to change driver habits or at least conform to your requirements. 


The CarTrak GT02 provides the following features & benefits

Designed for a low cost system utilizing GSM / GPRS & GPS. Suitable for both individual users and small to medium commercial fleets.

The GT02 provides comprehensive vehicle activity information including: 
                  - trip start / end 
                  - daily movement reports
                  - over speed report (Speed Driving report)
                  - mileage report 
                  - real time live tracking of vehicles and
                  - daily run costs. 
                  - Fuel & Efficiency report 

Geo-fencing capabilites provide an electronic boundary that a user can create to monitor trailer location and movement. Geo-fences may be created, viewed, and edited visually on an interactive map. Once the geo-fence is set and configured to provide an alert, the terminal will send a notification to the user if the trailer crosses the geo-fence boundary.  Users may select a geo-fence by nominating a boundary which could be streets, suburbs or even state border.  If the vehicle with our tracker on board crosses those on line set boundaries, the GT-02 can be programmed to send you an online alert. 

From a business point of view, another great feature of our product is the ability to instantly prepare an excel dat spreadsheet from 1 to 60 days of tracking.  You may like to have a record of each and every geo-fence breach or you may like to see the exact addresses of all stops over any given period including how long the vehicle was stationary at that address, any over speed breaches.  In other words a complete driving report for one or hundreds of vehicles and al at your fingertips in an instant.

Need to know where one or more vehicles are at any given time?  Simply log in to our server to view a map of Australia (plus all other countries) and here you will an Icon depicting all of you vehicles.  A column on the left hand side will display the vehicle names, car number or rego numbers (you choose) whether each vehicle is stationary or moving etc.  Click on the icon then use your mouse to zoom in to suburb or street level.  The GPS tracking refreshes every 10 seconds so you can actually see in virtually real time (not minutes later) exactly where your vehicle is and to the point where you can view the vehicle travelling along any street.  As the vehicle stops it will also display exact address and street number.  In this regard GPS tracking really does not get any better than this and all for $15.00 per month

  • The GT02 also provides a playback function allowing you to retrace vehicle movements for up to 60 days in the past. Should an accident or incident occur then the vehicle play back feature in the tracking system enables you to prevent any unauthorised usage and can identify the vehicle if necessary.
  • Web based self tracking log in, using the latest Google maps; this means that you can log in from anywhere in the world and track your assets without physically having software installed.

Insurance costs too are much lower since many insurance companies will provide lower premiums and better deals to customers that use a vehicle tracking system.
Provided with a full 12 month warranty
Voltage: 7-28v DC / Current Draw:  60mA (12vDC) 35mA (24vDC)

How do I install the GT-02 and where in the vehicle?
As with all GPS devices it must be able to see the sky and satellites in order to get a bearing. 
GPS is not affected by clouds and weather but it is important to mount the GPS unit (10 x 4cm) in a secure location and we recommend beneath the dash.  The GT-02 can be mounted with velcro or a zip-tie.  The GT-02 can see through glass windscreen, plastic, fibreglass and various other materials although it cannot see satellites if covered by steel or lead. 

The GT-02 basically has + & - terminals which can be connected to the vehicle fuse box and whenever the ignition is on or simply receiving power, you will be able to track its location any time and anywhere.  It is fundamentally important not to mount the GT-02 under a vehicle seat as the steel roof will block the view.   Equally it cannot be in a boot or beneath a vehicle bonnet as being steel it too would block the sky view. 

Can I use the GT-02 on a bobcat, tractor or Motor Bike?
In short absolutely.  The GT-02 is weather proof although the leads are not.  If being used on a bike or bobcat and the GT-02 is exposed to weather, the idea would be to use "heat shrink" on the leads to power and that will make the cables weather proof.  Other than that no problem.  Bikes, bobcats and tractors are huge targets for thieves and in situations such as this, QuikTrak will be able to track and trace and provide reports to Police of exact locations for quick asset recovery.

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