Elevator Security Camera

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Elevator Security Camera is a standalone wireless security camera with an inbuilt high resolution digital image recorder. This camera is 12V powered so it's easily connected to the elevator GPO.  A rechargable lithium battery is built in so the camera can record with or without power but NO cabling is required and that makes this camera quite unique and cost effective.  

Elevator Cam
a bundled product consisting of a Standalone surveillance camera with on-board motion sensor, internal extra-high capacity rechargeable battery, 8GB memory card, card reader, battery charger and PC configuration software.  Over 200,000 images can be saved to one internal memory card which will then auto overwrite when the SD card is full or STOP recording as you prefer. That means you only need to check recording if the there has been a known incident.  In recycle mode the elevator security camera is simply left ON.  If an event occurs, unlock the stainless steel camera housing, remote the SD card (encrypted if you wish) and view the recording on your PC.

To learn more about this unique surveillance device, it works on the same principal as our Intruder Cam with the exception that the circuit-board is smaller, camera lens is wider and the housing is stainless steel lockable & vandal proof.

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Elevator Cam is a unique “wire-free” JPEG image based Elevator surveillance camera with time & date stamp. This colour camera is mounted in the centre or top corner of an elevator depending on the type of housing you desire and can be both mains and battery operated.  Realistically its better to 12V power the camera and as every elevator has a power point or GPO (normally on top of the elevator where it cannot be touched) and its simply a matter of connecting the camera to the GPO.  The Elevator Cam is in fact a DVR as well as a camera, basically all in one. 

If on the other hand you already have a DVR security system and you prefer to add a compact camera into the elevator for a reception LIVE VIEW and DVR video recording, we have another wireless option that will suit body corporate needs and a cost effective alternative to fully cabling cameras.  See our new Wireless Elevator transmitter and receiver kits here.

Elevator Security Cameras has Motion activated or Time lapse recording modes. Compact, lightweight and portable. Rugged stainless steel case to prevent vandalism. Customised image capturing sequence and image password protection encryption. Time and date stamped images with programmable text overlay ie LIFT 1 or LIFT 2 etc.  Flexible scheduler for independent arming and disarming of the Elevator Camera. Ideal for monitoring vandalism, graffiti or criminal activity in Elevators. Digital signature including camera ID, within each image for use in legal proceedings.  Each security camera case is locked preventing unauthorised tampering or use.

The Elevator Security Cam or Lift Cam digital recorder is an ideal deterrent to prevent vandalism, graffiti and non resident or unauthorised building access. Please note we also supply stainless steel lockable camera mounting options.

The internal SD card will save many thousands of JPEG images as the wide angle lens can see virtually all of the lift including the identity of each and every person that enters the elevator. Please note that any day and any time can be selected and playback can be one image at a time or played back in movie fashion, more or less like a fast time lapse replay. Playback speed is adjustable from your PC.  All images from the Elevator Security Cam are time and date stamped plus digitally watermarked meaning that the recording can be legally proven to be authentic.  Non watermarked security images can be easily challenged in court so this feature is very important. 

Elevators can be quite busy in terms of the amount of activity presented, particularly in high rise buildings.  As mentioned, whilst our Elevator Camera is battery powered, the better option is to connect the elevator surveillance camera to a GPO or power.   We provide a 6V power supply and a power lead so Body Corp only needs to ask OTIS or your normal Elevator service people, to make available a secondary GPO or double adaptor.  The supplied 6V power supply can be connected to the new power point so your camera is ready to function instantly.  In most cases only authorised people are allowed to carry out any service but this is an effective and much cheaper alternative to cabling cameras back to some sort of Digital Video Recorder.  This is all in one and the images are JPEG making identity much easier and clearer than any video recording.

Elevator Stainless Steel Camera Housing

Elevator Camera housing

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