UZ-10 UHF Receiver

UHF Receiver 3 CH A B & C

2.4GHz Wireless CCD IR Colour Camera Recorder

This is not an ordinary wireless spy camera. This is an outdoor wireless 2.4Ghz colour camera with built in IR for night vision. Supplied with a wireless receiver that can be connected to any standard TV or DVR, the receiver actually accommodates an SD card slot.  When the camera senses motion, the activity or movement is recorded to the SD card as back up.

Those events can be played back to TV or removed from the receiver and slotted into any PC.  The recording is a time and date stamped AVI file meaning that any PC with WMP or VLC etc can instantly playback recordings saved to the SD memory card


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 Item Includes:
1 x SD Digital Video Recorder/Recever
1 x 2.4G Wireless Camera
2 x Power adapter
1 x Video-Out Cable
1 x Operation manual

Function features:
1.     Built-in motion-detection´╝îauto detects motion in the image and records either a JPEG or AVI direct to SD card
2.     Easy to operate OSD menu, user friendly when looking for the video or image through the menu.
3.     Supports 2G SD card max. The unit keeps the storage dates permanently if power goes down
4.     Transfer your JPEGS and AVI files directly to your C for storage
5.     Over-write mode function allows for recycling of the memory cards memory
6.     Output standard PAL/NTSC TV video for monitor and play-back
7.     Supports standard video composite signal input , works with all kinds of CCTV video recorders and DVD players/recorders

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