HD 1080P Desk Clock Camera

HD 1080P Desk Clock Camera

Mini Hi Res Portable DVR

Mini Hi Res Portable DVR

PC Spy Speaker Camera DVR

Do you suspect someone is coming into your home or office and touching your personal belongings.  Then our High resolution spy security camera and DVR (Digital Video Recorder) cleverly concealed within as a set of fully functional computer speakers could be what you are looking for.

This Digital Recorder or DVR is an all in one High resolution covert colour security camera with high gain audio microphone and MPEG4 high quality motion detection video recording.  In terms of Hidden Camera surveillance, our Speaker Cam digital camera recorder is highly advanced and works a treat.  Who on earth would ever suspect and no need for batteries, the speakers and camera hidden inside the speakers can be powered direct from your PC.

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Full featured all in one spy camera and Digital Video Recorder (DVR) built into a set of computer speakers.  Hidden inside this set of functional computer speakers is a 470 Line Sony board camera with a 3.7mm wide-angle pinhole lens and a digital video recorder that uses high quality MPEG-4 video compression. The system will support up to a 32-Gig memory card that can hold over 64 hours video of continuous recording. The DVR Speaker Cam is supplied with a wireless IR remote control and built-in lithium-Ion battery for truly wireless stand-alone operation.  Don't need to use the battery, no problem we supply as 12V power supply so just plug into normal 240V power then leave i as long as you like.  No one will suspect, speakers are supposed to have wires anyway so you choice, wired or wireless.

This amazing hidden camera comes with everything you need to be up and recording in minutes. It is so simple to set up and operate that a child could do it. This amazing little spy camera with a built in digital recorder is so reliable and easy to use that you can simply set it and forget it. Tiny but Powerful Spy Camera with motion detection recording so no wasted SD card memory space.

The covert or hidden speaker camera is perfect for homes or offices and it can be hidden almost anywhere. The ideal tool to catch a cheating spouse or a thief red handed. All you need to do is turn the camera on and walk away. Come back later to see what evidence you have captured.

Built-in Video Motion Detection
With built-in video motion detection, the unit only records video when it sees motion. This amazing feature means that you don't have to sit through hours of recorded video of an empty room to find the scenes that matter to you. When you play back, you can quickly find what you want.

Wide Angle Pinhole Lens
The tiny pinhole lens captures high-resolution colour video that is recorded onto the unit for later playback. The pinhole lens is about the size of the tip of a ballpoint pen, which makes this unit incredibly flexible, and its covert appearance will not draw any suspicion.

Battery or AC Operation

High Resolution Sony Colour Camera
Built In DVR with max 32GB card support for 64hrs video recording
Records in 640x480 at 12 Frames Per Second
Motion Detection Recording or Continuous Recording
Flexible Play Back: Slow, Medium, Fast, Freeze Frame
Built-In 470 Line High Resolution Colour Camera
Disguised as Computer Speakers
3.6-MM Wide Angle Pinhole Lens
Battery or AC Operation
Wireless Hands Free Recording
Very Easy To Conceal
User Friendly
12V DC Plug In Power Supply Included
RCA Video Output Cable Included

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